Coronet Term 1 Newsletter 2016
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Welcome to Coronet!


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What a wonderful start to the new year! The Coronet students have arrived full of energy, enthusiasm and big smiles. This term we are focusing on building relationships and developing a culture for learning.  It has been a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to discussing your child's journey in Coronet.
Introducing the Coronet Learning Mentors from left to right. Mr Joe Bailey, Miss Alice Irvine, Miss Roanna Dockerty, Ms Rachel Taylor and Mrs Candice Buchanan.
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Students showing full attention. 
Students tidying a space after using it.
Culture for Learning - The first term will primarily be about establishing routines to ensure our habitat runs smoothly. Our students need to understand what is expected of them and why routines are so important for their learning as well as others. 

We would appreciate your support to hear students read during the day so please contact us if you can help.

Learning - This term we are learning about each other through exploring statistics, using the green screen and a variety of art activities. The students have been learning about how to give full attention whilst sharing poems and stories. We have begun to explore and define our habitat through using a space for a purpose such as baking, working in a group or reading silently in a quiet spot. See the Coronet blog for more details!

Learning Links - Your child will soon receive their reading book which will give you an idea of their stage of reading. Your child will be expected to practice this book occasionally but more importantly they should be reading for enjoyment. This can include a library book or any type of reading you would like to share with them. Your child's green book bag will soon start to go home every night. Please check it daily. In time, there will also be a set of a mathematical knowledge cards to support their learning goals. If there is nothing in the bag or it does not come home, you can support your child by using our Shotover Links Into Learning page or just spend time doing things you enjoy together!

Shotover Links Into Learning

Sensible Footwear and Hats - Please ensure your child has sensible footwear this term for fitness and PE.  The field is a little harsh on their feet at the moment and we use the courts too.

Your child must bring their hat to school everyday and we would like them to take responsibility of this routine. We have a no hat, no play in the sun policy as we want to ensure students do not get sunburnt. Please remind them each morning as this affects their enjoyment of the day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We would prefer a face-to-face conversation either before or after school, but you can contact us through email too.

We look forward to seeing you.

Joe, Alice, Roanna, Rachel and Candice