I haven't done this in 3 months. Time to empty my brain.
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Man vs. Machine: Final Round

In January, I brought on a new client who fits the target market of all the Robo-advisors popping up across the country. Read part one here to see how and why he came to us in the first place and the results of Round 1 here and Round 2 here and Round 3 here. I have a new challenge lined up for 2019. Head over to my Linked In page to check it out.

Final Round Wrap-up

Growing Pains

Last quarter I shared that I have been with Selectpath for a decade. I have come to realize over that time that there are things I am good at and things I suck at. That's why this year I have brought on a new team member to help make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. She also happens to be my wife, Danielle, so I have to be on my best behaviour. The rest of the team is the same: for client services, contact Ruth at, or to set up a meeting, use my online calendar or contact

Open for Business

I love working with my clients and helping them worry less about their financial lives. What I also like is when a client tells someone they know about how we've helped them. I just want to let you all know that I am never too busy to see your friends, family or colleagues. I have developed a list of life events that, if they occur, you should probably talk to an advisor. Spend 60 seconds looking it over and if you can answer YES to any of these questions, for you or for someone you know, let me know. I'm here to help.

Simply check your schedule, then check mine and if they are both free, we'll meet. Check out my schedule here and book a time to meet (updated hourly)

Whatcha Reading?

I finished up some classic economic theory books (snore, am I right?) including How to Lie with Statistics, written in the 1950s. It's as true today as it was then; you can't argue with math. From there I read Becoming by Michelle Obama. Man, the insight into what life as a presidential family is like is eye-opening. Keep track of my readings at home here

Whatcha Watching?

My 12-year-old and I are watching The Titan Games each week. It pairs way-stronger-than-me competitors against each other on a gruelling course designed by THE ROCK! To say it looks tough would be an understatement.
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