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January 2018
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Our Mission: 
Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church exists to create and nourish a loving community that seeks justice and respect for all.
Worship Services
Activities & Events
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Worship Services

Services are held Sundays at 10:30 am 

8447 Manresa Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Church Phone: (904) 276-3739 •
Check the BBUUC Calendar for information on other programming.

January 7

Collaborative Service


Worship Leader: Kris Kines
Accompanist: Gary Smart

About our Service:
Potlatch has been a long-standing Native American tradition. It is a ritual about letting go of something and getting something new in return. Before making a New Year's resolution, come to this service! Bring an item you are ready to let go of.  At the end of the service, everyone takes home a "new" item. So start 2018 off right - come, give, receive, and be in community with the ones you love!

Pennies from Heaven is January 7
Please bring your extra change for a special collection to benefit our local Meals on Wheels program.

Each quarter we alternate donations between Mandarin and Clay County Meals on Wheels.  Please save all your coins for the first Sunday of every month, and remember bills are welcome too :)
$  87.37 (November collection)
$107.91 (December collection)
$195.28 toward Clay County Meals on Wheels

Learn more about the program in the BBUUC News Section.

January 14: 

Dani Slader

“Why I Keep Trying”

Worship Leader: Dani Slader
Accompanist: Gary Smart

About our Service:
Who told these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal and that each person has inherent worth and dignity? So if the truth is self evident, then what next? If we are created equally, we should be treated equally. This is why we fight! Yet the process is threatening, the thought is scary, and the path is unclear... so we falter, get deterred, and we stumble, but we keep trying.

January 21 

Jim Scott

“Pete Seeger Songfest - Jim Scott Remembers Pete Seeger in Song”

Worship Leader: Jay Gardner

About our Service:
We’ll honor Pete Seeger, singing many of his well-loved songs such as If I Had a Hammer, Turn, Turn, Turn, Where Have All the Flowers Gone and many others. All interested singers welcome, no experience necessary. Led by composer/guitarist Jim Scott, who knew Pete well and collaborated on many projects with the folk legend, we’ll raise our voices for the causes Pete championed and remember the great contributions to our American heritage Pete made in his 94 years of life. Jim Scott brings a warmth, and authenticity that turns any size audience into an intimate gathering. His lyrical melodies, well-crafted words, guitar mastery and humorous surprises moved Pete Seeger to call him “some kind of a magician.” Known to many as guitarist with the Paul Winter Consort and co-composer of their celebrated "Missa Gaia / Earth Mass," Jim is a prolific composer in his own right. Jim's visited more than 700 UU churches over three decades of travels. His much loved "Gather the Spirit" and other songs are in the UU hymnbooks. He has also become a student of the movement for peace and justice in song, compiling and arranging the “Earth and Spirit Songbook," a collection of over 100 songs of earth and peace by many contemporary composers, including Pete Seeger.

January 28 

Rev. Elizabeth Teal

“Building Beloved Community”

Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart

About our Speaker:
Reverend Elizabeth Teal is an ordained interfaith minister, an animal behavior specialist and an artist. She is honored to be present in spiritual counseling, chaplaincy and in creating ceremonies and celebrations for one and all.

She deeply believes in our healing connections with each other and other species. She actively tours as a speaker and storyteller, as well as appearing on local and national television and radio discussing pets, pet-related issues and our human bonds with them.

She has taken the vows and is a member of The Community of the Mystic Heart. Her ordination is from and held by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She is a third-generation Unitarian Universalist. Reverend Teal believes in the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, knowing that the Light of Love shines into every heart thru many windows.

About our Service:
... how we learn to belong.

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Activities & Events

Together, we will begin planning

The Future of Our Church

on Jan. 7, Vision Sunday

    What future do we want for our church? What would make our church feel more Connected, Caring, Purposeful, Inspiring or Spiritual to you? We want to know.
  Immediately following our annual Potlatch service, we will conduct a facilitated survey to learn our congregation’s deepest wishes for the future. The Vision Task Force will use your responses to develop a 5-year plan, with actionable, measurable goals that inform how our church will spend resources.
   We want EVERYONE’s input. If you do not come, we will track you down! Please be part of the work our church leadership calls “the most important thing we will accomplish this year.”
   And guess what? It’s also Potlatch! The perfect time to let go of past disappointments, resentments and fears. And take home renewed hope for what our church can become.
  Your input counts, so please join us January 7 in the sanctuary.

Polar Plunge

Join LRE for our wintery polar plunge on January 6th!  We will be meeting at the church at 4:30, then off to a mystery location to brave the cold winter water!  See Erin Rogers for details.  Children (and adults) of all ages are welcome to join the fun!

BBUUC Second Annual Service Auction 

When: Sunday, February 18, 2018 from 12-3pm.
Let this be one of the first dates you put into your 2018 calendar! Save the date for our second annual BBUUC Service Auction. The service auction will offer dinners, trips, outings, household help and other fun activities. Auction items will be services donated by Members and Friends of BBUUC. Plan to join in the Service Auction knowing that this is our major annual fundraiser by offering a service (or two) and bidding on a service (or two)!

Donation forms will be available after worship services on January 7, 14, and 21. You may also submit online at: The deadline to submit service items is January 21. Pam Richards will accept donation forms and answer any questions you may have. There will be pizza, beverages and dessert at the auction for a nominal donation.  All funds raised at the auction will go to BBUUC.

Member News

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
1/2                  Christina Regan
1/10                Debbie Jones
1/11                Bonnie McCullar
1/12                Ed Spade
1/13                Paul Christenson
1/13                Jo Nieschalk
1/16                Cassidy Danisovszky
1/17                Meg Atkinson
1/17                James Bunce
1/19                Jonathan Trachim
1/22                Quentin Sampson
1/23                Caitlin Trachim
1/25                David Dean
1/25                Joshua Dean
1/26                Marilyn Smart
1/27                Brielle Antunes
1/29                Neilly Edward
1/31                Nina Hemmelgarn
Happy Birthday

Wedding Anniversaries
1/15                Barry & Linda Mowers
1/16                Adam & Michelle Danisovszky
Membership Anniversaries

BBUUC Membership Anniversaries
1/3/16             Jay Gardner
1/7/01             Phyllis Higginbotham
1/14/02           Pat Ray
1/17/99           Bob Wright
1/30/13           Lee Plumb
Help us keep our records up-to-date! If you see birthday, anniversary, or membership anniversary that needs to be corrected or added to our list, please send it to
Our hearts and thoughts and condolences are with Rusty Turner and his family.  His sister passed away in December. 
Robin Regan is now a member of the Jr. Olympics gymnastics team!  Robin’s mom is Caitlin and her big sister is Christina.  Congratulations and we are all so proud of you!

And finally -congratulations to Jennifer Stokes!  Her second grandbaby was born November 24 - the day after Thanksgiving!  His name is Thomas Hendricks Odenwald and we all can’t wait to meet him! 


ICARE Justice Ministry
13 BBUUC ICARE Justice Ministry Network Members were among the 353 Network Members from the 38 ICARE congregations in attendance at the Community Problems Assembly on November 14. The new ICARE Citywide Issue brought up first at many House Meetings (including one BBUUC House Meeting) and adopted overwhelmingly at the Community Problems Assembly is Criminal Justice and Policing. Many serious stories lifting up personal experiences with criminal justice systems were told at House Meetings, particularly in African American ICARE congregations.
The search for winnable solutions began at the Research Kickoff on December 5 where 3 BBUUC members were among the 80 Network Members in attendance. After reviewing the Research Process, we divided into groups of eight where we listened to each other’s stories and began to strategize toward solutions. The stories I heard included persons sitting in jail for long periods of time and losing their jobs because they can’t afford bail; major discrepancies observed by a youth worker as to how white and black youths are often treated very differently by police and the courts; a police officer faked a speeding ticket which the recipient was able to prove after putting in considerable time and expense; an individual served 18 months in prison and applied to get his rights back in 1980 and they are still “in process” in 2017; and last but not least, a woman in my small group asked the police to help calm down her PTSD afflicted ex-husband and they killed him with a choke hold.
While sorting through all of the stories and experiences lifted up during the coming months, ICARE Network Members will be looking for positive changes in policy and practice that are winnable. ICARE goals in this area are very much in keeping with the national UUA emphasis on working to dismantle systems of white supremacy. Positive changes will only be accomplished through persistent, long-term, integrated action. I am proud that BBUUC members are part of this process.
The next ICARE activity at BBUUC is the Network Meeting on February 5, 6:30 – 8:30 PM. For any BBUUC member available weekdays, an ICARE action with Sheriff Williams regarding funding for the Jacksonville Re-Entry Center will be held January 23 at Greater Grant Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, 5533 Gilchrist Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32219. There will be a pre-meeting to get oriented to what ICARE is asking beginning at 12:30 PM and the Sheriff is expected to arrive at 2 PM.

Social Action Committee Update

Approximately fifty BBUUC members and friends attended the Christmas Party in Support of Holiday Helpers on December 2. Activities led by Social Action Committee and Welcoming Congregation members included a Christmas Mad Lib, Guess Your Secret Character, a Simile game, Relay Races for all ages, Pin the Nose On Rudolph, Gift Wrapping, and a generous spread of food. Thanks to Liz Teal for managing the tree decorations table; to Lynn Wadley for leading the caroling by candlelight; and to Pam Richards for helping with registrations and receipt of donations. Donations raised for Holiday Helpers are covered in David Austin’s report.
The next Social Action Committee sponsored activity will be BBUUC’s participation in Jacksonville’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade on January 15. The Social Action Committee has reserved space for two cars and fifteen walkers in Jacksonville’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade. We will receive final details about when and where to assemble at a meeting on December 30.

Last year over fifteen BBUUC members joined the parade carrying the banner and displaying the posters shown in the pictures. The “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” posters were created by BBUUC members contributing outlines of their hands after church one Sunday.
It was a long morning but well worth the time spent witnessing to the life of America’s premiere “Drum Major For Justice.” We carpooled to bring people to the area. If you and your family are interested in participating, email
Marilyn Smart would like to extend her gratitude to those who participated in the choir for our Christmas services:
Thanks to all the singers and Jackie Ogi for their time and enthusiasm for our 3 rehearsals and performance.  You"re the best!

Meals on Wheels Update - Donation Collected January 7

About Clay County Meals on Wheels:
Home Delivered Meals and nutrition education are provided to elderly who have a physical or mental disability and are homebound, living alone, or with others who need help in the preparation of meals. Outreach is provided to the community for identifying persons in need of service through health fairs, speaking engagements and referrals.

The home delivered meals program provides 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowance requirements for persons over 60 years of age. Meals are packaged in special containers to preserve freshness and maintain food quality. Nutrition education information is provided on a monthly basis.

This “meals-on-wheels” program relies heavily upon volunteers to deliver meals. Private citizens donate their time and vehicles, assisting in the delivery of homebound meals for these isolated citizens. Voluntary contributions towards the cost of meals are encouraged and all contributions are used to purchase more meals.

Are You Shopping on Amazon?

Amazon Affiliates Fundraiser

This a great way to support BBUUC with no cost or effort!
Revenue we have received from Amazon purchases made through our BBUUC link:

  • $118 for purchases made in May, received in July 
  • $118 for purchases made in June, received in August
  • $144 for purchases made in July, received in September
  • $118 for purchases made in August, received in October 
  • $176 for purchases made in September, received in November
  • $100 for purchases made in October, received in December
  • $131 for purchases made in November, will be received in January, 2018

Remember to use the BBUUC link to Amazon every time you make a purchase, and ask your family and friends to do the same – you don’t need to be a Member of our church to contribute.

Just use this link (also found at the bottom of our webpage

No special login or code is needed.  How easy is that!

For more information about monthly activities, click the pictures below:

BBUUC Full Calendar:
Childcare is available for many church activities but must be requested in advance when you sign up for an activity. Please contact the activity sponsor listed in the announcement for more information.
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Church Directory
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We can help you write the article or you can write a 400 word or less article about yourself. We would also like a photo so that people know who you are and can introduce themselves to you during Fellowship Time after the service.
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