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News about the many ways God uses us to feed His Sheep ....      Summer Break and LOTS of Garden Gnomes

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Seeds of Grace builds sustainable and organic gardens in impoverished neighborhoods around the world to feed God's Sheep

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Harvesting! And more harvesting! Garden Gnomes hare having a fun, educational and exciting time seeing all that they can deliver to the food bank.
This IS Happening!
Contributed By Karole Johnson

One of the most wonderful things any NPO can experience is to be recognized for the good they are doing... I would love to share with you, that we, Seeds of Grace have been nominated for a very exciting award - the Best of Western Washington for a Charity! Would you please help us by clicking the following link, and voting for us?


When we first started the monthly newsletter, which we endearingly call The Sower, we committed to sending it out by the 14th of every month. Obviously this has not happened over the past couple of months. I want to tell you that I'm sorry for that.
I also want to tell you how I truly appreciate your grace, understanding, and forgiveness. Your support humbles me. Truly.

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Garden Gnome Digest-Update By Nikki Parks

Hello my little garden gnomes,

Class for the month of October will be held on the 21th, since I wil be gone the first weekend of October and will need a little bit extra time for planning and getting my house finished. Life is a little bit crazy at this moment.

We will do class from 8am-10am on Saturday, October 21 at the Seeds of Grace building. If we need to change locations I will let you know ASAP.

You won’t want to miss this class we will be talking about how to plant that amazing GARLIC!!

Garden Gnome Digest has been moving along nicely over the summer months. We have been able to learn about how to take care of your garden through the heat, how to conserve water with proper mulching, and preparing your bed and starts for over winter growing. Many people don’t realize how lucky we are to live in such a mild climate and can grow all year long. This summer we were able to learn how to get your fall/winter crops started, as well as your over winter starts for early spring harvest. We aren’t done yet either! Please register to join us on Saturday, October 21 from 8-10 and learn all about how to plant  your garlic because who doesn’t love fresh garlic? We will continue classes through the winter discussing pollinators plants because those are important as well a session on winter pruning of our fruit trees and bushes. Thought it is winter and the garden looks like it is sleeping there is still so much to be done.


Tickets are on sale NOW!!! Go to and securely purchase your tickets!
Full event: $40 per person
Concert only: $10 per person
After Hours VIP Meet and Greet with Shawn McDonald: $10

Sponsors include: First Federal, Your Local Geico Office, Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, Waddell & Reed of Silverdale, Servepro Kitsap  Sponsorships are still available - please email for more information.
What We've Been Doing                                                                                               By Karole Johnson

Oh MY!!! Where to start???
Well, summer 2017 saw us build 3 new gardens, rebuild 4 existing gardens, harvest more food than we could have ever dreamed (and we still aren't done!)  We've done amazing festivals, (Farm Funk, Manette Fest) and had a blast at a couple of local farmer's markets! We have been a co-host of Silverdale Greendrinks and been a featured vendor at a Silverdale Greendrinks Vendor Fair.

All gardens have been producing extremely well... the early rain that comprised all of the spring months, and then the long HOT summer has been the right mix for most northwest favorites. Kale, tomatoes, zucchini and chard have been some of the favorites that I have been harvesting. While other gardens have been flourishing with green beans, strawberries and radishes! All in all, so far this season, we have brought in well over 1000 lbs... and we aren't done yet! Are you interested in helping? Please connect with us, and we'll get you plugged in to a nearby garden.

Also, our doorstep Drop program has really been wonderful! Currently we are delivering in the West Bremerton and Belfair areas. Do you know someone who is unable to provide their family with fresh fruits and vegetables? Please nominate them here:

Our aguaponics program has been taking a break, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard! The systems we are developing have been getting simpler and easier to run, and we are nearly to a point where we will be offering our systems for sale!

The Garden Gnome digest, as you notice in the article by Nikki above, has had a wonderful curriculum all summer.  The members have been growing and experiencing success as they learn from Nikki that green thumb or black thumb, everyone can grow something!

We had an amazing board retreat. Our board has a heart for feeding the hungry and I am so appreciative of the talents that each of them bring to the table. The retreat was extremely productive and I know the results will be quite evident as the months pass. We do still have seats to fill on our board. Are you interested in using your talents and skills to feed God's Sheep? Go to

The Events team has been working really hard on the details for the upcoming Seasons of Grace Bazaar as well as Another Seedy Soirée. 

OH! And we are bringing on interns! Do you know someone who is looking to get college credit? Or someone who needs to fulfill community service hours? We need skilled people! Please share this link with them! 
Wow! Such a great line up of vendors so far!

There are a few tables left,

so if you are interested,

click HERE

Otherwise, save the date for some

GREAT Christmas Shopping Deals!!!

Highlighting Those Who Help Heal the World

Children of the Father's House

We are a Ugandan NGO Children's Home for orphaned or abandoned children. Through sponsorship, we build relationships to nurture and support the children in our care as well as subsidize their tuition to school and safe accommodation at our house in Kampala. We have a US Non-Profit which provides the support which enables our Ugandan operations.

Through monthly sponsorships of $65/month,and a loving communication exchange via video swapping, messages, letters, cards and pictures, CFH surrounds children in Kampala who have no parents, or are destitute and abandoned, with the family of God. We put clothes on the backs of the naked, we put food in the mouths of the hungry, we give shelter to those with no home, and we do it because when we serve the “least of these” we are truly serving Jesus. In our family-style home, we provide a safe and secure house with a real bed of their own, blankets, clothes, mosquito net, toilets, running water, breakfast, lunch at school, and dinner before bed. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Christ and rebuild a family as we provide parental counsel, role modelling, education and life-skills. We strive to raise up children who are educated, self-sufficient, socially adjusted, confident in who God created them to become. 

We have the ability to develop closer relationships because we are small and because as orphans, our kids NEED relationship. We leverage modern technology to enable video swapping, frequent pictures to and from sponsors, live chats on director visits and the opportunity to volunteer and spend time in the field and in relationship at the orphanage in Uganda. We want our kids to know they are surrounded by strength and love to grow up confident and successful. We know that with traumatic childhoods that few of us can imagine, our sponsors have big shoes to fill.

And while we encourage active and frequent engagement from our US Sponsors, we’re working hard every day to build up and cultivate the Ugandan leaders in our organization as examples to our children of the success that they can become. We’re pouring into the young adults so that we can train up the next generation of leaders from the inside out. We want to transform lives of hopelessness and resignation to endless poverty cycles, into a revelation that they can become successful leaders that break chains of generations before them. Through our adults, they will have a new standard in their minds of what is possible. And that makes ALL the difference.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
  • Monday October 2, 2017 Come help us do the final harvest at the Seeds of Grace Airport Garden.  Early risers can be there at 8:30
  • Saturday October 7 - Key Peninsula Farm Tour, Featuring OUR Lakebay Community Church Garden
  • Wednesday October 11, 6:30 PM - Events Team Meeting at Simply Sublime Expresso
  • Saturday October 21, 8 - 10 AM at Seeds of Grace HQ (Subject to Change)
  • Winterizing Lion's Park - Come help us to do the final harvest of Summer Crops, plant some Winter Crops and spread some poo - (yes.... Poo) AND some chips! Lets have some fun with this! Sunday October 22 at 9:00 AM until around 2:00 PM. Lunch and Coffee will be provided. Lions Park Garden is located behind the tennis courts. If you would like to join us, please EMAIL me.
  • November 21, 2017 - 5:30 PM Join us for Another Seedy Soirée featuring Shawn McDonald, a Dove-nominated Christian Artist. this fundraiser will include an auction and program highlighting this past year and a look to the future. Tickets are on sale now!
  • December 2-3, 2017 - Seasons of Grace Bazaar! Old East High School Gym right next to our Victory Garden.
If you want to stay updated on Seeds of Grace events, or where you can find us, click on the events tab on our website:
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Karole Lee Johnson, Executive Director
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Seeds of Grace builds sustainable and organic gardens in impoverished neighborhoods around the world to feed God's Sheep
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