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Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket
Our latest app, Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket, helps teams to improve the pull request workflow and to reduce the cycle time by discovering team collaboration and workflow patterns. With version 1.2.0, it now provides
  • New visualisation with pull request size information
  • Re-designed statistics menu in repository sidebar
  • Global statistics navigation menu

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Sonar for Bamboo

Sonar for Bamboo offers Bamboo tasks to analyze repositories with SonarQube. With its latest version 2.6.0, it now provides many new features like

  •   Support for SonarQube pull request branches (-Dsonar.pullRequest)
  •   Support for SonarQube 7.9 LTS
  •   Showing SonarQube analysis results of all build jobs on the build summary page
  •   Project links for SonarQube with Bamboo build plan link
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Code Owners for Bitbucket
Code Owners for Bitbucket improves the quality of your code reviews by automatically assigning experts as mandatory pull request reviewers. These experts can be configured by a CODEOWNERS file with mappings from file patterns to code owners. Here's an example where we define that all JS component files need to be reviewed by the members of the Bitbucket user group "ReactGurus":

/src/components/**/*.js @@ReactGurus

With the latest release, the app now supports the definition of your own user groups (beside the Bitbucket controlled user groups):

@@@MyDevs @PeterTheHacker @DorisTheJavaExpert ann@scala.lang

The latest release also supports a new merge check to configure how many users of each user group need to approve a pull request, thus allowing for more flexibility so that not every team member needs to do a review.

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Include Bitbucket for Confluence
Include Bitbucket for Confluence provides macros to include files and repository metadata from Bitbucket repositories into Confluence pages. With the new release 1.13, Bitbucket files can now be included into a Confluence page by simply pasting the Bitbucket URL.

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Mibex @ Atlas Camp 2019 in Vienna
Mibex Software visits the Atlas Camp in Vienna on September 11 - 12. Come and meet us in Vienna. If you are interested to have a talk, please book a slot at
20% Summer Promotion for Suggested Changes for Bitbucket
Suggested Changes for Bitbucket makes it easier to collaborate inside pull requests by providing the possibility to suggest and apply changes to pull requests within Bitbucket without the need to go back to the IDE. Try it now and benefit with from a 20% summer promotion.
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