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How in the world can you decorate 100s of cookies for an event in a home kitchen?

My answer: Whether you're decorating dozens or hundreds of cookies for a party or event, it's nearly impossible to do them all (by yourself) within a couple days of the event. Here are some make-ahead tips:

1. If using royal icing with meringue powder, you can prepare your icing bags a week or so in advance of decorating.

2. You can also freeze your cookie dough. Just let it thaw until still cold but easily pliable.

3. Or, you can make all the cookie dough, roll it out, cut out all the cookies, bake them, and then freeze the undecorated cookies. Just stack them in freezer-safe Ziploc bags. Let them thaw completely before removing from the Ziplocs. Then decorate.

4. If it works for you, your best bet is to freeze decorated cookies. There is the chance of the icing bleeding, but I've had great success using Americolor Soft Gel Pastes. I also don't thin my icing too much when flooding, which helps. To freeze, let the decorated cookies dry overnight, then package in freezer-safe Ziplocks. I've even put wrapped the cookies in cello bags with ribbon first if you'll be using them as favors so they are ready to go when thawed. Let the cookies thaw COMPLETELY in the Ziplocs before opening. This prevents condensation.

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