Victor Davis Non-Profit Homes

At Home at Victor Davis Non-Profit Homes

Spring is Here

New beginnings. Welcome to our new website and our first newsletter.

VICTOR DAVIS GARDENING is hard at work building planters for the garden. Please feel free to sign up on the Facebook Group of talk to Tasha if you are interested in joining and lending a hand in growing a variety of plants from flowers to food.

Update: Tasha has been hard at work building planters and installing the weed barrier landscape fabric. Soil is being delivered FRIDAY MAY 27, 2022 in the late afternoon. Can you help with getting the soil in the planters and planting? Contact Tasha and let her know you can help.

Air Conditioner Installs

Warm weather is finally here!

Complete and sign the Installation/Removal form and hand into the office through the mail slot and we will do our best to install it on the date you request, during business hours.

Community Survey Results



City of Guelph By-Laws do not allow smoking in Childrens’ playgrounds and within 9 feet of the building and there is no smoking allowed in the common areas of the building. Do not throw cigarette butts off the balcony as this is hazardous to health and safety and respect the spaces in front of the main floor balconies by staying away from those areas.


Please check for building notices on our website or our Central Bulletin Board in the lobby.


Reminder to provide copies of insurance coverage for your vehicle/apartment to the office before they expire. Send by email to or drop a copy through the office mailbox slot.

Respect, Enjoy, Share

Please enjoy our outdoor spaces and remember that they are for everyone to share.

We recently collaborated with students at the University of Guelph who held a tenant consultation for input on survey questions and distributed a survey to all tenants on outdoor spaces.

Tenants are looking to enjoy a safe space with other tenants.

Please remember that other people are enjoying their balconies and do not appreciate noise.

Please do not leave personal items outside on the property including toys and furniture and ensure visitor parking spaces are left available for vehicles.

Any ideas on benches and picnic tables? We are looking at permanent fixtures and welcome your input. Send an email to

Please supervise children when outside to ensure that they are safe; clean up after your pets and keep them leashed and outside of the playground area when outside.

Tenant Use Bulletin Boards

There are bulletin boards in the Laundry room and Mailbox area for you to post something for everyone to see. Please feel free to do this. Include a date that you want the item removed and take it down when you no longer want it there.

Tenant Volunteers

If you are interested in helping run Tenant Coffee Hour in the Community Room, please contact

If you are interested in helping at Two Rivers with the veggie market, please contact Alisha at (519) 837-4248 or email her at

Tenant Meetings Are Back

First meeting was May 11, 2022 in the Community Room.

Thank you to the tenants who attended to share their ideas. Next meeting Wednesday June 8, 2022 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.