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Spring 2016
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   FreedomHouse Ministries

                                                 Spring 2016  Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it sets people FREE!Winter
We Made the News--Sort of

Our friends at Dark To Light Productions featured The Coffee House:

"We like getting to know people; making relationships, investing in people, that’s really why we started the Coffee House. Being on Main Street we get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and what better place to do that than a tight-knit community like Hailey? We know this valley has a high suicide rate and deals with addiction, we want to help bring hope to people and so we opened as a non-profit; all of our profit is reinvested into this beautiful community. Come stop by and say hello!"

– Roy & Wendy Clark, Owners of The Coffee House

BIG Dreams and BIG Prayers for the Future
Just a couple of weeks ago something unexpected happened.  As we drove by The Coffee House on the way to church, we saw fire trucks and police cars around the back.  We later heard that the owner of the building had died in a fire in his house behind The Coffee House.

We were very sad because we had been getting to know him and had been praying for him, and he was not responsive to the Gospel.

We also began to wonder what his passing might mean for The Coffee House at its current location.    The children of the man who passed away, plan to sell the property after it goes through probate, which they anticipate may take about 6 months.  We have a 10-year lease, and even if the property is sold, the new owners would have to honor the lease.   But if the property is sold, we want to be the ones to buy it.

We don't have any money, but we know that money is really no big deal to God.  So we began to pray that God would provide the money to buy the business building and the property that the house behind it sits on (the house will have to be torn down.)  We have always had a vision of living upstairs or in the back of the business location.

Soon after we began to pray that God would provide a way for us to purchase this property, a woman who comes into The Coffee House regularly, told us that she owns the property that is behind this property and backs up to the next street.  She said that she would really like to sell it to us if we find a way to purchase the other property.

Okay.  So the prayer request just got bigger.  We would like to purchase the property from Main Street all the way to 1st Street.  We are beginning a building fund and will put into it any money that God directs that way. 

Please pray.  We are looking for people who aren't afraid to pray and trust God for BIG things.  I'm reminded of what one of Roy's friends said once long ago.  What's the difference between 2100 and 210,000 and 210,000,000?  Just a few zeros. 

Praying for the zeroes to be multiplied.


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more
than all we ask or imagine,
according to his power that is at work within us,

to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations, for ever and ever!

Ephesians 3:20-21 (NIV)
What a Treat
Roy has been hired to work part time at the airport. After training, he will have some nice flight benefits that will allow us to fly and see Heather in Chicago as well as flying her home and getting to fly to California and other places.

We are very excited and thankful for this opportunity.  Right now it looks like his hours will mostly be when The Coffee House is closed, but we may need to hire someone to help cover some of his coffee house hours.  We are also in need of someone to work some hours on Saturdays so that we can attend some events around town.

Please pray that God will send the right person or people our way.
The House



On February 6, we launched our new Saturday-night service which we call "The House" and refer to as "casual church."

The House meets at The Coffee House location at 6 PM, and our service consists of worship music, weekly communion, and Bible-based discussion, accompanied by great coffee and home-baked treats.  Sometimes we watch excerpts from sermons that we enjoy.

Our plan is to make sure that we always clearly explain why it is that we do what we do and that we create an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance, and welcome while extending grace to everyone that we meet.  

In this valley we have encountered many people who have little to no understanding of grace. They haven't experienced it, and they do not extend it to others. Many people live under the shadow of shame, guilt, and condemnation. And unfortunately, this problem applies not to unbelievers alone, but also to many professed followers of Jesus Christ.  If you get labeled here, watch out.  You might not ever be able to get a fresh start.  

With all of this in mind, we have focused our discussions on grace: What is grace? How has God extended it to us, and how does He continue to extend it to us? How can we extend it to others?  Satan seeks to corrupt and distort everything of God. In what ways have we fallen into accepting a corrupted or distorted version of grace? What words do we speak that reveal what we really believe about grace?

Through discussions like these we hope to begin to bring clarity and understanding to the Biblical teaching of grace and how God has extended grace to us through the person of Jesus Christ.  We believe that the Gospel is truly GOOD NEWS and that in it is found the power to be set free, to live full and abundant lives, and to freely extend grace and mercy to others.  

We want to be a place where those who want to know Jesus but feel like they have flunked out of church or have felt like outsiders looking in through the windows of a church they didn't really understand, will feel welcome and at home and free to learn, grow, explore, and ask questions for as long as they need to in order come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

We also want to challenge followers of Jesus to fully embrace the Gospel and learn to live it out and speak it into the lives of everyone they meet. We want to choose to be Kingdom people rather than religious people or church goers.  We want to see the Gospel as truly good news for all people.

So far we have had unpredictable, up-and-down attendance.  On our highest week we had 15, and on our lowest week, only those who were serving came. We have no idea from week to week who will come or how many to expect.  Still, each week has been powerful and good in different ways.  

We are beginning to see a few people begin to become "regulars" and a few others have said they plan to in the future.  We are willing to wait on God and His plan in His way and His timing.

Please continue to pray for us on Saturday evenings. Pray for those whom God is already stirring to come and for those who will come later. Pray for us to have wisdom and insight and we plan and prepare and pray and enlist help.  Pray for God's hand to be on each and every service and for the Holy Spirit to move freely among the people.  Pray for evil to be kept away and for many to come to Jesus and to experience God's grace.

Hannah at School
This is Hannah's class.  They went hiking for PE one day. 
Hannah is 2nd from the right.
Our PE classes never looked like this.
 Hannah's school year will soon come to an end.  Her class will soon be going to "The City of Rocks" to camp for a few days.  They will be hiking and studying rocks and plants.  Please pray that they have a fun and safe trip.                                         


Heather's Trip to the Philippines

Over spring break Heather went on a mission trip with Moody Bible Institute to the Philippines. Moody took a team of students to Manila for two weeks.  During that time, they partnered with the Christian Light Foundation ( and Samaritana Transformation Ministries (  

Within the framework of these ministries, the students helped to run a VBS, lead in-home Bible studies, distribute vitamins and milk in squatter communities, and plan a retreat for the women of Samaritana--all for the larger purpose of reaching out to the people of Manila with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the great things about this trip is that, though it may seem like a short time to make a lasting impact, Moody has been taking teams for the past twelve years and has been building relationships with the people who lead these two ministries and the people they minister to.  

Thank you to all of you who supported Heather both financially and through prayer.  It was a very powerful experience for her and her team.  



*We are thankful to all of you who continue to support us.  You are a big encouragement to us, and we never take you for granted. We feel a big responsibility to be faithful with every cent you have donated. We want to use the money you give to sow seeds for God's Kingdom.

*We are thankful that Heather was able to fly to California to join Wendy and Haley for the Convergepacwest Women's Conference in Monterey at the end of January.

*We are thankful that, though Wendy and Haley had car trouble on the way back from Monterey, it happened close to Benica, they were able to stay with friends while the car was repaired, the repairs were less expensive than predicted, they drove safely home, and they had dry, snow-free roads both directions.

*We are excited about Saturday night church service and the different people who have already attended.  We enjoy the casual and intimate setting and are making the most of this season.

*We are thankful for our new rental house, the proximity to town, the ease with which Hannah has moved into riding the bus home from school most days, and that she will be able to attend 6th grade at her current school.

*We are thankful that The Coffee House continues to attract new customers and many regulars and that business continues to grow.  Our plan is for it to be totally self-supporting so that all ministry donations can go to caring generously for needs in the valley.

*We are thankful for Roy's new job at the airport.  We are looking forward to some of the benefits that go with the job.

*We are thankful for the money that many have donated to help Heather pay for school.  She's almost finished paying for this semester--about $1,000 to go.


                          Prayer Needs 

*Heather still owes money for the spring semester at Moody.  She will not be able to enroll for classes in the fall until she has finished paying for this semester.  Pray that God will provide all the money that she needs--soon--and that she will be able to get into the classes that she needs for the fall.

*Pray that God continues to meet our needs as we move forward and that we won't be fearful but able to trust God daily to meet our needs.  Pray against the spirit of fear.  We know that fear is not from God, but we hear Believers speak fear often in this valley, and many Believers have been immobilized by their fear and doubt.  Both are strong spiritual forces in this valley, so please pray against fear and doubt, and pray that we will recognize and reject them both.

*Pray that God will provide abundance so that we can contribute to the needs in this valley.  We want to generously step out to meet tangible needs and to bless people in this community.  We want to be known as people of grace and generosity.

*Pray that The Coffee House will continue to have favor in the community and that many will come and love it.  Pray that we will be excellent in all that we do.  Pray for us to have wisdom and to make good business decisions--to know what items to add to the menu or to drop off--to know the best practices for preparing and storing each item.  There are lots of areas where we need wisdom.

*Pray that God would provide the money and way for us to purchase the property the business sits on, the property the house sits on, and the property that goes behind it to the next street.

*Pray for us as we continue to figure out reasonable schedules and hiring new people to help.  We all need times of rest and time to do things around the house.  We want everyone we hire to be interested in the ministry aspect of what we are doing as well as being good employees--cheerful, teachable, team players.

*Pray that we will have wisdom and insight into the next steps we should take in building a ministry.  We are working on the best and clearest way to communicate the vision and looking for the people God has prepared to come alongside and partner with us.  Pray that we will have wisdom and insight into planning and preparing for Saturday evening services. 

*Pray that we will be able to stay in this rental house for at least a couple of years.  Moving is disruptive and a big time waster, and we want to focus on other things.

*Pray for our Saturday night services.  Pray for the people who will come to have tender and receptive hearts.  Pray for us to boldly and clearly communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray for many people in the valley to come to know Jesus this year.

Specific On-Going Financial Needs:

*We need $1,300 a month rent (for our house) plus utilities and living expenses (like food, gas, and insurance, and especially heat).  Most of these expenses are pretty low here in Idaho compared to California.

*We need $1,200 a month rent for The Coffee House location plus utilities.

*Heather needs about $8,000 for each semester at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  She will be a junior next fall.

*Hannah needs $32 a month to rent her violin.

*Hannah's school lunch is provided by the Wood River Sustainability Center. They make hot lunches from scratch and use local and organic produce.  They serve things like homemade soups, salads, and bread. Since it is such good food, we decided to go ahead and have Hannah purchases her lunch for $3.50 a day. We are also happy to help support the Sustainability center.  So we need $3.50 a day for each school day for Hannah's lunches except for days that she chooses to take her own lunch.

Specific One-Time Needs:

*We have all been seeing a dentist and having some things done to our teeth.  The dentist generously allowed us to make payments.  Pay for the money each month to pay this bill.

*Roy has a medical need that must be addressed in a timely matter, which is also in the $2000 range.  Pray for wisdom and provision and protection and healing.

* We would like to purchase a small sound system to use for our services and live music at The Coffee House.  We need a small sound board, speakers, microphones with stands, cords, a monitor or two, and music stands.

*We are still looking for something large and Idaho-like to put outside of The Coffee House to attract people to come and take pictures.  (This is something that tourists do around here, especially in the summer months.)  Please pray for a great idea and a great deal.  Let us know if you think of something.  We would really like a giant cup and saucer to sit in and print our logo on the outside.  Does anyone have an idea of where we could purchase one or someone who can make us one?

*God has been providing money at the right time so that we have been able to get some great deals. Pray for the things we have yet to buy and the things that will need to be replaced or upgraded, the money, the timing, and the wisdom to choose wisely. 

General Prayer Requests: 

Guidance, clarity, wisdom
Provision to take the next step every day
Finances (whether through donations or work)
People to come and minister with us
Preparation and softening of people to minister to
Insight into the community, its needs, and how to step out to minister to them
Favor within the community
Encouragement, protection, power

Thank you so much to all of you who have been faithful to PRAY. We know that it is so easy to forget about those you don't see.  We are being careful to remember and pray for every ministry that has touched our lives. Please continue to pray for us.  It's the most important thing you can do for us. 

We don't ever ask anyone for money because we believe that God is big enough to stir anyone, anywhere, at any time to give to us to help meet our needs.  We have seen God do this time and time again, and trusting God in this way is a big adventure and a whole lot of fun. 

Thank you to those of you who have felt stirred and have responded to that stirring.  You are sowing seeds alongside us, and we are praying for you and the plans God has for you.


FreedomHouse Ministries is located in the Wood River Valley of Southern Idaho. The Wood River Valley is made up (in part) of the towns of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley.

Hailey, Idaho is the town where our coffee house is located. It is called simply "The Coffee House--a Gathering Place" and is the central hub of our ministry in and to the surrounding communities.


FreedomHouse Ministries is a faith journey for the Clark family: Roy and Wendy (Back Row), Haley and Heather (Middle Row), and Hannah (front).

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