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Advanced Supervision in Systemic Constellations (Year 3) With Richard Wallstein, Gaye Donaldson & Chris Williams
The Centre for Systemic Constellations is delighted to offer a course that we believe will further understanding of the more subtle threads of systemic work whilst offering advanced-level support to all those who are wishing to develop their practice professionally.                                                                  
Richard Wallstein                   
This on-going, closed supervision group is available to all practitioners (who have completed the CSC Year 1 and Year 2 trainings or equivalent) as a form of continuing professional development.  The overall focus of the group will be on impeccability – supporting the practitioner to work with clarity and excellence, whilst illuminating any aspects of systemic work that participants may still find obscure.  For more information.                                

Richard Wallstein

Don't miss our international speakers!

We are delighted to be welcoming both Sneh Victoria Schnabel and Stephan Hausner to London.

Sneh Victoria Schnabel - Chaos, Trauma & Authentic Spirituality in Constellation Work
29-30 October 2016

During our two days together we will look at dis-order, the unruly, the chaotic. We will explore what happens when instead of turning away, we allow ourselves to welcome chaos, to use it as our teacher.  And if we dare to be taught in this way, then what opens?.  How do we see our deepest wounds through new eyes that allow a different way of healing to emerge?.  We will learn about trauma and its hold on our body and mind.  The journey of our days together will be a bit like canoeing on a river – we flow with what emerges, we may sometimes fall out of the canoe and have to learn how to climb back in, and by and by we learn how to enjoy the ride.  Sneh Victoria 

Stephan Hausner  - Working with Illness & Health in Constellation Work.
11-12 March 2017

In his book 'Even If It Costs Me My Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness' published in 2011, Stephan explores the impact of unconscious familial bonds and loyalties, and how these loyalties can influence and undermine our health.  His work shows that illness cannot be reduced to the personal phenomenon of the patient, and that the solution or healing for sick people may only unfold when their symptoms or illnesses are considered as embedded in a larger sometimes trans-generational context of the family.

And also an Advance Notice of the next Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations….. 

The next Foundation level course begins in January 2017. We are currently taking early bird price bookings (offer ends 30th September). This course is, to quote too many to mention, “life changing” so do join the group or let your friends who are interested in the work know. Further details can be found HERE 

CPD certificates available.
For more information or for help with your booking please don’t hesitate to contact:

Details about all our courses and workshops are on the CSC website:
Warm wishes
Gaye, Ed and Chris (Directors) 

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