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Peace Of Christ Parish 
 Schools Alumni Newsletter - August 2015
    St. John the Evangelist (1916-2005)                 St. Ambrose (1922-2005)
                               St. James (1950-1990)                St. John Neumann (2006-present)
A Ministry of Peace of Christ RC Parish, Rochester, New York
Peace of Christ Parish 4-School
3rd Annual Reunion Weekend Sept. 26-27, 2015
Sun. Sept 27th - Alumni Room Open House, Tours, and Gathering

Reunion weekend is here again! All alumni from the 4 elementary schools of Peace of Christ Parish: St. John the Evangelist, St. Ambrose, St. James, and St. John Neumann are invited back!

Saturday September 26th is open for individual class reunions. Some have occurred or are planned for this year. Check in with your school’s alumni Facebook page for any updates.

On Sunday September 27th all alumni will have the opportunity to start the day at the 9:45 AM Mass at St. Ambrose Church. The Mass will be said for the intention of the deceased alumnus (ae) from the 4 parish schools. The Coffee Hour after the Mass at St. Ambrose in Dailey Hall is optional and is not part of the day's official activity.

Immediately following the Mass till 4:00 PM, the Alumni Day will continue with the alumni gathering at the 1st floor Alumni Room in St. John Neumann School to enjoy the company of fellow alumni and reminisce the “good old days”. Enter the school through Dailey Hall or the Waldo Ave. entrance. Alumni attending are asked to bring any school supply item(s) for our St. John Neumann students.

The Alumni Room will be open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM where the Alumni can view the vast archives of the 4 schools on display. St. John Neumann (formerly St. Ambrose) will be open for self-tours during this time. For those interested in visiting St. James School, a tour group will be formed at 1:30 PM and will car pool over.

If any alumni can help out by being a host(est) during the open house on Sunday or if anyone has any questions, please contact through email at
St. James School Alumni News
(Facebook - 381 Group Members: St. James Grammar School)
The Summer Reunion on Sunday July 12th at St. James was a great success with over 100 alumni, teachers, family and friends gathered for Mass with Fr. Bradler. This was followed by a buffet dinner in the Church Hall and a number of classmates from the 50's through the 80's took the opportunity to check out the old school. Numerous class years were represented and many of the attendees posted photos of the event on the Facebook page for viewing.

The following are several excerpts from the posting on the St. James Grammar School Facebook page by Chairperson Sharon DiPolito Zarpentine:
"As I sit here this morning thinking about the reunion yesterday, I am filled with such warm feelings remembering the smiles and excitement on everyone's faces as they saw their friends they haven't seen in so many years. The room was filled with the sounds of laughter, conversations and reminiscing about the years spent in our school, a very sweet time in our lives. I myself wish I had more time to actually sit and talk with so many of you. Time flew by and I only got to sit ...with a few if you."

"I would like to thank the women who helped plan this- Julie Hofmann Kogler, Mary Feasel, and Celeste Veloski."

"This was a huge success and I hope the beginning of many more to come with many more of our classmates joining us. Let the Spirit of our beloved St. James always fill our lives!"
This public Facebook group is very active in posting memories of the school activities over the years. It has conversations across class years as members remember past teachers, fellow classmates, and school activities. It has numerous photos posted of classes, a couple of class histories, and more uploaded items by group members. With its 381 members it is the largest of the Facebook groups dedicated to our past schools of the Peace of Christ parish.
Join the fun and maybe find a long lost contact from your class or neighborhood.
Other St. James class sites:
            -- Facebook 15 Likes: St. James School Class of 1961
St. Ambrose School Alumni News
(Facebook 109 Group Members: I went to St. Ambrose Catholic School- in Rochester, NY)
This public Facebook group has gained 40 new members since the April 2015 newsletter, however it has not generated any new Facebook conversations. It is the newest site and looking for more alumni to find it. Give it a look and start the reminiscing! Reunion anyone?
St. John the Evangelist School Alumni News
(Facebook 299 Group Members: St. John the Evangelist Elementary School Classmates)
This closed Facebook group (non-public) is growing fast as it has doubled over the last year and added 80 new members since April. It is now at 299. Members have asked about the whereabouts of fellow classmates, posted class pictures, or just having fun reminiscing. They remember church activities such as first communion, church celebrations, past teachers, Sisters and Priests.
The 8th grade Class of 1971 is planning to hold, after 44 years, their 1st class reunion this October 24th at 7 PM. Location TBD. You can contact Maureen Casey Kulic through
Mary E. O'Brien Zeiner Class of 1970: Is seeking anyone interested in getting together before or after the Alumni event the weekend of September 26th? You can contact Mary through
St. John Neumann School Alumni News
As stated in the last newsletter, St. John Neumann is now a Pre-K to 5 in the 2015-16 school year. 
Does anyone know of or has anyone started a Facebook page for the St. John Neumann School? 
Send any alumni news to
So What's in the Alumni Room?
The 1st floor Alumni Room that sits just down from the school office at St. John Neumann is also used as the school's Conference Room, extra learning space, a gathering area for parties or special projects. Within the room are 3 large, 6-shelf trophy cases full of individual memorabilia items from all of the four schools. Running along the full width window side of the room are 6 built-in, 2 shelf bookcases also filled with the archives of the 4 schools.

St. James' archives includes: photos of staff/faculty (1971-86); graduation class photos (1968-83); roster of the 1st kindergarten (1951-52); school picture albums (1961-90); parent handbook (1973-90); graduating class yearbooks (1953-55, 1960-67, 1973-88), various programs from Christmas, May Day, music recitals, school newsletters, graduation ceremonies; series of unknown date photos of CYO BB, Mission Day, May Day, orchestra, Safety Patrol, library, Science Fair, and altar servers; A school scrapbook from the late '50's of various items; musical program albums (1977-81, 1984-86); 4 albums of miscellaneous slides (1970-78); and 2 shoe boxes of unidentified photos. There is also a St. James parish scrapbook from the 1940' through 1990's and more!

St. John the Evangelist's archives includes: graduation class photos (1917-59, 1976-2004); staff photos  (1996-2004); First Communion photos (1916 - 59 w/names); Blessed Sacrament Junior High "Tapestry" (1977-90); school picture albums (1976-91, 1995-2004); school calendar/handbook (1987-2005); school yearbook "One Step Ahead" (1985-2005); miscellaneous slide albums; 1984 slide show "SJE/BS 10th anniversary"; 15 photos of Monsignor Sullivan's 50th Jubilee; 1200 undated photos in 4 albums; 3 framed poster boards from Dolores Schulte's 1933 graduation; 1 shoe box of unidentified 1990's photos; several school jackets, book bags; and more!

St. Ambrose's archive includes: graduation class photos (1928-59, 1968-1990, 1998-2005); school picture albums (1984-85, 1987-88, 1991-92); school yearbooks (1980-81, 1990-2005); 15 albums - 4,800 photos (1993-2005); other photo albums: "Celebration for Fr. Marvin", "Parade of Stars" (1996), "Rockin' with the Stars Talent show" (2001); Spirit Day (1998, 2000), "Solid Gold Stars" (1998), talent show (2000); undated albums - 5 Tall, 7 short with 1700 photos; shoe box of miscellaneous - unsorted photos; slide show (1985-86); miscellaneous slide album (1972, '74, '83, '84); and more!

St. John Neumann's archive includes: school picture albums (2005-06, 2011-15); photos (2005-07); school yearbook (2010, 2013-15); "Neumann News" (2013-15); and more!
Grotto Garden Care by Alumni Volunteers
The Courtyard of the Grotto between St. John Neumann School and Dailey Hall has been maintained by an alumni volunteer since 2013. If anyone wishes to help out, please contact Bob Genthner at The work is primarily "weed control" by pulling and digging as no mulch or chemicals are allowed in this area. Donations of Annuals or Perennials are accepted in late May through the end of September for planting.
Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Support from Alumni Always Welcomed
Thank you to all the alumni who as parishioners support the remaining parish school, St. John Neumann, through their generous monthly School Support envelope and the strong support of the Knights of Columbus fundraising activities. The catholic school education provided is a very important urban ministry of the Peace of Christ parish. This school is the only city catholic school east of the Genesee River. It is not free to families like the city public school option but its affordability is increased through tuition assistance and scholarships offered to our scholars in need. More is always needed. The alumni of all of our schools can be a very important component through their contributions in recognition of their own catholic education and lifelong benefit.
Attention to ALL alumni, parishioners and non-parishioners, in Rochester or elsewhere -- this is a new tax year! As you plan your yearly donations to non-profits and being watchful of future developments in NYS Education Tax Credit opportunities, please keep in mind St. John Neumann School and its mission of providing a quality education to those who wish to attend but may not be financially able. Any help is greatly appreciated by the scholars of St. John Neumann School. Checks are payable to Peace of Christ Parish – SJN. A scholarship fund can be found on Go Fund Me at: .
Do You Have News or Wish to Contact the Alumni Association?
Visit for all the latest Alumni Association information, newsletters, photos, and contacts regarding the 4 elementary schools in the history Peace of Christ parish since 1914. The Alumni Association can be reached by email at: with news, questions, or concerns; by phone: message recorded at 585-288-5000 ext. 200. In writing mail to: Peace of Christ Parish, 25 Empire Blvd, Rochester, NY 14609.
The Alumni Association would very much like to stay in contact with all of our alumni. Would each of you, if you haven’t already done so, provide your present contact information (email address most appreciated) via the Registration Form found on our web page to either add or update your profile and improve our 11,000 graduate database back. The Association has developed this listing to aid class reunions and enable maintaining the valuable contact with our alumni.
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