January 14, 2017
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Come bathe in the Spirit
and refresh your faith:

Join us for 10 A.M. worship on Sunday, January 22 as we celebrate the living waters of Christ’s love!

Your presence in this (and every) service is a gift that you graciously offer to those with whom you worship. By coming just as you are (not as you might wish you were or as you might wish others would see you), you allow our congregation to gather all the more powerfully “together” in the Spirit and to celebrate the grace that already streams both within and around us.

For those who have not yet been baptized, worship on January 22 service offers a chance to sense how personally Christ already loves each of us, and, perhaps, to discern a desire to be baptized at a later date.  

For those who have been baptized, the service will offer a chance to reclaim the sense of accompaniment and connection that baptism both imbues and consecrates.  

For all of us, it will be a blessed chance:                
to be healed that we might heal…
to be comforted that we might comfort…
and to be loved that we might love…
…In Christ.
In the Spirit of “together”
A Week of Prayer
January 15-21, 2017:
In recent months, hate-crimes and various acts of harassment have risen, particularly against those who are perceived to be immigrants or not American, against blacks, against members of the LGBTQ community, against Muslims, against Jews, and against women. With regards to matters of police practices and conduct, tensions both between and among police and blacks remain high. What’s more, an unsettling divisiveness has left many Americans—and many people around the world—feeling on edge, uncertain of the future, and unsure of how to relate either to fellow citizens or to citizens of other nations.
As Christians seeking both to live out Jesus' gospel of justice and love for all humanity, and to embody solidarity with our sisters and brothers of every race, creed, ethnicity, and orientation—what can we do?
One substantive and symbolic act is to pray. To pray with increased vigor and focus, both individually and communally. Prayer is but one response, but one action. And prayer alone is not enough. Yet without prayer, all else is uninspired, untethered, and unsustainable. Many congregations across our nation designated January 8 as a formal “Call to Prayer” Sunday.  If a day is good, then a week is better!
As such, in enactment our Spirit-led goal and theme of “together”, Winnetka Congregational Church is calling for a Week of Prayer. Our Week of Prayer will begin in worship on Sunday, January 15—when we will draw fresh inspiration from the justice-forging and humanizing legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our Week of Prayer will conclude Saturday night, January 21.
Whether you pray each prayer daily, one prayer a day, or some other variation—join in. Contribute to the collective power of prayer by lifting the following seven intercessions:
*** *** ***
Today, I join in prayer… for our nation and for all nations; for those who govern, enforce laws, and defend God-given rights—that these leaders, servants, and the systems in which they serve, might be humble, just, and true.
Today, I join in prayer… for all those who feel discriminated against, harassed, or harmed simply for who they are, how they look, or how they worship God.
Today, I join in prayer… for Christ to heal the biases, envy, fear, divisiveness, and hate in every human heart—including my heart.
Today, I join in prayer… for the courage to put myself in others’ shoes; to see it from her, his, or their perspective; and for the compassion to understand her, his, or their experience.
Today, I join in prayer… for the ability to sit with unsettling feelings, to find language that expresses dissent without condemning the person or group with whom I dissent, and to consider silence when constructive words cannot be found.
Today, I join in prayer… for a unity that is deeper than our differences, and an ability to find and to build upon what we have in common—as diverse-yet-equal children of God.
Today, I join in prayer… for the discipline to acknowledge all the good that is in the world, all the blessed acts of kindness, all the redeeming expressions of God’s love, all the hope that is to be celebrated and magnified.

As of January 10, 2017: 

Total amount of pledges = $855,925
Number of pledges = 169
We are at 82% of our goal of $1,050,000
We are short of the goal by $194,075
In response to God's graciousness as lived out in the mission and ministry of Winnetka Congregational Church, I/we offer this pledge to financially support the facilities, staff, and outreach. Click to Pledge.
Join Go Green Winnetka for a screening of Before the Flood, a documentary that looks at how climate change is truly changing our world and what communities and individuals can do in response. The movie follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world witnessing the effects of climate change. Along with DiCaprio, the documentary’s subjects also include Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Sunita Narain, Anote Tong, John Kerry, Elon Musk, Alejandro Inarritu, Piers Sellers, and Johan Rockström.

The movie will be screened at 7 P.M. on Wednesday, January 25th and runs for approximately 90 minutes. 

Our Adult Enrichment invites you to its Advent series on Sunday mornings in the Centennial Room. We begin at 8:45 with Refreshments and Fellowship, followed by Program at 9:00.

January 2017

We begin a new video/discussion series on Great World Religions: Christianity presented by Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson
Dr. Johnson is Candler School of Theology’s Robert W. Woodruff Professor Emeritus, Emory’s most distinguished endowed chair. A noted scholar and an award-winning teacher, Johnson taught at Yale Divinity School and Indiana University prior to arriving at Candler in 1992. His research concerns the literary, moral and religious dimensions of the New Testament, including the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts of early Christianity (particularly moral discourse), Luke-Acts, the Pastoral Letters, and the Letter of James.

A prolific author, Johnson has penned 31 books, more than 70 scholarly articles, 100 popular articles and nearly 200 book reviews. His 1986 book, The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation, now in its third edition, is widely used as a textbook in seminaries and departments of religion throughout the world. A decade later, Johnson made national headlines with The Real Jesus: The Misguided Quest for the Historical Jesus and the Truth of the Traditional Gospels (HarperOne, 1996), the first book to systematically challenge the Jesus Seminar’s controversial claims, among them that Jesus said only 18 percent of what the Gospels attribute to him.

A former Benedictine monk, Johnson is a highly sought-after lecturer and has made more than 175 academic presentations.

Join us in the Centennial Room on Sunday mornings at 8:45 for Refreshments and Fellowship, followed by DVD lectures and conversation:

January 15     Birth and Expansion
January 22     Second Century and Self-Definition
January 29     The Christian Story 

You can access the above lectures at:

You can also download and view the Course Guidebook.
We plan to have copies of The Real Jesus: The Misguided Quest for the Historical Jesus and the Truth of the Traditional Gospels available for purchase for just $10.

As we live into our Spirit-led theme and goal of “together”…

Winnetka Congregational Church’s Spirit-led theme and goal is “together”, which seeks to enhance mutual understanding, care, and community cohesion both within our congregation and with the world we serve. An integral part of living into this theme and goal is to engage matters of race so as to increase our understanding of race relations and, as possible, to improve them.

As such, Winnetka Congregational Church is excited to continue its focus on race by observing Black History Month (February). To do so, we will be drawing on the justice-forging and humanizing legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in worship today, and by offering the following programs:

Sunday morning 
February 5 | 8:45 A.M.

We will view the classic 1985 PBS/Frontline: “A Class Divided.” This documentary remains a primary viewing and discussion in social work classes on Promoting Social Justice and Empowerment: The Intersection of Oppression, Privilege, and Diversity in Social Work. On February 5th we will show the 60-minute film in the Centennial Room at 8:45, preceded by refreshments & fellowship at 8:30.

Wednesday evenings
February 1 and 8 | 6:30 P.M.

We will view and discuss the recent PBS “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise” documentary, hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr. This 4-hour series will be shown over 2 consecutive Wednesday evenings. The weekly 2-hour episodes begin at 6:30, followed by 60-minute discussion facilitated by Sylvia Corcoran, LCSW, CADC, MCEd. She serves as first-level field placement coordinator at Loyola University Chicago: Graduate School of Social Work. Sylvia participated in our discussion on race last fall, and she, like many, has an eye for action. Our colleagues, Cecelia Blue and Dr. Robert Harris will assist us in discussion as well.

Even if you can’t make it right at 6:30, please feel free to arrive when you can.

February 1: Part One
    Hour 1 - Out of the Shadows
    Hour 2 - Move On Up

February 8: Part Two
    Hour 1 - Keep Your Head Up
    Hour 2 - Touch The Sky
For further information about the film, visit here.
Exploring Grief Group Winter Session at WCC

Winnetka Congregational Church
Every other Monday
from 7 - 8:30 P.M.
January 9th - March 20th

We are pleased to offer our unique Exploring Grief Group starting on January 9th. This series provides a confidential, supportive and educational environment to cope with grief. Four area congregations have come together to underwrite this important service for our community, enabling us to offer it at no charge.

Meetings are led by Joellen Hosler, MDiv, LCPC, who has extensive experience with grief and loss through her work with clients and as a Pastor, Joellen designs a special presentation for each meeting tailored to the needs of the registered group. 

For more information or to register for any of the 6-session groups, please contact Joellen at 847-446-6955 ext. 19. 
Are you interested in membership at WCC? Would you like to know more about the church, its history and role in the community? 
If you have questions about membership or are interested in learning more, please contact: Carrie Alt or Brad McLane. The 2017 dates for New Member Orientations are February 5th and May 7th.
Memorial Reception Committee Needs More Help 

Would you like to participate in an important and meaningful mission of WCC? If so, please consider joining the WS Memorial Reception Committee. We offer families the opportunity to have a lovely reception at WCC after a Memorial Service. Committee members provide the refreshments: coffee, punch , sweets, nuts, cheese & crackers, fruit and sometimes , tea sandwiches. The committee also sets up the buffet table and is present during the reception to pour beverages and refill refreshment trays if needed. We help the Sextons with the clean up.
Communication is all done via email by Co-Chairwomen, Fleury Linn and Laurie Morse. When a reception is desired, committee members receive an email with all the information about how many women are needed to help set up, work and provide refreshments. Members respond if they are available (or not) to help and in what way. 
A large committee is needed so that members only need to help when they are available; hence, no pressure. Most receptions are on Saturdays, however, the family is able to pick the day and time. Usually, there is not a lot of notice, which is also why a large committee is helpful. 
This is a very rewarding experience for committee members and is so appreciated by those families who are suffering a loss. We are able to offer help when they have so much stress in their lives. 
If interested or you would like more information, please contact Fleury Linn or 847-715-9288. 

Come, Join A Fellowship Team

On most Sundays following worship, fellowship is offered in Tolman Hall where one of six fellowship teams hosts coffee and treats and conversation with fellow parishioner on a rotating basis. In addition to regular Sunday fellowship, we also host some special after worship events such as the Ice Cream Social on Kick-Off/Rally Sunday in the fall, the church-wide Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the all-church picnic in June. 

Joining a Fellowship team is a wonderful way for both new and established members to get to know other members. If you are interested in joining a team, please let one of us know. 
   We welcome your participation!

Judy ArchambaultCristina ChungJen Mackey 
New Trier Food Pantry always needs your help!
While WCC members support New Trier Food Pantry by supplying goods to the Pantry the first Sunday of each month, Winnetka Interfaith Council urges us to do it more often than that. Our global community needs as many goods as possible. Please bring your donations and leave them in the shopping cart in the Narthex. Money is also welcomed, of course, with checks made out to New Trier Food Pantry. You can also write a check to WCC with a memo: New Trier Food Pantry. 

This month we collect in the shopping cart: pasta sauce, brown and white rice, cereal, and laundry detergent.
Barbara Robertson, Michaela Kyle
16: Betsy LaMotte, Mitchell LaMotte, Ann Walper, Sarah Brown, Sean Lawless, Sophia Liu
17: Ruth Don, Bob Chung
18: Corinne Krebs, Betty Carbol, Laurel Doherty, Julie Gagnon, David Underwood, Gwendolyn Swift
19: Jean Wright, Judy Archambault, Claire Peterson
20: Kathryn Raysses, John Sudekum
21: Edward Chung
Please keep in mind we update our online Prayer List every Thursday. Each week we email a PRAYER LIST to those among our members who request such a list to know about who to be praying for and with. Our Monday afternoon Prayer Group uses the list to hold these persons listed on the Prayer List in their prayers.You too can pray with and for those persons listed by requesting to add your name to the e-blast Prayer List. Contact the Rev. William Mueller at 441-3400, ext.23.
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Peter Cosyns who anticipates back surgery at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago on Thursday, January 12.
Dan Shellenbarger who had knee surgery at Glenbrook Hospital this past Tuesday, January 10.
The Reverends Sarah and Adam Walker Cleaveland, and their son Caleb, upon the birth of their daughter and sister, Hannah Lise, on December 30, 2016.  Thanks for filling our current Take Them A Meal list. Stay tuned for any updates.

Judy Archambault and family on behalf of their dear friends, Ben and Moyra and their family, as Ben is going through treatment for pancreatic cancer.
David Braun and Nancy Braun (Pastor Jeff’s father and mother). After pancreatic surgery on November 8 (blessedly not for cancer) and two long hospital stays, David continues to recuperate at home in Fairfield, CT. Pastor Jeff and his parents are deeply grateful for the prayers and support from the WCC community.

Jo Anne Brown on behalf of her neighbor, Gill Farmer, who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, and with gladness for her daughter’s wedding on December 4, 2016.
Paul Burkhardt who has returned to his residence at Brookdale Senior Living, 4501 Concord Lane Northbrook, Il 60062 / Suite 336, following recent surgery.
William Eckart on behalf of Martha Mackey who has returned to Warren Barr Pavilion, 2773 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park 60035.
Julie Eldring and family on behalf of her father, Donald Olson, who is in hospice care in Michigan.
Our choirmaster, Dr. Robert Harris, is most grateful for your continued prayers on behalf of his brother, Harold Jenkins, who is being treated for severe pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the Regency Heights in Detroit.
Julie Johnson on behalf of her dear friend Paul Smaglick (his wife Dorothy), as he goes through treatment for colon cancer.
Mary LaMonica on behalf of her brother, Robert Dibelka for his medical concerns.
Harry and Nancy Meislahn on behalf of their friend Eric Winter, now in hospice care.
Kimberly Romic and family on behalf of her mother, Janice Schnecklot, who is currently in remission, but continues to battle a lung infection which will hopefully clear up over the next 6 months.
Each of our WCC residents and friends at Presbyterian Homes, Evanston and Lake Forest; Three Crowns Park, Evanston; Lake Park Center, Waukegan; Covenant Village, Northbrook; Mather, Evanston and Wilmette, Sunrise, Wilmette; The Merion, Evanston; Belmont Village, Glenview; The Vi, Glenview; Brookdale, Northbrook.
Known pastoral concerns on behalf of our church family, our home families, and friends.
God’s people who suffer far away in Afghanistan, Jerusalem, Nigeria, Iraq, the Philippines, South Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and elsewhere; and, in our country, for storm and flood victims, and victims of violence in Chicago.
Join us at our 10:00 A.M. Worship this Sunday, January 15, as we celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 87th birthday and his dream and work of the Beloved Community. As Dr. King said: Our goal is to create a Beloved Community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives. (Click on hyperlink for insightful article that appeared in The Christian Century on April 3, 1974).  As a part of our overarching spiritual goal and theme of “together” (a key element of which is better understanding and helping to improve race relations)—we will be observing Black History Month through our Adult Enrichment opportunities in the Centennial Room on Sunday morning, February 5 at 8:45 A.M.; and Wednesday evenings, February 1 & 8 at 6:30 P.M. 
WCC Prayer List concerns are included with the express permission of the individual(s) involved. We wish to honor our connections and respect the privacy of those requesting prayer. If you have additions or revisions, please contact our pastoral liaison, Rev. William A. Mueller, 847-441-3400 x. 23


Sunday, January 15 ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 
9:00 AM   Adult Enrichment: CR
10:00 AM   Worship: S
10:15 AM   Church School: EW
11:00 AM   Fellowship: TFH
11:30 AM   WCC Singers: MR
Monday, January 16
Church office and building closed
to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday, January 17
9:15 AM   WERQ Dance Fitness: AC
6:30 PM   Wine, Women & God
Thursday, January 19
9:00 AM   AA: TFH
10:30 AM   Safe Church: CR
6:15 PM   Bell Choir: S
7:00 PM   Chancel Choir: Jr. K Rm
Friday, January 20
9:00 AM   Women’s Bible Study: CR
Sunday, January 22
9:00 AM   Adult Enrichment: CR
10:00 AM   Worship | Renewal of Baptism: S
10:15 AM   Church School: EW
11:00 AM   Fellowship: TFH
11:30 AM   WCC Singers: MR
4:00 PM   Servants: LL 1
4:30 PM   Cherub Choir (JK-2 Gr): MR
5:00 PM   Alleluia Singer (2-6 Gr): MR
5:30 PM   Youith Musical Rehearsal: MR
6:15 PM   Confirmation Class: Sr. Pastor’s study
6:15 PM   Navigators: TFH
Monday, January 23
3:30 PM   Prayer Group: CL
7:00 PM   Exploring Grief: CR
Wednesday, January 25
9:30 AM   WS Board Meeting: CR
6:30 PM   Green Team Meeting: CR
Thursday, January 26
9:00 AM   AA: TFH
6:15 PM   Bell Choir: Jr. K Rm
7:00 PM   Chancel Choir: Jr. K Rm
Friday, January 27
9:00 AM     Women’s Bible Study: CR
Women’s Retreat: The Art of Compassion  
Ends Saturday, January 28
AMP - Amphitheater
AC - Alsdorf Center
CR - Centennial Room
CL - Conference Library
EW - Education Wing
JK - Jr. Kindergarten
L - Library
LC - Little Chapel
LL - Lower Level (Youth Rooms)
MR - Music Room
NN - New Narthex
S - Sanctuary
TFH - Tolman Fellowship Hall
WS - Woman's Society

Dawn Huntsman
Administrative Assistant
847.441.3400, ext. 10

The Rev. Jeffrey D. Braun 
Senior Pastor
847.441.3400, ext. 16

The Rev. Sarah Walker Cleaveland
Associate Pastor
847.441.3400, ext. 15

The Rev. Dr. William A. Mueller
Associate Pastor
847.441.3400, ext. 23

Dr. Robert A. Harris 
Director of Music/Choirmaster
847.441.3400, ext. 19

Elaine Clemens
Director of Children’s Music Organist
847.441.3400, ext. 19

Cecelia J. Blue
Director of Christian Education
847.441.3400, ext. 17

Waldek A. Ziolkowski
847.441.3400, ext. 27

Lloyd H Culbertson 
Office & Facilities Manager
847.441.3400, ext. 12

Ray Koch
Chief Sexton
847.441.3400, ext. 21

Mark Dudek
847.441.3400, ext. 21

Doug Coulter
847.441.3400, ext. 13

Paul Allen, Pastor Emeritus
Joseph A. Shank, Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 847.441.3400


Pastoral Care
A reminder: When you or a loved one is admitted to a hospital or other health care facility, please let your pastors know by phone or email. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), such organizations are prohibited from providing confidential information to anyone, including clergy. Contact any of us at 441-3400 or via our emails (images are linked) 
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