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Don't miss Jan Jacob Stam - LAST NOTICE OF EVENT

In case you have missed the notice about this exciting event. 
We are very proud to be inviting Jan Jacob Stam to London on 11-12th March to run his new workshop ‘Working with the Emergent Future & Systemic Constellations’.
Jan Jacob is the Author of ‘Fields of Connection’ and founder of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute, working in the field of organisational and family constellations for over ten years.
Whether you use the systemic constellation approach in personal and family work, or in organisations and coaching, this is a rare opportunity to experience such an inspirational and innovative trainer working with an important subject that affects us all – finding our place in the emergent future.
How do we make space for the future in ourselves and our work? How do we remain open to the unknown and open to what ever may emerge? We have found a good place for the past in this work…. But the future? What of this?
Come and explore with us this challenging and interesting topic.
Jan Jacob on the Emergent Future

At the seminar we will explore where the two movements – our planned future and the emerging future – meet.  It is an interesting question!
Sometimes I like to play with the emerging future. For example, during a skiing holiday, as I ski down a slope, I imagine that the landscape is coming up towards me, instead of me going down into it. And immediately my whole posture changes: the quality of the skiing, the turns and curves, improve dramatically. It is as if the decisions are made for me instead of me doing the decision-making. My body gets less tense and a big grin appears on my face. But it’s also easy to ‘lapse back’ in the mode where I plan the future.
This happens in my work as well – when I have a task to complete that has begun to feel like a burden, and I start procrastinating, if I switch to the ‘welcoming the emerging future’-mode, the same job is light and easy.
So how can we position ourselves in these two movements of future? And how may we use systemic work and constellations to knowingly support both movements?
In my country there is a lot of talk about Transitions, for example, a transition to a more sustainable society. For me this is strange. In my mind transition is a process with an unknown outcome. If you open up to the emerging future this means that you do not know where you will end. When you open up to Spirit-mind, you cannot know what will happen. To me it seems that when we talk about transitioning to a more sustainable society this is, in a way, a planned future. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t call it a transition. 
How can we make space for the future, the unknown, in the field without trying to heal, or pre-determine, or influence it? And what are the qualities we need to find in ourselves in order to bare what the future may hold – with all its potential for wonder and horror, transcendence and demise?
And I am wondering – if we truly made space for the future – would there be any purpose to the work?
To change the future we must contribute new thoughts and feelings, fresh behaviours and novel perspectives, for we are partners with life, not victims of it, shaping the elements that form our every day.
Everything has its place and it is our task to discover ours – the place where life flows, where we live in in accord with the universal design.
There is no either/or or right and wrong – just an endless arrival into connection with universal will – out of which we have all come.
Our future freedom is perhaps born of an insightful present.”
Do join us if you can.
To find out more, to book and to watch Jan Jacob’s video on the subject, please click here. 
If you can only make one day, the fee is £180.
Full price is £349, there are some bursary places available.
CPD certificates available.
For more information or for help with your booking please don’t hesitate to contact:

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Warm wishes
Gaye, Ed and Chris (Directors) 

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