I haven't done this in 3 months. Time to empty my brain.
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Spend Less by Spending More

No, this is not an endorsement of Costco (although with 4 kids, they do take a lot of my money!). Many years ago I spent more money than I should have on something that, to this day, I still use. Unknowingly, that situation instilled in me a philosophy that our family still believes in now. Read more about it in our most popular article so far this year

Spend Less by Spending More - read time 3 mins

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Interest and Inflation Rates

I feel like I can just leave this heading here for the foreseeable future.
Last week, the Bank of Canada increased interest rates by 0.50%. This instantly made debt more expensive. I did some math on my social channels (follow me for way more fun than I can add here FB | IG) that showed what it could look like for variable-rate mortgages. 

Add to that the cost of everything has gone up over the last year (6.1%)...and our incomes have stayed relatively the same, if not lower. It's at this point that the Financial Professional in me screams, YOU NEED  A PLAN. 

We're not talking about a 45-page manifesto, but even a simple, money-in/money-out, where will you be in a few years quick look. Give us a call, and let's get started. It's what we do.

If you need something done, have a concern, or something is worrying you financially, call the office or email me at If you want to book a meeting, please use our online calendar.

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Whatcha Reading?

I blew through the Broke Millenial series by Erin Lowry. It was full of all the steps you need to go through to set yourself up for success. Also, since the nice weather is back, I have the opportunity to sit outside and read a real paper book. I know, right? Dave Grohl's autobiography The Storyteller is my current real-life book. Reading about the early years of a rock star makes me so glad I was never serious about trying to make it in music. 

Whatcha Watching?

Upload, took two days. Emily in Paris, two days. No decent reality shows to watch....we're in a TV funk. Bring on the sun so I can sit outside by the fire; give Hollywood a chance to catch up.

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