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January Newsletter 2020

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The Human Body Emits, Communicates With, and Is Made From Light

Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience:  we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well.  Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA.

Consider that from light, air, water, basic minerals within the crust of the earth, and the at least 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell, the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.

“Our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food.”

Given the sheer insanity of our existential condition, and bodily incarnation as a whole, and considering that our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food, it may not sound so far fetched that our body emits light.

Indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation.

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Making Sense of Medicine:

Biophotons -The light of life

Did you ever have that feeling of a close connection with a person you just met? Can you sometimes sense the mood of another person without actually seeing them?

It must be about qi or prana or auras or other weirdness. You know, all that far-out stuff you hear about those invisible meridians, healing energy pathways, and dah, dah, dah ... bunch of nonsense!

The thing is that for thousands of years, countless millions of people have experienced verifiable communications and energies and healings that can’t be explained in rational terms.
Or can they?

Light from an onion

In 1923, a Russian cell biologist, Alexander Gurwitsch, discovered extremely low-level ultraviolet light emitted from onions. He called this mitogenic radiation, and his work was used in diagnosing cancer. In 1941, he was awarded the prestigious Stalin Prize for his work.

However, 500 failures to duplicate his research results led to his work being discredited. Later in the 20th century, however, it was taken up by his daughter, Anna, and by others. In the 1970s, German cell biologist Fritz Albert Popp coined the currently used term “biophoton” for this light.

What is a biophoton?

When thinking about light, we usually think about light waves. Light waves are a kind of electromagnetic radiation that we can see and that has color, based on how fast the wave is vibrating, its frequency. Lower frequencies are toward the red color, and higher frequencies toward violet. There are also those frequencies that are slower than red, infrared, and faster than violet, ultraviolet, that we can’t see with the naked eye.

The interesting thing about light is that in addition to behaving like a wave of energy, it can also behave like a physical particle, a kind of chunk of light, a quantum. It’s this basic unit of light that we call a photon.
Biophotons are photons, bits of light, that are generated spontaneously by most living cells.

Research suggests that biophotons are created in the DNA that resides in the mitochondria in your cells. They are created in the 98% of each DNA molecule that is not used for genetic coding of behavior. The genome project referred to this as junk-DNA because they had no idea about its use.

All of your cells, except red blood cells, emit biophotons, but only a few dozen of them per square inch. Because of this paucity, the intensity is very low, by which I mean it’s like looking at a candle that’s about 6 miles away from you.

I should say here that research into understanding biophoton creation and function is still in early stages. So, while a lot has been discovered, and some interesting probabilities lie ahead, one might preface much of what I say with the word “probably.”

Why care about biophotons?

Everything that goes on in your cells is relevant to your health and well-being; this includes biophotons. We’d like to know how their existence and behavior can be used diagnostically, as Gurwitsch began to do with cancer in the early 20th century. We’d like to know how biophotons are used in communication between cells. We’d like to know how biophotons affect people and objects around us.


Interesting is research into biophotons’ role in communication inside and outside your body. At base, what is now known is that your cells’ DNA not only emits light, but it absorbs it, as well. The experimental implication is that biophotons are a means of communication among your cells, communication that occurs at the speed of light — 186,000 miles per second. It is now generally accepted that the coordination among cells in your body, coordination that happens within milliseconds and even shorter times, is orchestrated by biophotons.

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Making Sense of Medicine Bob Keller - Oct 17, 2019 .   THE  DAILY NEWS - New England Newspaper & Press


(BioCoherency Light Therapy), is  completely non-intrusive, comfortable & safe by finding and eliminating “causes” of a disorder correcting disturbances through the medium of light and information. 

Restoring “the software” that runs all systems in your body, at last enabling it to carry out its own healing process the body begins to recover from such disturbances! 

 Zyto Technology and what it has to offer you or your clients!


Using the ZYTO Technology to see TEETH disturbances

ZYTO SCANS can offer a report to see Teeth which are "out of Range" or rather, some disturbance on that organ meridian system! Then through the Chiren we can offer support, however, the cause needs to be dealt with. This simply gives you an idea where that disturbances are.. It can also can be related to the Vertebras of the spine which at the same time relate to the various organ meridian system. It is most always a match to the vertebras. A tooth out of range, matches the vertebras of the same organ system meridian that is affected. 

All this shows up in the scans using ZYTO!
teeth energy meridians, zyto tooth scans


This is not a diagnosis, simply it is showing that there is something bothering that tooth/organ system.  
It could be a cavitation, it could be mix metals in the mouth or it could be a ROOT CANAL.



Practitioners of the CHIREN can measure cavitation / location of root canal infections using the EAV Technology with the CHIREN device!

Root Cause is a feature length documentary featuring opinions from doctors and dentists from around the world, that try to postulate the health effects of the root canal procedure. Root Cause is one man’s personal journey of self-discovery and subsequent attempt to prove that a long accepted safe procedure might have health impacts. 



With the EAV measuring device on the CHIREN, you can find which tooth/teeth are the culprit of drops on those acupuncture points.

"Chaotic light"  becoming  "Coherent Light"
via Biophoton light therapy allowing the body to heal itself!

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DISCLAIMER: The Chiren® is only capable of assessing and balancing meridians via biophoton light. A medical doctor is the only one that can diagnose or treat disease. A Biophoton Light practitioner is not a medical doctor. Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from your physician.
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