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Leap into 2016, fresh faced, and with a spring in your step. In this newsletter 'It's all about the Face', with a focus on facial reflexology and sinusitis and lovely new year offers to boot.

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After hunkering down for the xmas break it's a rather nice feeling to emerge full of vigour, dreams and plans for the coming year.

I'm not one for making new years resolutions but I have made a wish list of three things I'd like to achieve, one of which is to learn to dance. It's something just for me, that I've always wanted to do and never quite got round to.

Is there something you've always wanted to do? Learn a new skill, visit a certain place or make a dare devil jump from an aeroplane? Write down your wish list, put it on your pin board to remind you, and make it happen. You'll have something to look forward to and what a sense of achievement you will feel when you have done it!

Spotlight on Facial Reflexology

Your facial features can sometimes portray a false emotion.  If you are constantly stressed for example, the muscles in your face can 'set' in a certain position. We carry a lot of tension in our faces; frowning, clenching teeth and so on. Unless you release these muscles, just as you would a muscle knot in your shoulder, you can end up looking cross, even if you are happy on the inside.

One of my favourite Roald Dahl quotes sums this up perfectly:
"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely"

Working in close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves makes facial reflexology especially powerful. It gives you all the benefits of a foot reflexology treatment; reducing stress, improving sleep and mood, balancing hormones, relieving migraines and sinus problems, providing an increased sense of well-being and more. It also helps to release muscle tension in the face, increasing circulation to the skin and strengthening layers of skin tissue leaving the face looking smoother and more toned with a natural healthy glow. Additionally, over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

I always start my facial reflexology treatments with a massage up the arms, round the shoulders and into the neck before refreshing the face and applying a Neals Yard Remedies Organic facial oil of your choice. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage, easing away any tensions before working the facial reflex points. The treatment is finished with a luxurious scalp massage for a deeply relaxing treatment.

One of my clients reactions to her first facial reflexology treatment:
"Foot reflexology is amazing but that treatment, WOW, that's special!!"  Catherine

My favourite NYR facial oil is Frankincense. Frankincense essential oil has many therapeutic properties and research from Berlin and Vienna universities has found that the sesquiterpenes found in the oil increase oxygenation around the pineal and pituitary glands. This allows for the ideal balance of emotion-regulating and memory-stimulating hormones. Frankincense also has the added beauty benefits of reducing fine lines and intensely nourishing the skin with omega-rich oils.

I found this nice, simple facial massage routine on YouTube for you to follow. Choose your favourite facial cream or oil and give it a go, your skin will feel wonderful!

Focus on Sinusitis

As we are focusing on the face I thought it a good time to talk a little about blocked sinuses, common at this time of year for many, and for some, a year round condition.

The sinuses are small, air filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead. The mucus produced by your sinuses usually drains into your nose but when your sinuses become inflamed or blocked, usually as a result of a cold or flu spreading to your sinuses, these channels become blocked and the cavities fill with fluid.

Symptoms of Sinusitis can range from:

  • A blocked nose
  • Green/yellow discharge from your nose
  • Pain/tenderness around your cheeks, eyes or forehead
  • Sinus headache
  • A high temperature
  • Toothache
  • A reduced sense of smell
  • Bad breath
These symptoms will normally clear up within 2-3 weeks and there are a number of things you can do to help relieve your symptoms:
  • Applying a warm pack to your sinuses will soothe pain and help drain mucus from your sinuses
  • Gently massaging the sinus areas will also help drainage of mucus
  • A saline solution or over the counter decongestant can help unblock your nose/reduce nasal discharge
  • Taking an over the counter painkiller to relieve pain and high temperature
If your symptoms are severe, get worse or are persistent then please contact your GP. 

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This Months Offers

*  The first 10 people to book a 1 hour facial reflexology treatment receive for £30 instead of £40

*  Book a block of 6 facial reflexology treatments for just £180, a saving of £60 (payment must be made up front)

*  The mix and match is back for the new year! 6 x treatments of your choice for £180, saving you up to £60 (payment must be made up front and excludes blended treatments)

These offers end on 31st March 2016

Rolling Offers

*  Book a block of 6 treatments and receive the 6th one free (Block bookings must be paid in advance)

*  Booking one off treatments? Get 25% off your 5th treatment and 50% off your 10th treatment. 

*  Introduce a friend for a full paying treatment and receive a £10 voucher for your next treatment.

These offers end on 30th June 2016

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