7th December 2016

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Bitcoin Double Spender

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Retailers looking to accept bitcoin face many challenges. While Point of Sale and Payment Service providers have become industry titans through simplifying the process, there are still risks that need to be considered.

An integral part of the retail payment process is the need for speed. While bitcoin transactions are considered almost instant, new transactions can’t be considered secure due to a lack of network confirmations.

Accepting instant bitcoin payments requires a merchant to accept zero confirmation transactions, which is a risky proposition due to double spending, where a devious customer can change a payment before a block is added to the blockchain.

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Bitcoin Overview

The BLX Average Price of The Week:  $761.85 USD,  +3.26%
€710.77 EUR  |  ¥5,257.38 CNY

High - Low
$783.37 - $733.72


Bitcoin opened the week at $735.11 USD and closed at $762.85 USD, up  +3.77%. Over the last 90 days Bitcoin has increased +21.20%, up $132.54 USD

BNC-BLX 90 day performance chart - 7th December 2016

Check out this weeks infographic for more bitcoin and blockchain stats.

Digital Asset Markets

Top 20 digital assets by 7 day percentage change


Dash (DASH) is a privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions has traded over 5.6M USD this week, down 13.36%.
  • DASH/USD: Opened the week at $8.9582,  closing at $8.7418, down 2.41%

  • DASH/BTC: Opened the week at Ƀ0.01140714,  closing at Ƀ0.01144016, up 0.28%

DASH 7 day performance chart

Adel, a technology incubator for blockchain innovation, has announced plans for a month-long ICO starting from March 1 2017. Adel will be built on the Nxt platform and Ardor, the next evolution of Nxt’s technology.
  • ARDR/BTC:  Opened the week at Ƀ0.01055396,  closing at Ƀ0.00939961,  down 10.93%.

ARDR 7 day performance chart

  • NXT/BTC:  Opened the week at Ƀ0.00000714,  closing at Ƀ0.00000763,  up 6.86%.
  • NXT/CNY:  Opened the week at ¥0.04316746,  closing at ¥0.03999233,  down 7.35%.

NXT 7 day performance chart

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