We are such wet blankets. Oh, and stop eating meat, driving and turn out your lights.
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We at TreeHugger have often been accused of being dour puritans who wear scratchy hemp and smell. Now we are advising people to take cold showers! Way to build an audience, Katherine.

And to our Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Not even mentioned: All the energy you save by not heating water. But as one commenter noted, "a huge pile of nope."

5 reasons why you should take cold showers
In many ways the Commons is the foundation of our society. How do we take back and renew this heritage? What examples already exist? How does all that we have learned about building a resilient, regenerative society apply today? More from Omega

If you've got these in the house, putting food on the table won't be as much of a chore.

9 pantry items that make cooking a lot easier

And along with the stuff in your pantry, 

Grow tiny gardens of nutritious micro-greens in your window with these kits

That's my 1950s light fixture with 21st century iphone controlled LED bulbs. It's amazing.

I converted my home to 100% LED lighting and you should too
It's not hard, but just takes some time, organization, and steady low heat. If you've got an oven, you can do it.

How to dry food at home

Cameron Sinclair tweets: "I feel like there should be a free banjo and stray dog with each purchase."

Why are so many tiny houses so cutesy and ugly and derivative?

It's as easy as falling off a roof, as the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy makes rooftop solar plug-and-play

Coming Soon: Cheap light rooftop solar you can install yourself.

From Red-lipped batfish to Blue Dragons, here are some of the craziest animals to walk (and swim) the planet

13 of the world's weirdest creatures

I have always wondered about this: what is the effect on animal life when we build all these divided highways that are impossible to cross? Now we know what it does to big cats.

Highway hinders puma genetic diversity

Oh Katherine just give the kid an iPad and get back to work.

It's hard work being a low-tech parent
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