Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat

UC San Diego

We love to lavish our kids with encouragement — but parents might find themselves facing unintended consequences doing so, a new study finds.

Alice Waters on free speech and the making of a counterculture cook

UC Berkeley

In a new memoir, the celebrated chef offers an intimate account of her life, including her student activism during the heyday of the Free Speech Movement.

Rise of the (cute) machines

UC Santa Cruz

Whether you like them or not, they're here to stay — so we might as well make them useful (or even adorable).

Manganese poses a danger to drinking water

UC Riverside

While arsenic is the subject of careful monitoring, manganese is toxic, too — and creeps into water at shallower levels.

He put five kids through college. Now it's his turn.

UC Santa Barbara

Once Ruben Maldonado saw the writing on the wall at General Motors, he knew it was time for a change — so he followed his son to the Santa Barbara campus.

UC claims top spots in US News and World Report rankings

UC Newsroom

UCLA and Berkeley shared the honor of top public university in the country and five UC campuses were in the top 10. Merced came out on top for its strong financial aid program.

UC cancer centers align to boost research into deadly disease
The Mercury News
For the 176,000 Californians diagnosed with cancer this year, the announcement that UC's five academic cancer centers are forming an alliance to stem the disease can't come soon enough.
Squid ink may become the secret to a better smile
New York Daily News
The blue-black pigment cephalopods squirt is being used by scientists at the University of California, San Diego as a non-invasive way to test for bum gums.
Scientists: Future of oldest tree species on earth in peril
Associated Press
The bristlecone pine tree, famous for its wind-beaten, gnarly limbs and having the longest lifespan on Earth, is losing a race against climate change, UC Davis researchers say.
DACA holders urged to act quickly on permit renewals
UC Newsroom
UC's DACA holders can get legal help and grants to cover the cost of their renewal applications, UC leaders announced, but they must act fast to meet the Oct. 5 deadline.