NGAME Members,
LD1343 – An Act to Increase Access to Postsecondary Education for Maine National Guard Members is before the Veterans and Legal Affairs (VLA) Committee for debate.  If and when it leaves the committee it will go before our State Legislature. 
We need you, our NGAME members, to contact the VLA and your Legislative Representatives to lend support to this Bill today.

Currently the MENG (both Army and Air) competes with all other New England states to recruit and retain the best and brightest Soldiers and Airmen.  All other New England States offer some sort of State Tuition benefit to their members.  Maine does not and that puts our units at a disadvantage. 
The current legislation that is on Maine’s books requires that the program be ‘funded’ in order to provide money to the member with which to pay tuition.  Over the past several years there has been no money and therefore no tuition benefit. 
LD1343 proposes a Tuition Waiver to State postsecondary education institutions for undergraduate degree or certificate programs.  Currently there are multiple categories of individuals that qualify for a Tuition Waiver at State Universities and Colleges in Maine.  By ‘waiving tuition’ at State schools for Maine National Guard Members, those serving in the NG become eligible to receive benefits already available to other groups within our state.

NGAME encourages you to talk with your local Legislators to lend support to this Bill.  It should be a benefit to all of our Guardsmen that will help keep our most valuable resource, our Soldiers and Airmen, in the state of Maine.
The Legislation falls under the title of LD1343 – An Act to Increase Access to Postsecondary Education for Maine National Guard Members.
The link below will help locate email addresses for members of the Veterans & Legal Affairs Committee.
The link below will help to locate your Legislative Member's email address.
Please contact your Legislator TODAY and let them know how important our Soldiers and Airmen are to the State and the Nation.  Let them know that this bill will help us recruit and retain the best and brightest.  Tell them that it is the right thing to do for our Soldiers and Airmen.
If you are so inclined, a letter to the editor will help too.
Thanks for your time and efforts –
Your NGAME Legislative Committee
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