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Counterparty Is Fast Becoming The Go To For Bitcoin Finance

With XCP recently breaking 10USD for the first time, and Counterparty's round of groundbreaking announcements, the platform and its growing stable of partners could well be the future cornerstone of Blockchain finance.

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The Power of the Distributed Network

The growth of knowledge is of such special importance because, while the material resources will always remain scarce and will have to be reserved for limited purposes, the uses of new knowledge (where we do not make them artificially scarce by patents of monopoly) are unrestricted. Knowledge, once achieved, becomes gratuitously available for the benefit of all.

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Silk Road: A Tried And Tested Tough On Crime Example

The combined efforts of international law enforcement groups, now known as “Operation Onymous”, involved shutting down 27 sites, and seizing 400 URLs, in 17 countries. The alleged proprietor of Silk Road 2.0, Blake Benthall, was targeted by Operation Onymous.

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The Big Debate: Andreas Antonopoulos On Wikipedia

So what does it take to be a credible candidate for a Wikipedia entry? Authors, speakers, celebrities and many more have their biographies posted for all to see. Technically, Andreas Antonopoulos qualifies on all these fronts. However, a big debate has erupted arround the Wiki for Mr. Antonopoulos, an inspiring and eloquently spoken bitcoin evangelist.

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Patrick Murck: The Future Of The Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation, started in 2012, has three stated goals. Standardize, Protect and Promote. Recently appointed Executive Director, Patrick Murck, outlined his goals for the foundation moving forward.

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What is MaidSafe: Simplifying Decentralization for the Masses

Maidsafe was originally conceptualized in 2002 by David Irvine. Irvine realized that implementing and administering small business servers was problematic and complex. In the search for a solution he deduced that rather than trying to make these servers easier to use, he could remove them altogether.

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One In Three Children Are Under The Poverty Line In This Developed Nation

According to a new report from UNICEF. Nearly one-third of US children are currently living in households with an income below 60 percent of the national median income for 2008: $31,000 per year.

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How P2P Is Changing All Things

Right now, we can experience a form of commercial relationship that was unknown just a decade ago. If you need a ride in a major city, you can pull up the smartphone app for Uber or Lyft and have a car arrive in minutes. It’s amazing to users because they get their first taste of what consumer service in taxis really feels like. It’s luxury at a reasonable price.

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