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“I Am Sorry, We No Longer Accept Cash”

Ummm...excuse me? Perhaps there is some mistake and I had walked into the Chipotle next door. As I stood there trying to make a deposit, the bank teller notified me that as of February, Chase bank had a new policy that they would no longer accept cash deposits into someone else's account. Even a few weeks later, I am still trying to wrap my head around this concept. Banks….don’t...accept….cash?

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SnapCard Is Bringing 500 Bitcoin & Dogecoin POS Terminals To San Francisco

The adoption of digital currency by merchants in the world’s tech capital, is about to skyrocket! SnapCard, a digital currency payment processor company, has announced their #IntegrateSF campaign. They are going to be giving away 500 of their digital currency POS terminals away for free, to merchants around the bay area! 

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Blockstream: Their Allstar Team And SideChain Innovation

According to a SEC filing, tech venture capitalist and Linkedin co-founder, Reid Hoffman, is a new director for BlockStream. BlockStream is a sidechain development company and crypto-currency investment fund.

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Coinprism: The Android App For Coloredcoins

Coinprisms Android App is now available on Google Play. This Bitcoin 2.0 platform, based out of Ireland, has taken on the attitude of ‘less is more’. They're ploughing ahead with a clear vision of facilitating frictionless asset trading straight from mobile. 

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Airbitz: Bitcoin Wallets Made Easy

When Paul Puey, CEO and co-founder of Airbitz cruised his usual online financial haunts, he came across a blog by Cody Willard discussing the diversification of Willards portfolio into Bitcoin. Puey gave in to his curiosity and became engrossed by the new cutting edge technology.

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Counterparty Announces Their Non-Profit Foundation

Counterparty, the peer-to-peer financial platform, have been exceptionally busy this month. In a recent press release, 4th October 2014, they revealed their platform is powering over two-thirds of all Bitcoin and alt-coin 2.0 startups and “ICOs” (Initial Coin Offerings).

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Sfards Technology Ltd Brings Innovation And Investment To Mining

Sfards Technology Ltd is the new crypto currency mining operation created by Li Xiao Lai, angel investor and one of China’s most influential Bitcoin figures. A product of the Gridseed and WiiBox merger, Sfards received venture capital from the VC firm Matrix Partners China.

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CureCoin - The First Six Months

For those who may not be aware, CureCoin is one of the world’s first crypto-currencies that rewards volunteers for donating their idle§ personal computer time to Medical Research including: Pandemic Influenza, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.  Putting aside debates over CureCoin’s scalability, "centralization vs. decentralization", and "philanthropy vs. monetization".

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