September 15, 2018
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Navigators and Servants
Blessing of the Animals
Parking lot closure 
Spiritual Enrichment

Euchre Returns 
Family Promise
Automatic Doors Locking
Help Wanted - Photo/VideoGraphers
Prayer Group - You, Too!
Everybody Move program for children
Green Team
A Just Harvest 
iPhone Photographers Needed!
Happy Birthday
Prayer List
Parish Calendar
Contact Your Pastors
WCC Staff

Great Opportunities to Get Involved In:
Sunday Worship - Scripture Reader | Sign Up 
Sunday Worship - Call to Discipleship | Sign Up
Sunday Worship - Usher/Greeter | Sign Up 
Sunday Worship - Acolytes | Sign Up
Volunteer at A Just Harvest | Sign Up

Navigators at 4:30 in Room 204

Navigators is our ministry with and for our 6th and 7th Graders. 
In Navigators, we want to help our students transition from being Church School students to being young adults in the faith. We will be doing this through hands-on, experiential projects that help 6th and 7th Graders grow in their faith, put their faith into action, and facilitate their participation in the life of the church. We have a great group of Faith Guides who will be journeying with the students throughout the year and some great projects lined up.

For more information or how to join please contact Elaine Clemens at

Servants at 4:30 in LL1

Servants Youth Group is our ministry with and for 9th-12th Graders. 
We play games, have fun, talk about faith and life, do projects, serve the church and community, and explore our faith and spirituality. It is a casual time with varying attendance—no longterm commitment is required (though we love having you every week!).

For more information or how to join please contact Josie Santi at

Next Sunday | September 23
A Mandatory Parent Confirmation Meeting at 6 P.M. in the Centennial Room

Open to all 8th Graders whether they are involved in WCC or not. 
Our overarching goal for the Confirmation process for 8th Graders is to empower them to prayerfully discern whether they feel ready to confirm their belief in Christ and to formally join Winnetka Congregational Church. 
Invitation to the program went our last week but if you didn’t receive it contact Pastor Jeff at
Saturday, September 22 | 9 A.M. 
Blessing of the Animals

The Blessing of the Animals will happen on Saturday, September 22, at 9:00 A.M. on the WCC portico – even if it’s raining cats and dogs, which we hope it will be.  In addition to cats and dogs, bring your guinea pigs, rabbits, cobras, horses, and pet pelicans. Photos of animals unable to travel will also be blessed. And stuffed animals, tooWe welcome you to participate in a contemplative nature walk of the WCC grounds.  We will meet in the Centennial Room at 8:45 for refreshments, starting the walk at 9:00.  If you cannot maneuver well outdoors, we will provide an indoor nature-based contemplative activity for you.
Why not?  If you would like to remember a pet who passed away, bring a memory, a photo, or an urn to be blessed.  Be sure to invite your neighbors of all species. Questions? Pastor Jeffrey Phillips, (847) 999-9403. 
The church parking lot is reserved exclusively for Congregation Hakafa on Tuesday 9/18 after 4:00 P.M. and Wednesday 9/19 all day and evening. We are asking WCC staff not to use the parking lot on those dates. Thanks for your cooperation.

On September 20-22 (Thursday-Friday) parking lot will be closed for sealing.
Sunday, September 16 | 8:45 A.M.
Spiritual Enrichment
We welcome you to participate in a contemplative nature walk of the WCC grounds. We will meet in the Centennial Room at 8:45 for refreshments, starting the walk at 9:00. If you cannot maneuver well outdoors, we will provide an indoor nature-based contemplative activity for you.
Looking For Opportunities in Worship?
We would love to have you!​
Scripture Readers
Call to Discipleship Leaders
Ushers and Greeters

Sunday mornings at 10 A.M.?
Opportunity 1: ACOLYTE (5th - 8th Graders) | SIGN UP HERE!

Each Sunday, two of our 5th-8th graders serve as acolytes during our morning worship service. Acolytes bring the light of Christ into the sanctuary at the beginning of worship, reminding people that Christ (the light of the world) is in our midst. At the end of the service, acolytes retrieve the light and take it out of the sanctuary, reminding us that God goes before us into the world.

Those of us on staff have heard so many positive comments from people about how meaningful they find the entrance and exit of the light each Sunday and how appreciative they are to have youth as leaders in worship! 

Opportunity 2: LAY READER (Adults, Youth) | SIGN UP HERE!

Scripture Lay Reader read one of the Scripture passages during morning worship. A copy of the reading will be emailed to you on Thursday and a copy will be on the lectern on Sunday mornings.

The Call to Discipleship Leader leads the congregation through responsive prayer. We would love having youth lead us in the Call to Discipleship each week but we don't limit this function to the youth only. Anybody can volunteer.
Opportunity 4: GREETER / USHER | SIGN UP HERE!
Greeters provide a friendly, helpful beginning to the worshiper’s experience. Greeters welcome people as they enter the building and are there to answer questions and provide directions. As Greeters, you are the first faces and impressions that visitors have when entering WCC.

Ushers are present to foster an atmosphere of friendship and provide structure to the service by welcoming and (if requested) seating members and guests. For some worshipers, an usher is the first person they meet as they enter the Church. All worshipers should feel that we are pleased to see them. Ushers greet everyone and welcome them, providing them with a program/bulletin and any other materials. Ushers also pass offering plates during the service.

If you have any questions or need help with signing up contact
Dawn HuntsmanAdministrative Assistant, at (847) 441-3400
Great Opportunity to SERVER at A Just Harvest | SIGN UP HERE!
Monthly Euchre Returns
First Thursday night of the month at 7 P.M.
It's time to pick up the deck where we left off!

First Thursday night of the month, the ladies of WCC are invited to come out for a game of Euchre. Players of all levels welcome. Bring along your favorite appetizer and drink and cozy up in the Centennial Room with a fire in the fireplace. The fun starts at 7 P.M.
Questions - contact Elsa De Jaegher 847 373 2415
Hope to see you on Thursday, September 6th!

We Need a few new volunteers to work with Suzanne Lavin

We have a long-standing tradition at WCC of supporting Family Promise, a nonprofit organization that helps North Shore homeless families obtain stable housing. Accordingly, we host families three times per year in the fall, winter, and spring. In order to continue our long-standing support, we need a few new volunteers to work with Suzanne Lavin, the overall WCC Site coordinator.
Please review the volunteer job descriptions below and let Suzanne know if you can help! (Click this link to contact Suzanne).
  • Volunteer Coordinator: To host one week of Family Promise, we need approximately 40 volunteers. Each night we need a family to bring and serve dinner, a family to lead activities for the children, and two volunteers to stay overnight. The Volunteer Coordinator sends out the Sign-Up Genius and ensures all volunteer slots are filled. In addition, the Volunteer Coordinator trains any new volunteers and stops by the church a few evenings a week to make sure all is going smoothly. Yes, Suzanne, I will volunteer!
  • Food Coordinator: Each week that we host Family Promise, we offer grab-and-go food for the guests, including breakfast foods (like cereal and oatmeal) and snacks (like granola bars and fruit). The Food Coordinator shops for the grab-and-go food, and makes sure there is enough to last the week. Typically the Food Coordinator has to replenish some of the food mid-week. Yes, Suzanne, I will volunteer!
Church Hours - Automatic Locking & Unlocking of Doors

Please note hours for the automatic locking and unlocking of the main entry doors to the church. Both the Helms Lobby door and the Pine St. door will operate automatically as follows:
Monday – Thursday   8:00 A.M.   6:00 P.M.
Friday      8:00 A.M.   3:00 P.M.
Saturday (Helms only)   1:00 P.M.   4:00 P.M.
Sunday   7:00  A.M.   4:00 P.M.
If you need to gain entry to the church during hours when the doors are locked and you do not have a PIN Code with proper permissions, you may contact Doug Coulter (847) 999-9405 in the Business Office to make the necessary arrangements.
Right here for WCC!
Can you share your talents with the task force working on the WCC website to help grow our church? Help us tell our story and share our great church with others. We need photos that capture our essence and facilities along with someone who can help film and edit a two-minute short on WCC. This could be a great resume builder or one-off project for you! Want to learn more? Contact Suzanne Lavin 224-246-5532

Prayer Group – You, Too!

The WCC Prayer Group meets every Monday from 3:30-4:30 in the Conference Library – and you’re invited!  We pray for those listed on the church prayer list, strengthened with a word of scripture and reflection. We also send a note to those for whom we pray. Try it out, participate when you can – no commitment expected. Newcomers welcome, no prior prayer experience needed! When you’re not able to attend physically, you can join us by phone (we’ll give you the number to call in). For more information, contact Pastor Jeffrey Phillips, (847) 999-9403,     

Everybody Move, Inc., is bringing an early childhood movement and music program to Winnetka Congregational Church. Everybody Move, established in 1997, offers classes at WCC Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for young children 6 months to 4 years of age. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are welcome. The fun and educational hour-long classes will include music, dancing, puppets, instruments, new friends and more. For more information about the program, please visit their website at and you may contact founder and director Celeste Cifala Roy directly at or 773- 426-0002.

Check out the Village Recycling Guidelines here.

Stormwater-Friendly Landscaping

Stormwater-friendly landscaping is an environmentally sound way to moderate the effects of stormwater during heavy rainfall. Some examples of stormwater-friendly landscaping practices include use: of rain barrels and downspouts; permeable pavement; rain gardens; natural landscaping; bioswales; and bioretention basins. It is also important to consider stormwater-friendly lawn care practices. To learn more about stormwater-friendly landscaping and lawn care practices, click here to see the Environmental and Forestry Commission’s Stormwater Best Management Practices Guide for Residents.

Winnetka Congregational Church provides and serves dinner on the first Monday of every month at A Just Harvest community kitchen, located in Roger's Park at 7649 N. Paulina Street, Chicago, IL 60626. We need four volunteers to serve each month. Please refer to WCC-A JUST HARVEST (link) for important information and to sign up. You may also use the sign-up board.

A Just Harvest serves a hot, nutritious dinner 365 days a year to anyone in need. It is one of Winnetka Congregational Church's longest-running mission programs and one of the most personally rewarding.

Patti Van Cleave and Joanne Baker are currently the WCC volunteer coordinators for this program and can be reached by email Patti Van Cleave or Joanne Baker 
Great opportunity to SERVER -- Sign up here!
Calling all amateur photographers! 

We are looking for members who can photograph WCC events. If you have any photography skills and would be willing to lend a hand, please contact Waldek Ziolkowski
Also, just a friendly reminder that if you have any photos from our program year, please make sure to send them to Waldek. They may be used during the Highlight Photo Slideshow at our annual meeting in May. If you send us your photos, there's a better chance you'll be featured in the show!
Are you interested in membership at WCC? Would you like to know more about the church and its ministry? If you have questions about membership contact Carrie Alt at

15: Arthur Bess, Anna Rickard-Bugel, Ethan Hayes
16: Joan Wagner
17: Elizabeth Dustman, Bonita Canavan
18: Krista Wray, Harrison Laible, JP Steiner, Luke Healy
19: Peter Nielsen, Steven Foukal, Caroline Hesby, Renee Pratt
20: Thomas Wille, Laura Kastelic, Kip Kirkpatrick, Suzanne Fain
21: Jim Hansen, George Walper, Megan Chadwick, Matt Aleshire, Peter Seymour, Maggie Seymour, Garrett Ellensohn
22: Fred Gougler, Michelle Ellensohn, David Garcia, James McCarty
23: Mary Tilson, Nora Massey, Tom Maentz
24: Anna Kaplan, Josie Santi, Matthew Underwood, Drew Ellensohn
25: Hutch Gourley, Kirstin Palasz
26: Xerxes Bhote
27: Mark Snyder
28: Jenna Maclachlan, Tara Maclachlan
29: Cynthia Marty, Nancy Carstedt, Emma Tomlinson, Madyn Lewis
30: David Robertson, Greyson Lavin
2017-2018 Highlight Reel
Please keep in mind we update our online Prayer List every Thursday. Each week we email a PRAYER LIST to those among our members who request such a list to know about who to be praying for and with. Our Monday afternoon Prayer Group uses the list to hold these persons listed on the Prayer List in their prayers. You too can pray with and for those persons listed by requesting to add your name to the e-blast Prayer List.
Thursday, September 13            
6:15 PM    Bell Choir Rehearsal: LL 2
7:00 PM    Chancel Choir Rehearsal: MR
Friday, September 14            
9:00 AM    Floured Apron
9:00 AM    Women's Bible Study: CR
5:30 PM    All Sons Event: TFH
Sunday, September 16            
9:00 AM      Alleluia Singers: MR
9:00 AM      Spiritual Enrichment: CR
10:00 AM    Long-Term Member Sunday: S
11:00 AM    Fellowship: NN
11:30 AM    Green Team: CR
11:30 AM    WCC Singers: MR
4:30 PM      Navigators: Room 204
4:30 PM      Servants: LL 1

Monday, September 17
3:30 PM    Prayer Group: CL
7:00 PM    Boy Scout Planning Mtg: CR
Tuesday, September 18
9:00 AM    WS Benevolence: CR
9:15 AM    Everybody Move: Room 102
6:30 PM    Hakafa - Yom Kippur: S
6:30 PM    Wine, Women & God at Andrea Anderson's home
7:00 PM    Boy Scout Troop 18: AC
7:00 PM    NAMI: Room 205
Wednesday, September 19
8:00 AM    Hakafa - Yom Kippur: CR
9:15 AM    Everybody Move: Room 102
Thursday, September 20
All Day      Parking Lot Closed for Sealing    
9:00 AM    AA Meeting: TFH
6:15 PM    Bell Choir Rehearsal    LL 2
7:00 PM    Chancel Choir Rehearsal: MR

AMP - Amphitheater
AC - Alsdorf Center
CR - Centennial Room
CL - Conference Library
EW - Education Wing
HH - Harkness House 
JKK - Kindergarten
L - Library
LC - Little Chapel
LL - Lower Level (Youth Rooms)
MR - Music Room
NN - New Narthex
S - Sanctuary
TFH - Tolman Fellowship Hall
WEX - Women's Exchange
WS - Woman's Society

Dawn HuntsmanAdministrative Assistant
The Rev. Jeffrey D. BraunSenior Pastor

The Rev. Jeffrey L. PhillipsAssociate Pastor
Dr. Robert A. HarrisDirector of Music / Choirmaster

Elaine Clemens, Director of Engagement
Shelli BrownChurch School Coordinator
Jill HuntInterim Organist
Matthew Hunter, Assistant Choirmaster
Josie Santi, Servants Program Leader
Lloyd H CulbertsonDirector of Operations

Waldek A. ZiolkowskiPublisher

Doug CoulterAccountant
Paul Allen, Pastor Emeritus
Joseph A. Shank, Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 847.441.3400
Pastoral Care
A reminder: When you or a loved one is admitted to a hospital or other health care facility, please let your pastors know by phone or email. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), such organizations are prohibited from providing confidential information to anyone, including clergy. Contact any of us at 441-3400 or via our emails.

 Jeffrey D. Braun | Jeffrey L. Phillips
725 Pine Street, Winnetka, IL 60093
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