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The Imminent Decentralized Computing Revolution

A mega-trend is brewing that could make bureaucratic hierarchies, middlemen and gatekeepers everywhere obsolete including social networks, banks, stock exchanges, electronic voting systems and even governments. It’s called decentralized computing, and it could fundamentally transform the way we connect to and exchange value on the Internet.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

I Am A Bitcoin Bull. And That's Not Changing

I had lunch with a good friend of mine over the weekend. He is a well respected entrepreneur and has been an informal mentor to me over the past couple of years. He was actually the first person I ever told about my idea of building a Bitcoin investment fund and I often go to him for advice on management, growth, and the general stresses of entrepreneurship.

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Connecting The Dots: How Bitcoin Is Reinventing Wall St

“ and bitSIM are proud to announce a partnership to create a platform for listing and trading assets on Counterparty. BitSIM will enable anyone with a mobile phone to securely own digital assets. This will streamline access and gives users complete control. will provide the basis for liquidity, enabling providers to list their assets on a secondary market rather than a centralized registry. Details of the first instrument to be listed for sale will be released in the following weeks.” - Jeremy Lam,

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New York’s Bitcoin Regulations May Not Kill Startups After All

New York’s bitcoin regulations may not be as onerous as many have feared. In a speech at Cardozo Law School in New York on Tuesday night, Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of financial services for the state of New York, said that the state will not require digital-currency software developers to have a license, as it had previously proposed.

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Source: Wired

Storj Applies Bitcoin To Real World Problems

It’s no secret that the last few years have been a headache for the security and privacy of web users. Enormous file hosting sites like Megaupload have been shut down. There have been the revelations that government organizations like the NSA have the ability to monitor any user’s Internet activity, and are able to access any files or data that have been put on seemingly “secure” cloud storage hosts. 

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Roger Ver's New

"My intention is NOT to inspire vigilante justice. My intent is to provide additional motivation to private individuals [and] to provide law enforcement with the evidence they need in order to catch real criminals. For those who understand the site and the way it works, I don’t think it should be controversial at all. Who could possibly be opposed to real criminals being caught and punished?" - Roger Ver

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The Unrevised Floor Transcript, Canadian Committee on Banking, Andreas Antonopoulos

October 8th 2014. Andreas Antonopoulos, "The Guru of Bitcoin" Addressed the Canadian Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. obtained a pre release of the unrevised floor transcript for the meeting from the Parliament of Canada. Published with the consent of Mr. Antonopoulos. For those that haven't seen the video, please watch it. Antonopoulos answer questions with clarity and a deftness not often seen in the world of Bitcoin. He brings questions round in a way that highlights Bitcoins pros, while addressing the cons presented by senators.

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BitFlyer Bitcoin Exchange Gets $236,000 to Expand Overseas

BitFlyer Inc., a Japanese bitcoin exchange, raised 25 million yen ($236,000) from New York-based Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. to fund its overseas expansion. The Tokyo-based exchange, which opened in April, plans to begin offerings abroad by the end of the year, according to its founder and chief executive officer Yuzo Kano. BitFlyer allows anyone with a Japanese bank account to buy and sell the coins, Japan’s first such service since Mt. Gox collapsed in February.

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Source: Bloomberg

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