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"What is the difference between a "photon" and a "quantum"?

A photon is the quantum of electromagnetic radiation. The term quantum is the smallest elemental unit of a quantity, or the smallest discrete amount of something.  Thus, one quantum of electromagnetic energy is called a photon.  The plural of quantum is quanta."

Reading for this month:
*  Cell phone radiation could explain diplomats' mysterious illness -  By:   Bryan Hubbard -

*   BIONTOLOGY, VACCINATIONS AND FLU SHOTS ARTICLE -  By Practitioner Christina Keupper 


The safety of microwave ovens and cell phones has been thrown into question by a scientist who has been reviewing the so-called 'sonic attacks' that caused mysterious illnesses among American and Canadian diplomats stationed in Cuba and China.

The attacks have produced symptoms remarkably similar to the effects of pulsed radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic (RF/MW) radiation, which are emitted by cell phones, wi-fi networks and microwave ovens, says one of the world's leading experts.

Studies that have deemed the devices to be safe are usually paid for by manufacturers, says Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California's San Diego School of Medicine.

Her own independent research has discovered that RF/MW exposure can result in "traumatic brain injury", especially in people who are electro-sensitive, and the symptoms reported by the diplomats and their families mimic those recorded by other researchers who investigated electromagnetic radiation in Japan, including headaches, cognitive problems, poor sleep, anxiety and tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

She rejected the early theories of a sonic attack on the diplomats when she read reports that they had complained of hearing strange noises, such as chirping, ringing and buzzing, which are symptoms of 'microwave hearing' or the Frey effect.

The first attacks were reported in 2016, and the most recent happened in May this year in Ghuangzho, China. Staff and their families were evacuated back to the US for treatment, but no official statement as to what happened has been released.

Another expert, David O Carpenter from the University of Albany, suspects Golomb may be right. He said similar symptoms were reported by diplomats at the American embassy in Moscow during the Cold War years, when they were regularly targeted with RF/MW radiation.

Golomb hopes that her insights will help treat the diplomats as well as others suffering similar symptoms. RF/MW radiation causes oxidative stress and mitochondrial problems, which happens when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals, or reactive oxygen species, and the body's antioxidant defences. The imbalance has been associated with a range of conditions, from Alzheimer's disease, autism, depression and cancer.


Biontology, Vaccinations and Flu Shots
BY  Christina Kuepper - Natural Awakenings 2014
This article is published from the magazine Natural Awakenings in 2014 by one of our Biophoton Light practitioners Christina Kuepper.. 

This is the season for Vaccines and once again!  And this article we would like to share with you . To read the article entirely, you can download the PDF file directly by clicking on the article. 

"Biontology views whiplash as not just a pain in the neck, but an “energetic scar” between the head and torso!"

A Biontologist™ tries to find the cause behind the illness
We do not treat the disease.  

Instead, we attempt to restore the body’s own healing and regeneration system, after which the body can do what it was intended to do: heal itself.

Johan Boswinkel - Inventor of the CHIREN / Biontology
Read more on 

“Shining the Light on Whiplash” 

by Johan Boswinkel – WDDTY March 2014

Biophotons are ultra-weak photon (light) emissions of biological cell systems.   All living cells (plants, animals and human beings…) emit light which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured.  Since the times of Max Planck and Albert Einstein - modern science has come to understand, that everything we perceive and describe as matter, is energy.

Energy can be perceived as waves of light, sound or consciousness where we can receive information in the form of frequencies, vibrations and resonance. 

Biophoton Light Remedies  in the CHIREN are "packets of information" on the wave of photon light. When there is resonance and coherency, the remedy is received by the body either in the form of supporting issues or in the form of inverted information thus what we call "neutralizing" a disturbance or "chaotic light". 


"One cannot correct the Physical imbalance without correcting the light.
When the light is “bad”,  a biontologist can determine what problem corresponds with the light disturbance-the problem to which it to gradually remove most or all of its problems. Biophotons are at the basis of all biochemistry. If the biophotons are disturbed, then the resulting biochemical reaction is disturbed, and this will lead to physical symptoms."

Biophotons or particles of light, with no mass, transmit information within and between cells. The DNA in living cells stores and releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to illness and health.  We are energy. We can change our physical condition by changing our energy field.

In the past,  light was considered to be a new age concept and ridiculed by main stream science. Today we can scientifically explain that light actually plays a central role in healing.

Biophotons or particles of light, with no mass, transmit information within and between cells. The DNA in living cells stores and releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to illness and health.

We are energy. We can change our physical condition by changing our energy field. This concept is the base for Reconnective Healing.

For a long time, light was considered to be a new age concept and ridiculed by main stream science. Today we can scientifically explain that light actually plays a central role in healing

This suggests that (biophysical) light interacts with cell information self-organization, that may be achieved by means of bio-molecular, metabolic, or neural communication. These systems may merge as mobile energy relay systems similar to what is seen as Qi processes in acupuncture science

Plato on Holistic Healing

"The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole.
No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul.  Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his soul to be cured, for this is the great error of our day, that physicians first separate the soul from the body."

"Biophoton Light Therapy"  (BioCoherency Light Therapy) a completely non-intrusive, comfortable and safe by finding and eliminating “causes” of a disorder correcting disturbances through the medium of light and information. 

The Chiren® is an instrument that consists of two parts:

1) An assessment system – to measure whether and where there are disturbances and to determine which information will correct them

2) A biofeedback system – to correct these disturbances.

Restoring “the software” that runs all systems in your body, at last enabling it to carry out its own healing process the body begins to recover from such disturbances! 

How does this therapy differ from others? 

The CHIREN™ measures the VOLL Electro-Acupuncture Points on the hands and feet pretty much the same way that several other therapeutic instruments do.  However, this is where the similarity ends. The CHIREN™ is the ONLY instrument that delivers the therapy in the form of coherent light and doing this as a feedback loop.

This has 2 very important advantages:
  • 1) Because light can carry much higher octaves of information than electric current (which is used by most other therapeutic devices), this technology corrects EMOTIONAL & MENTAL components of health problems as well as their physical components.

    This means that this therapy vastly improves your Emotional and Mental state as well as your Physical health.
  • 2) The CHIREN™ is completely safe because therapeutic light is administered via a feedback loop which self-regulates according the the body’s needs. Therefore there is absolutely no chance of any harm.

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DISCLAIMER: The Chiren is only capable of assessing and balancing meridians via biophoton light. A medical doctor is the only one that can diagnose or treat disease. A Biophoton Light practitioner is not a medical doctor. Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from your physician.
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