Featured Project: Bathroom Renovations, Choosing Insulation, Team Spotlight: Rachel Burton, 2015 "Best of Houzz" Winner, Support MUSC Children's Hospital
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February Issue

Featured Projects

Bathroom Renovations in Charleston

Every bathroom renovation project is different, but we strive to apply the same philosophy of collaborative work to all our projects. We start by placing special emphasis on building the team as early as possible so that we can be sure that each team member will be a good fit for the project and will play an integral role in helping the homeowner achieve their goals.

The next thing we do is to work with our clients to select all the materials—including countertops, hardwoods, tiles, and paint colors—to be used in the bathroom renovation. While some custom home builders take a “figure it out in the field” approach, we like deciding on these materials early so that we can fully develop plans and provide specs before we ever begin construction. This helps us eliminate as many errors in the field as possible, minimizing the amount of “rework” that needs to be done to achieve the end result and allowing us to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.

Another step that is very important to us is figuring out how everything will fit together in the big picture, rather than just looking at individual elements of the bathroom. For example, if a client asks us to install wall-mounted faucets, we will need to determine the height of the cabinetry, the height of the sink bowl, and the thickness of the countertops prior to roughing in the water lines, or else risk having client displeasure with the height of the filler. If a client asks us to add new bathroom cabinets, we’ll also have to think about the electrical rough, in addition to the dimensions of the new cabinets, to ensure that all lighting needs are met (we may need to add sconces to illuminate a medicine cabinet, for instance). These are the kinds of things that can’t just be figured out in the field, but require careful planning and close collaboration with all team members.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sea Island Builders bathroom renovation process and other projects that we’ve worked on, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always enjoy helping clients transform their homes.
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Support MUSC Children's Hospital:
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Sea Island Builders is proud to be teaming up with MUSC Children’s Hospital to raise funds to enhance the health of children throughout South Carolina.

We’re starting off our partnership by making an outright $1,200 donation as a sponsor of 103.5 WEZL and Y102.5 Miracle Maker campaign.

And for the month of February, we’ll donate $1 to the MUSC Children’s Hospital for every new Facebook ‘like’ we receive. It just takes a minute to help us make a difference for children: Visit our blog for full details of the campaign.
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Sea Island Builders Receives
'Best of Houzz' 2015 Award

Sea Island Builders is proud to have been awarded “Best of Houzz” for Design & Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.

We were chosen by the more than 25 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 500,000 active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.
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Team Spotlight:
Rachel Burton

Architect Rachel Burton has been working with Sea Island Builders for the past decade, first with Herlong and Associates and now with her own firm, Swallowtail, but she never thought she would be designing buildings when she was growing up.

Rachel’s first love was landscape architecture, but she didn’t exactly have what you would call a green thumb. After countless plant fatalities, she had a “eureka” moment at the age of 17 when she realized that she could simply “drop the ‘Landscape’ part, to just be an Architect.”

She’s moved around a lot in her life – Africa, Jamaica, England, and Canada – but finally settled in South Carolina when her husband got a job here in 2001, and doesn’t have any plans to go anywhere else. Surprisingly, she says that designing buildings is very similar no matter where you are in the world. Despite the fact that she had to protect against the extreme cold in Canada and now in South Carolina is forced to think about heat and hurricanes, the design principles are the same – “Keep out extreme temperatures and design for sideways wind!”

Still, she does think there is a unique solution for every single site and type of building. As someone who’s worked on a casino, a city hall, and all kinds of high-end residences in varied geographical settings, we’re inclined to believe her. She certainly finds unique design elements to put into every home she creates for us!
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What You Need to Know about Choosing Insulation

When most people are looking into home insulation, they just have to think about heating and cooling. But this isn’t true for coastal areas like Sullivan’s Island where there’s a lot of humidity and moisture in the air. If too much moisture invades your house, it can cause wood to warp as well as a variety of other problems. That’s just one big reason why Sea Island Builders always uses closed cell insulation for Sullivan’s Island homes on the first floor. If you want to protect hardwood floors and seal out moisture, there’s no better way to do it.

What Is Closed Cell Insulation?

Traditional building insulation is composed of fiberglass, but this material only reduces heat flow by about 35 percent. Closed cell insulation is a type of spray foam insulation – an alternative to fiberglass. Not only is foam far better at reducing heat flow, it also has better sound attenuation. There are two types of spray foam – open cell and closed cell. Open cell foam works well as a barrier against air and sound, but it’s sponge-like in appearance and isn’t recommended for use outdoors. Closed cell insulation, in comparison, is far denser and as such acts as a fantastic barrier against both air and water vapor as well as sound. A professional home builder can install closed cell insulation under your house’s first floor system to significantly reduce heat flow.

Why Use Closed Cell Insulation for Sullivan’s Island Homes?

We use closed cell insulation for Sullivan’s Island homes for a number of reasons. Read on to find out about each one.

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