AfroLatina Portrait Project
Issue 1

The Earth Warrior

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stephanie | prospect park | brooklyn, ny | 2016.

Welcome to the AfroLatina Portrait Project Newsletter

I cannot thank you enough for your interest in being part of what has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I have always wanted to flip through the pages of someone else's book of portraits and see all of our beautiful, powerful, black + brown faces staring back at me; i've thought about how it would fill me up to watch my future, unborn daughters flip through this imaginary book of womyn who could each be her cousin or sister or aunt; i've wondered and lost hope along the way and now i feel inspired once more to make this dream come true for myself, together with you; to fill the void + to tell our untold stories. I hope you will be part of this document + legacy. Welcome to the AfroLatina Portrait Project Newsletter.
AfroLatina Portrait Project
This forthcoming series of portraits + interviews (project name tbd) aims to catalogue how we (as self-identifying AfroLatinas) speak to/honor/dismiss/deal with the memory and existence of our African ancestry. It is an honest testament of who we are and how we are in conversation with that person. I am interested in our relationship to our own blackness and what growing up as Latina has taught us (or UNtaught us) about the African(ness) of our identity. 

The portraits (which will be created in both digital and instant formats) will be paired with interviews, where I will ask the participants questions about their identity, their Afrocentric traditions and our hopes for future generations of AfroLatinas before us, beyond us. The final goal is to produce a catalogue of 100 portraits and interviews of AfroLatinas in New York City for a published book. I expect this to be a journey of several years + look forward to sharing this process, time and energy with you all.

Next Steps
I am so humbled and overwhelmed by the response to this project. Over 100 womyn have applied to be included in the work. You are each part of a beautiful, expansive community I wish to bring together through this project. What a powerful reminder of the urgency of this work. Thank you for validating that in me.

At this time, I am assembling a project team to assist me with the production of this expansive vision + project. Together, my team and I will review each submission and share next steps through this newsletter platform. Our vision is to meet you all through a series of group conversations where I will share my vision and also listen to your thoughts on the themes of this project. Stay tuned to more news about these upcoming salons and introductions to my new team. Thank you.

With overflowing love + gratitude,
The Earth Warrior
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