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"Invisible Biology: An Introduction to Quantum Biophysics"

by Bruce Lipton, PhD

Dr. Bruce Harold Lipton, is an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs.  
More on Descartes & Newton Physics. 
DrLipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist.


In today's world of allopathic medicine, the concept of energy as relevant to our health is really not considered. This current paradigm has its origins in Descartes and Newton. Descartes came up with the idea that the solar system is like a machine, a giant mechanical device. With that idea in his head, Newton started to look at the nature of the mechanisms of how the universe works.

Since Newton was able to accurately predict the movements of the universe with his calculus, it implied that anything in the universe could actually be understood using the same equations. This is the science we now call classical (or Newtonian) physics and is based on the conclusion that we can understand the universe through its mechanical representation—we  do not need to invoke invisible forces (God, spirit or whatever you like to call it). In sum, the physical universe is separate from an energetic universe.

Through this lens the human body is considered to be a machine. To understand a complex machine, you need to take it apart. This is called reductionism. By 1953, science had taken living systems apart to the extent that we saw the nature of DNA, nucleic acid—the material of which genes are made. This was thought to be the physical foundation of life. By extension, a belief developed that DNA is controlling not just our physical characteristics, but also our emotions and our behavioral characteristics as well. This belief is called genetic determinism. What's the significance of buying into this belief? If we didn’t pick our genes and we can’t do anything about them, we are led to believe that we are victims—victims of our heredity.

But is this belief correct? Do genes really control life?

If you remove the brain from any living organism, there's only one necessary consequence: the organism dies. Let’s look at a cell with this in mind. You can remove a nucleus (where 99% of genes are found) from a cell with a process called enucleation. And what does enucleation show? If you remove the nucleus, the cell does not die. A cell without a nucleus is capable of displaying very complex behaviors— interacting with the environment, interacting with other cells and interacting with parasites and viruses as well. A cell's behavior is not dependent on the presence of the DNA. So, the nucleus is not the brain of the cell and genes do not control biology.

If genes don't control our biology, how is life activity controlled?

In the late 60s, Lipton was doing research cloning stem cells (multi-potential cells found in our bodies that replace the hundreds of billions of cells that die everyday). He would take one stem cell and put it in a petri dish all by itself. That cell would divide every 10-12 hours. After about a week I’d have about 50,000 genetically identical cells in the petri dish. He took those cells, split the population up and inoculated them into three different petri dishes with different culture medium environments.

in environment A, the cells differentiated and formed muscle;
in environment B the cells differentiated and formed bone;
in environment C the cells differentiated and formed fat.

Since the cells were genetically identical, we know the genes did not promote whether it became muscle, bone or fat. It's the environment that influences the behavior and the genetic activity of the cells. This new science was given the name epigenetics in 1990. ‘Epi’ means above.

‘Epigenetic control’ literally means ‘control above the genes’. Genetic determinism thus falls by the wayside. When you understand the environment controls your life, then you realize you have a mastery over your genes. You're the one that can change your environment or your perception of that environment and therefore change your life. We're no longer victims.....READ MORE

Conventional allopathic medicine only emphasizes matter is affecting matter and therefore it’s focus is on drugs. Quantum mechanics has not yet been adopted by allopathic medicine for a simple reason: the business pursuits of the pharmaceutical industry do not want to have energy healing because it has no commercial value to them.

Download the full Document - PDF -
Bruce Lipton on the Science of Energy Healing

WATCH VIDEO on EPIGENETICS 101 with Dr. Bruce Liption, PhD 

German Scientists Discover Light Shatters Cancerous Cells and Other Diseases
Posted By  on October 20, 2016  SCIENCE OF SOUL

We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

It has long been held that non-conventional treatments for cancer such as homeopathy, Tai ji, yoga, or acupuncture couldn’t ‘cure’ a disease because medical science simply didn’t understand how these modalities worked. German researchers have proven, with special equipment created for the study of photons stored in our DNA, that there is no need for chemotherapy, or other invasive surgeries to cure the body of cancer. As neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram, has postulated, German experimental physicist, Fritz-Alfred Popp has demonstrated, and many ancient cultures have proven, cancer (along with many other diseases) die in the presence of light.

Biophotonic Science – The History

Biophotons of a Passion Flower

It has been scientifically documented that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second. These light emissions, which are not only emanated by humans but by all living things, are called biophotons and have been found to be the steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.

Russian scientist and professor, Alexander G. Gurwitsch first discovered biophotons and the morphogenetic field in 1923, but called these bits of light by a different name. Additional research in the 1970s by experimental and theoretical scientists further suggested that biophotons were indeed real. Then, in 1974 the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, proved their existence, as well as their origin within our DNA and later their coherence, much like light in a laser. From this varied research, biophoton theory has evolved to its present day science.

As an article which recently appeared in Technology Review, presented by MIT quips,

“One of the more curious backwaters of biology is the study of biophotons: optical or ultraviolet photons emitted by living cells in a way that is distinct from conventional bioluminescence. Nobody is quite sure how cells produce biophotons but the latest thinking is that various molecular processes can emit photons and that these are transported to the cell surface by energy carying excitons. A similar process carries the energy from photons across giant protein matrices during photosynthesis. 

Whatever the mechanism, a growing number of biologists are convinced that when you switch off the lights, cells are bathed in the pale fireworks of a biophoton display.”

FROM Science of the Soul

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of

. . . . . . Nikola Tesla - 1856-1943


"Biophoton Light Therapy"

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DISCLAIMER: The Chiren is only capable of assessing and balancing meridians via biophoton light. A medical doctor is the only one that can diagnose or treat disease. A Biophoton Light practitioner is not a medical doctor. Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from your physician.
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