University of California

UC ushers in a new era in astronomy

UC Santa Cruz

A small team of UC Santa Cruz astronomers were the first to observe the light from the violent merger of two neutron stars. The phenomenon, anticipated by Einstein, has implications for everything from fundamental physics and cosmology to the origins of gold and other heavy elements.

Hanging ten (decades)

UC San Diego

Legendary oceanographer Walter Munk turned 100 this week. Among his claims to fame: creating the surf forecast that lets surfers all over the world anticipate the perfect wave.

Sex, power and the systems that enable men like Harvey Weinstein

UC Berkeley

What does the research say when it comes to high-profile predators? It confirms an age-old maxim, Dacher Keltner finds: Power corrupts.

Hardcore smokers are softening over time


Even smokers with high psychological distress are smoking less and trying to quit more, as the overall level of smoking has decreased, says Margarete Kulik, the study's lead author.

‘Get Out’-inspired class gets students to dig into portrayals of race and fear


Jordan Peele stops by lecturer Tananarive Due's course on how depictions of blackness have shaped real-life prejudice.

Drones with a mind of their own

UC Riverside

The buzzing bots above your head may soon be able to conduct reconnaissance missions without direct human control.

Believe it or not, commuting will get better — a few decades from now
San Francisco Chronicle
Hailable, autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing services like Lyft will eventually transform commuting, says UC Davis transportation expert Daniel Sperling.
Will Northern California soon have Southern California's climate?
The Atlantic
If greenhouse-gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, it will be equivalent to a shift in latitude for Northern California, says UCLA's Alex Hall.
Koi fish among animals rescued from California wildfires by UC Davis vets
CBS Sacramento
Among the heroes on the frontlines, UC Davis vets saved as many animals as possible, taking in 10 horses, two llamas, at least 19 cats with severe burns, and 30 koi. 
Sleep scientist warns against walking through life 'in an underslept state'
Every disease that is killing people in developed nations has significant links to a lack of sleep, says UC Berkeley sleep scientist Matthew Walker.