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Winnetka Congregational Church
February 15, 2020
This afternoon, Joanne Baker and Anne Kelly loaded a van with your Souper Bowl of Giving donations for Common Pantry collected on February 2, 2020. 
Hello, <<First Name>>

Celebrate Mardi Gras | Feb 25
Ashes on the Way | Feb 26
Your Pledge Matters
The Doctor is In
Labyrinths for Lenten Journey
February Cart Collection

Silent Auction and Mission Stock
Video-Worship Service | Feb 9
Spiritual Enrichment 
Caring for People with Memory Loss

WCC Reads: Holy Envy
Green Team 
Inclusion Statement 
Rummage Supports: Deborah's Place
Church Hours
Opportunities to Serve in Worship
Happy Birthday
Prayer List
Parish Calendar
WCC Staff
Great Opportunities to Get Involved In Sunday Worship:
Acolytes | Sign Up
Usher/Greeter | Sign Up 
Call to Discipleship | Sign Up
Lay Reader | Sign Up
Fabulous Food, Family, Friends, and Fun 
February 25th from 6:00 until 7:30 P.M. 
in Tolman Hall!

You’ll love our special guest entertainer Josh Schilling, as he juggles, performs incredible feats of magic, twists balloons for the kids and walks on stilts!

Please review the available sign-up slots by visiting MardiGrasParty.
Ashes on the Way:
Offering a Sense of Connection on the First Day of Lent
Ash Wednesday
February 26, 2020 | 6:00 - 10:00 A.M.
WCC Church Parking Lot

For those unable to attend an Ash Wednesday Service, Winnetka Congregational Church (WCC) offers an innovative yet mindful opportunity for them to receive Ashes on the Way.  
From 6:00 A.M. until 10:00 A.M. on February 26, 2020, we invite you to drive into the WCC parking lot, enter the roundabout in front of the church, and stop curbside. One of our pastors will come to your car to offer the imposition of ashes and a blessing. If you have a particular joy or concern on your heart, please feel free to share that with the pastor. If you do not wish to receive ashes, you may simply ask for a blessing. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we welcome you to begin the season of Lent with us on February 26.
“At first glance, some might feel that Ashes on the Way is a dumbing down of the sacred, or a bump-and-run approach to a faithful experience, says WCC Senior Pastor the Rev. Jeff Braun. “We have found the exact opposite to be true. Each interaction is an immersive, intimate, and authentic experience. We want and encourage people to attend Ash Wednesday services. Yet, we recognize that sometimes family and work obligations won’t allow that to happen. If people yearn for the sense of connection and reverence that Ash Wednesday can imbue, then it is important that faith and the rituals of faith find us where we are.” 
In addition to our church members, WCC will be available to all who seek a Spirit-filled experience on Ash Wednesday. We encourage you to tell your friends of other denominations, or those with no church affiliation, that Winnetka Congregational Church welcomes them to begin their Lenten season with us on the morning of February 26 and, of course, at our evening worship service in the sanctuary at 7 P.M.
This year marks the fourth year WCC will offer Ashes on the Way, an event that is truly a Godsend for many of our members, as well as folks from throughout the community. For WCC Membership Co-Chairs Kelly Anderson and Brad McLane, Ashes on the Way has become a family tradition: 
"It is surprisingly meaningful to receive this blessing. I went in the morning last year, with a high schooler in tow, and it was a serene way for us to start the day." -- Brad McClane
 “Ashes on the Way allows me to make my faith a priority, even with two young kids and a busy schedule. It’s a ritual we do as a family. I look forward to this day every year and encourage other busy parents to experience this blessing.” -- Kelly Anderson
Dear Friends,
We are truly grateful to those who have opened their hearts and minds and generously offered their pledges to our Annual Stewardship Campaign. Thanks to your generosity we are nearing our goal. To have a successful campaign however, we need broad(er) participation. Your pledge makes a difference and it is not too late to participate. Annual Giving is our largest and most important source of funding. It enables us to budget, plan and support our impactful and diverse ministries. Your pledge matters greatly. If you have not pledged, please support those members who have given so generously. Pledge Cards are available in the Narthex or online.
  • $895,000 has been pledged towards our goal of $1,000,000
  • 150  pledges have been received towards our goal of 200
  • 25 % of pledges have increased –14 new pledges
We are strongest when we are together – it is not too late to offer your support for WCC!!!

In Christ and with gratitude,
Fred Gougler
WCC Chair

Tom Temple
Co-Chair Annual Giving      
Tom Churchwell
Co-Chair Annual Giving

David Snyder
Co-Chair Annual Giving
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Labyrinths to Enrich Lenten Journey
Two labyrinths - one large and one small - are being placed on the floor of Alsdorf Activities Center to assist our spiritual growth during Lent.  They will be available for use Sunday, March 17, through Sunday, April 28.
In the medieval era, Christians who could not undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land might visit a cathedral, such as the one in Chartres, France where they would find embedded in the floor an intricate series of circular paths which they could use to symbolically walk to Jerusalem and back.  This was the labyrinth.
Today, spiritual pilgrims use labyrinths for the same purpose: to walk prayerfully and intentionally in order to connect with God and deeper things.  Labyrinths come in many sizes and shapes, and can be made of different materials.  Some are indoors and others are outdoors.  Walking the labyrinth, we take time away from our busy lives to experience an inner peace that runs through our bodies but goes beyond our intellects.  Different from a maze, which contains false pathways and dead ends, a labyrinth has a single path that leads to its center, reminding us that if we stay on the spiritual path, every step, no matter how circuitous, leads toward the heart of all things.  The labyrinth is walked in silence.  Thinking is not required to walk the labyrinth.  It is more important to possess a seeking heart that is open to receive the things of God: peace, healing, and divine presence.               
WCC’s labyrinths are ideal for individuals, families, and supervised children.  Printed information, including “labyrinth etiquette,” will be available as you enter Alsdorf.  If you prefer to “walk” the labyrinth with your fingers, lap labyrinths and chairs will be available for you to sit and trace the pattern of the actual labyrinths on the floor.  It will probably take you 10-20 minutes to walk the large labyrinth, and 5-10 minutes to walk the smaller one.  You may walk both!  However you walk the labyrinth, may it bring you peace, reminding you of the sacred journeys of spiritual pilgrims then and now (including Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem).       
The labyrinths will be available anytime the church is open (Monday-Wednesday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Thursday 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Saturday, 1:00-4:00 p.m., and Sunday 7:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and 4:00-8:00 p.m.).  Questions?  Contact Pastor Jeffrey Phillips, (847) 999-9403,
Many thanks to JS Hedegard for assisting Pastors Jeffrey and Sarah in constructing the labyrinths.    
February Shopping Cart Collection for:
During the month of February, we will be collecting food and hygiene items to support Common Pantry. 

Common Pantry provides emergency food and personal items to about 1,000 persons per month in the northern neighborhoods of Chicago. They host distribution sessions every Wednesday afternoon and evening as well as Thursday afternoon, inviting clients to select some items on their own in their shopping area. 

Following is a list of food and personal care items that are most in need right now. 
Consider buying modest size products (e.g. a few 24 oz containers of cooking oil are preferable to one 64 oz. container). 

Food Wish List:     
Canned fruit
Cooking oil
Pasta sauce Soup 
Easy prep meals (i.e. Hamburger Helper) 
Canned meals (i.e. ravioli) 
Ground coffee 
Salad dressing 
Ketchup, mustard, and mayo 

Personal Care Items Wish List: 
Disposable razors
Bar soap
Feminine hygiene products
Disposable diapers 
On Sunday, March 1st, we will hold our “almost annual” Silent Auction to raise funds for church Mission Trips. This year, fundraising will support BOTH the Servants Mission Trip to Puerto Rico over spring break in March, and also the Adult Multi-faith Mission Trip to the Texas/Mexico Border in February.

We are looking for "GOOD STUFF” to sell at the auction. Please consider donating, or help us by soliciting a local merchant.  We are hoping for fun, exciting, adventurous, attractive, delicious items in these categories: 
            - Sports tickets
            - Golf outings
            - Wine & Bar
            - Travel
            - Parties/Restaurants
            - Concerts/Theatre
            - Teens/Kids
            - Fitness/Beauty
            - Home/Garden
            - Photography

As always, our high school Servants will be donating unique offerings of their time & talents. Feel free to get together with church friends for a “combined” donation … maybe some wine bottles, a Ravinia concert, etc. 
Please click here to SIGNUP and/or peek at the list of donations so far:
Questions? Contact anyone on the Auction Team:
Annette Cole, Jennifer Stricklin, Susan Snyder, Susan Temple, & Pastor Sarah

Mission Stock

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Mission Stock to support our Servants on their 2020 Mission Trip. We have a total of 19 youth and 5 adults headed to Puerto Rico in March for a weeklong mission trip. If you would like to invest in our youth and purchase stock, please fill out the form below and either mail it to the address listed, or scan and email it to Pastor Sarah ( We ask for your name and address so that we can send you your Stock Certificate and also a post card from Puerto Rico!
To make your payment, you can either mail a check along with your form to the church, or you can pay online with a credit card or ACH payment using the form at the bottom of this page (make sure you select “Servants Mission Stock” for the fund). Please be sure to send us your Order Form regardless of how you pay.
Thanks for your support of our 2020 Servants Mission Trip Team!

To make a payment online, please click here.
Wednesday, March 11, The Sultan and the Saint. During the Crusades, two men of faith, Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt, buck a century of war, distrust, and insidious propaganda in search of peace. The film inspires solutions for the negative atmosphere we find ourselves in today.
Thursday, April 16, GameChangers. Sports, race, and culture come together in this story of the 1965 and ’66 basketball games between New Trier and Marshall high schools as they battle for the chance to compete in the state finals. Fifty years later, rival players come together to shed new light on old memories.
“Five Films, One Focus: What Connects Us?” - documentaries that explore living in relationship and solidarity with neighbors, society, and the planet itself.
All films are free of charge. Invite friends and neighbors.
Do you feel like: 
Reading Scripture, Leading the Call To Discipleship or Greeting the Worshippers during worship Sunday mornings at 10?
We would love to have you. Sign up with this link
Worship service
Sunday, February 9

Restore Beauty -- Change the Narrative, by the Rev. Dr. Velda Love
Minister for Racial Justice
United Church of Christ National Office

enriching minds, expanding faith, transforming hearts
Spiritual Enrichment
Spiritual Enrichment Sunday sessions happen in the Centennial Room, with refreshments at 8:30 A.M. and program at 8:45.  We conclude at 9:45. Childcare provided! Questions: Pastor Jeffrey Phillips, (847) 999-9403 or

We are happy to offer childcare for children of all ages during Sunday morning Spiritual Enrichment on an as-needed basis
If you need childcare from 8:30-9:45 on Sunday, please call or text Shelli Brown at (312) 543-2357 no later than 5:00 P.M. on Friday.
Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story
February 16 and 23

Born the grandson of slaves, Howard Thurman became the spiritual wellspring of the civil rights movement, mentoring many of its leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson, and U.S. Representative John Lewis.  Thurman’s 1949 book Jesus and the Disinherited is considered a spiritual classic. After learning from Gandhi and the Quakers about the importance of non-violence in movements for social change, Thurman introduced the concept to King.  In turn, King always carried with him a copy of Jesus and the Disinherited.  
A profoundly important African American Christian theologian and mystic of the 20th century, Thurman is also remembered for his years of teaching at Howard University and Boston University School of Theology, and for helping to launch The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in San Francisco, the nation’s first interracial, intercultural church. 
On two Sunday mornings in February, the 16th and 23rd, WCC’s Spiritual Enrichment ministry will view and discuss Martin Doblmeier’s 2019 documentary, Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story.     
Caring for People with Memory Loss.

Speakers: Deena Karno and Jackie Abramson from Weinberg Community for Senior Living.
Caring for People with Memory Loss
January 22 Video Now Available
Is someone in your life living with memory loss?  Are you a caregiver for a person with impaired memory?  Do you want to be prepared to care for someone with dementia?
Care and Calling sponsored an awesome continuing education event on caring for people with memory loss on January 22, facilitated by Jaclyn Abramson and Deena Karno from Weinberg Community for Senior Living in Deerfield. Attendees were impressed by Deena and Jackie’s comprehensive, professional, compassionate, and practical approach to the topic.
Questions: Pastor Jeffrey Phillips, (847) 999-9403.
Lent is a time to deepen our faith and grow with others on the spiritual path.  Join us in our all-church book read this Lent – Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others by Barbara Brown Taylor.

Brown, renowned Christian preacher and author of the best-selling spiritual reflections An Altar in the World and Learning to Walk in the Dark, recounts her moving discoveries of finding the sacred in unexpected places while teaching world religions to undergraduates in Baptist-saturated rural Georgia.

The title comes from the late Swedish Lutheran Bishop and professor at Harvard Divinity School Krister Stendahl, who advised: “When trying to understand another religion, you should ask the adherents of that religion and not its enemies.  Don’t compare your best to their worst.  Leave room for holy envy.”
We will discuss the book on the four Wednesdays in March (4, 11, 18, and 25) from 1:00-2:15 p.m. in the Centennial Room.  Participate as your schedule allows; you do not have to be present each week.  If you can’t attend the discussions, read the book on your own!  On March 4, we will discuss the introduction and first three chapters (through page 60), using this guide:

Obtain your copy as you wish. Copies are available at The Book Stall in downtown Winnetka.    

Questions, contact Pastor Jeffrey Phillips:, (847) 999-9403.
Did you know that the WCC Rummage Sale donates to a number of nonprofits agencies? WCC Rummage/Benevolence has created a profile of the month for 12 of the agencies receiving grants. We want to share with everyone how Rummage turns donor’s gifts into support for so many agencies.
Since 1985, Deborah’s Place has provided compassionate care to women experiencing homelessness in Chicago. Deborah’s Place was founded by a group of women who believed they could make a difference for women who are homeless. From humble beginnings as a volunteer-run program in a church gym, Deborah’s Place grew first to transitional housing and then to permanent supportive housing. Over time, we developed wrap-around services to complement our housing programs – job readiness training, tutoring and education assistance, health services, case management, counseling and numerous social and life skills activities.  After more than 30 years, Deborah’s Place has helped over 4,000 women move from homeless to housed,from surviving to living. 

Housing Services 

Permanent Housing Programs 
Deborah’s Place offers permanent supportive housing for women in three locations. Participants have private residences, sign leases and pay rent based on income, although rent can be waived in cases where a resident has no income. Unlike shelters, there is no time limit for length of residency in these programs as long as a participant still qualifies for services. Locations: East Garfield Park and Old Town. Staffed 24hrs/7 days week. 

Safe Haven Housing 
Dolores’s Safe Haven in Old Town provides a safe and supportive environment for fifteen women with severe mental illness who have been chronically homeless. These women are considered the hardest to house. Staff reach out and engage women to offer services that result in stable housing and increased quality of life. 

Community Based Housing Programs 
Not all women at Deborah’s Place live in one of the three program sites; many live in their own independent apartments in the community. Deborah’s Place partners with private landlords across the city to provide housing to women coming directly from the street or shelter. We then provide ongoing case management to help them set and achieve their own self-determined goals. 

Support Services 

All Deborah’s Place participants have access to support services designed to meet the diverse needs of women who have experienced homelessness. These services offer different pathways to stability, independence and opportunities for a better quality of life.

Comprehensive Case Management: Case managers assist women in meeting their goals. 
Health Services: Crisis management, health education and referrals, medical/dental assistance.
Employment and Education Services: GED tutoring, computer training, budgeting and life skills.
Therapeutic Services: Counseling, crisis intervention, and art therapy.
Alumnae Services:  On-going assistance in case management, peer support, group gatherings. 
The WCC Women’s Society Benevolence Committee has been supporting Deborah’s Place for 20 yrs.
For more information, the link to Deborah’s Place website is: 
Church Hours - Automatic Locking & Unlocking of Doors
Please note new church season hours for the automatic locking and unlocking of the main entry doors to the church.Both the Helms Lobby door and the Pine St. door will operate automatically as follows:
                                                Unlock        Lock
Monday – Wednesday       8 AM           6 PM
Thursday                               8 AM           9 PM
Friday                                    8 AM           3 PM
Saturday (Helms only)       8 AM           2 PM
Sunday                                   7 AM           2 PM
                                                4 AM           8 PM
If you need to gain entry to the church during hours when the doors are locked and you do not have a PIN Code with proper permissions, you may contact Lloyd Culbertson in the Business Office to make the necessary arrangements.
Inclusion Statement

As “A House of Worship For All People” Winnetka Congregational Church acknowledges, supports, and welcomes all God’s children whatever their age, culture, race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic or marital status, education, nationality, or cultural background, physical or cognitive ability. 

As called by Christ: we seek to celebrate every person’s dignity, uniqueness, relationships, and God-given gifts; to recognize our inter-connectedness as human beings; and to foster a safe, nurturing community in which each person can live out their faith journey authentically and wholeheartedly.
Looking For Opportunities in Worship?
We would love to have you!​
Scripture Readers
Call to Discipleship Leaders
Ushers and Greeters

Sunday mornings at 10 A.M.

Acolytes - An opportunity for your child to get through a service of worship in a different way. 

Each Sunday, two of our 5th-8th graders serve as acolytes during our morning worship service. Acolytes bring the light of Christ into the sanctuary at the beginning of worship, reminding people that Christ (the light of the world) is in our midst. At the end of the service, acolytes retrieve the light and take it out of the sanctuary, reminding us that God goes before us into the world.

Those of us on staff have heard so many positive comments from people about how meaningful they find the entrance and exit of the light each Sunday and how appreciative they are to have youth as leaders in worship! 

Opportunity 1: ACOLYTE (5th - 8th Graders) | SIGN UP HERE!

Scripture Lay Reader read one of the Scripture passages during morning worship. A copy of the reading will be emailed to you on Thursday and a copy will be on the lectern on Sunday mornings.

Opportunity 2: LAY READER (Adults, Youth) | SIGN UP HERE!

The Call to Discipleship Leader leads the congregation through responsive prayer. We would love having youth lead us in the Call to Discipleship each week but we don't limit this function to the youth only. Anybody can volunteer.

Greeters provide a friendly, helpful beginning to the worshiper’s experience. Greeters welcome people as they enter the building and are there to answer questions and provide directions. As Greeters, you are the first faces and impressions that visitors have when entering WCC.

Ushers are present to foster an atmosphere of friendship and provide structure to the service by welcoming and (if requested) seating members and guests. For some worshipers, an usher is the first person they meet as they enter the Church. All worshipers should feel that we are pleased to see them. Ushers greet everyone and welcome them, providing them with a program/bulletin and any other materials. Ushers also pass offering plates during the service.

Opportunity 4: GREETER / USHER | SIGN UP HERE!

If you have any questions or need help with signing up contact
Dawn HuntsmanAdministrative Assistant, at (847) 441-3400
Happy Birthday!

13: Eddie Nayman
14: Jane Gordon, Avalon Felty
15: Nancy Phair, Caroline Kelly, Ryan Simon, Wells Anderson
16: Joan Kuzel, Loann Peterson
17: Leslie Sholten, Karl Palasz, Cathie Franklin, Caroline Palasz
18: Cari Alexander, Brian Ball
19: Jane Dowding, Charlie Egan, Sarah Blears
20: Theresa Ruiz-Law, Geoff Koss, Jennifer Lindblad, Becca Lindblad, Hunter Wray, Anike Braun
21: Dan Cox, Gregory Klein, Bradley Klein
22: Bonnie Rickard, Terry Booth
23: Granger Kenly
25: Margaret Sudekum, Alexander Davis
26: Craig Kopkas,Tom Pratt
27: Eleanor Prince, Mark Vorhees, Lauren Blake, Jackson Katzman
28: Harris Jackson, Lisa Ebersole, Daniel Malan
29: Alice Kepler, Reese Lavin

Prayer List
Prayer Requests can be submitted during worship on the orange cards found in the pews. If you would like the concern to be shared with the pastors only, mark the box next to, “Please do not share my request.”  If that box is not checked, the request will be shared with the pastors and the Prayer Ministry that meets every Monday at 3:30 P.M. It will also be included in the weekly Prayer List. Of course, you are invited to contact Pastor Jeff, Pastor Sarah, or Pastor Jeffrey anytime to share a joy or prayer concern.

February 13, 2020

New and Updated Petitions and Thanksgivings

Sue Hartemayer's
mother Madelyn Rodgers passed away on February 12. We pray for Sue and family. A memorial service will be held at Winnetka Congregational Church.

Mel Schwartz is receiving therapy at Westminster Place, Presbyterian Home. We pray that Mel gains strength! We remember Mel's wife Mary Alayne as well.

Judy Blunck fell on Monday, February 10, sustaining injuries to her ribs, clavicle, and back. She has been at Evanston Hospital but hopes to be transferred soon to a rehab facility. She is praying to get better in time for spring golfing!

Elaine Clemens requests prayers of strength, healing, and patience for her brother Ben who will have surgery on February 20 to replace the knuckle at the base of one of his fingers.

Ongoing Petitions

A memorial service for Barbara Malmquist is planned for Saturday, February 29, at 1:30 P.M. in our sanctuary.

For Leslie Ritter who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. The Ritters would appreciate a few homecooked meals. For information, go to <>

Prayers continue for friends and family of Mark Dziersk who passed away last month. For wife Elizabeth and daughters Monroe, Emilee, and Elissa, Mark's siblings, in-laws, and many others.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. --Lao Tzu

Please keep in mind we update our online Prayer List every Thursday. Each week we email a PRAYER LIST to those among our members who request such a list to know about who to be praying for and with. Our Monday afternoon Prayer Group uses the list to hold these persons listed on the Prayer List in their prayers. You too can pray with and for those persons listed by requesting to add your name to the e-blast Prayer List.

Parish Calendar
Thursday, February 13
7:00 PM    Choir Rehearsal: MR

Friday, February 14
9:00 AM    Women’s Bible Study: CR

Saturday, February 15
1:00 PM    Pickleball: AC

Sunday, February 16
8:30 AM    Spiritual Enrichment: CR
9:30 AM    Coffee: NN
10:00 AM  Worship: S
10:15 AM  Church School: EW
11:00 AM  Fellowship: NN
11:05 AM  Cherub Choir: JK/K    
11:30 AM  Green Team Meeting: CR
11:30 AM  Navigators: Rm202
1:00 PM    Pickleball: AC
4:30 PM    Servants: LL1
6:00 PM    Confirmation Class: LL2

Monday, February 17
3:30 PM    Prayer Group: CL

Tuesday, February 18
9:15 AM    Everybody Move: Rm102
3:00 PM    Pickleball: AC
6:00 PM    Wine, Women & God
7:00 PM    NAMI: Rm205

Wednesday, February 19
9:05 AM    Everybody Move: Rm102

Thursday, February 20
9:00 AM    AA Meeting: TFH
1:30 PM    WEX Workshop: CR
3:00 PM    Pickleball: AC
7:00 PM    Choir Rehearsal: MR

Friday, February 21
9:00 AM    Women’s Bible Study: CR

Saturday, February 22
1:00 PM    Pickleball: AC

Sunday, February 23 New Member Sunday
8:30 AM    Spiritual Enrichment: CR
9:30 AM    Coffee: NN
10:00 AM  Worship: S
10:15 AM  Church School: EW
11:00 AM  Fellowship: NN
11:05 AM  Cherub Choir: JK/K 
11:30 AM  Navigators: Rm202
4:30 PM    Servants: LL1
6:00 PM    Confirmation Class: LL2

Monday, February 24
3:30 PM    Prayer Group: CL

Tuesday, February 25
9:15 AM    Everybody Move: Rm102
6:00 PM    Mardi Gras: TFH
7:00 PM    Executive Council: Jeff’s Ofc
7:00 PM    NT Multi-Faith Alliance: CR

Wednesday, February 26
6:45 AM    Ashes on the Way    
9:05 AM    Everybody Move: Rm102
7:00 PM    Ash Wednesday Service: S

Thursday, February 27
9:00 AM    AA Meeting: TFH
7:00 PM    Choir Rehearsal: MR

Friday, February 28
9:00 AM    Women’s Bible Study: CR
Dawn Huntsman 
Administrative Assistant
The Rev. Jeffrey D. Braun
Senior Pastor
c: 203.913.2574
The Rev. Sarah A. Lohrbach
Associate Pastor for Children, Family and Youth
c: 815.370.0261
The Rev. Jeffrey L. Phillips
Associate Pastor
c: 847.636.6111
Elaine Harrison
Director of Connections Ministry
c: 773.808-4202
Shelli Brown
Church School Coordinator
Matthew Hunter
Director of Music
Jill Hunt
Lloyd H. Culbertson
Director of Operations
Waldek A. Ziolkowski
Maria Sobczak
Paul Allen, Pastor Emeritus
Joseph A. Shank, Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 847.441.3400
AMP - Amphitheater
AC - Alsdorf Center
CR - Centennial Room
CL - Conference Library
EW - Education Wing
HH - Harkness House 
JKK - Junior Kindergarten
L - Library
LC - Little Chapel
LL - Lower Level (Youth Rooms)
MR - Music Room
NN - New Narthex
NR - Nursery
S - Sanctuary
TFH - Tolman Fellowship Hall
WEX - Women's Exchange
WS - Woman's Society
Pastoral Care
A reminder: When you or a loved one is admitted to a hospital or other health care facility, please let your pastors know by phone or email. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), such organizations are prohibited from providing confidential information to anyone, including clergy. Contact any of us at 441-3400 or via our emails.

 Jeffrey D. Braun | Jeffrey L. Phillips | Sarah A. Lohrbach
725 Pine Street, Winnetka, IL 60093
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