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BFJ Newsletter 7th June 2015

The One Big Thing

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
Pray this sharing finds you well & your families. We thank God for your prayers and support for our recent mission in May. The One thing that keeps us going!
We are also grateful for God’s protection for good weather throughout our travels with very little dramas. Save for one night, we were awakened by screams from our neighbours that a fire broke out and it was very close to us. Thank God I was still awake at about 1130pm and ran outside to wake up everyone at BFJ Mission House including my family. The fire was just 2 houses away but was quickly controlled by 2 fire trucks. However, the experience really shook us up, I was trembling for hours. We were reminded that night on God’s protection, the one big thing at times taken for granted.
Lately, a new bestselling book was also released titled: One Big Thing according to the author, “it is about finding out what you were born to do with your life and how to use it to revolutionize your business or ministry-and change the world.” He maintained that in this busy & cluttered world, it’s harder to take a stand today or accomplish our dreams due to the many forces distracting us. Phil Cooke adds, that in order to make things happen, you must focus on the one thing in your life that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. What is that One big thing in your life?
Similarly, God created us for a purpose or mission in our lives. Our calling is to listen to God and follow His will as Fr Michael Payyapilly preached last Friday. Spiritually, we are to be in tuned with the Holy Spirit, not to be afraid but overcome the fears that grip us away from the best version of ourselves. He used Abraham and Jacobs examples in Genesis 20:1-17 and 26:7-15 when both men lied to the king that their wives (who were very beautiful) were their sisters for fear of their lives. Only when these men told the truth & overcame their fears that they fulfilled their mission! If we want to know our mission?We are to look to Him and be radiantThis is the One Big Thing!

“God chose to introduce Himself to us in the first verse of Genesis as a Creator. And yet so few Christians really understand the power of creativity to influence the culture.” Clarity is a sign of intellectual energy.” Phil Cooke
Yours in Christ,
Mike,Ruby& BFJ Team
58 Lindsay Street
Perth Western Australia 6000
T 618 61621939
M 61438885748



Thank you Lord for sending more volunteer today to help us pack & load into the container. 

Big thanks to our new friends Timothy & Marilyn, to Ida and Derek, Chin Mei and our family. 

We still need more donations to fill this charity container. We need pre-owned blankets, towels, small appliances, used bikes and even old musical instruments. 
When Mike received the vision for Containers for Jesus CFJ, little did we expect it will reach 20 containers today. Praise God we have recovered container CFJ20 which was allocated for Kenya but due to shipping cost and custom taxes, we are still praying for shipping sponsors for this.

A big thank you to those who have donated earlier, we are still appealing for donations like pre-owned blankets, towels, used laptops, small table appliances, used air conditioners and kids’ clothes, toys, school supplies and musical instruments to start a music ministry and help us fill up both containers CFJ19 for Kenya and CFJ 20 for The Philippines. Please join us in praying for more help, as Scripture says, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Luke 10:12

Calling Volunteers

In connection with the above 2 containers, volunteers are welcome to join us pack this weekend and load them into the container.
When: 13 June 2015
Where: BFJ premise
What: packing and loading CFJ 20
Time: 10am till 3pm
Lunch: provided

As mentioned, these are for the homeless disaster victims and orphans in the Philippines and Kenya respectively. If you live overseas and would like to support this humble ministry for the poor, kindly message us to donate online.



Yesterday, we met our homeless brother and sister who have been sleeping at our office porch. Face to face we found out about their plight. Meet Timothy and Marilyn, who lost their home in a fire last month, so their 3 week old twin daughters were taken away from them and fostered out until their home is rebuilt.

If anyone out there knows them or would like to help our homeless brothers, please come forward and together let us extend a hand to our homeless brethren in this city, one soul at a time...

After all, what is the point telling them that Jesus loves them if we do not do anything to help change their circumstances?

What an irony, they came forward to help us pack to help the homeless in 3rd world countries while they themselves are homeless living in a first world country?

BFJ Mission May 2015
Last month's mission was once again focused on housing for the homeless and ensuring handover of dwellings to the typhoon victims. Praise God, 24 homes at Yolanda Village have been occupied and happy faces of homeless families, young and old were captured by our cameras as shown here.
The other objective was to visit new sites to build new homes and other dwellings under construction by other NGOs ranging from single dwellings to multiple units. We observed that the houses built at Yolanda Village were more descent in size and promoted more community spirit and camaraderie amongst the villagers or " Bayanihan spirit." Hence, we are encouraged to continue building based on this module at other land sites and hopefully increase the land allocation per home and much improved designs as well.

BFJ is also helping the village in completing its chapel with grilles around the periphery for better security and aesthetics. We hope to complete this in time for July mission.


Shoeboxes For Jesus 2015 Campaign

Campaign for this project will start after we return from BFJ's July mission. Please let us know if you would like to promote this at your youth group, parish or school and we can come to speak or send you flyers and more details on what are required for the shoeboxes.
Housing For Jesus Inauguration

Praise God for the completion of Phase 1 of BFJ Housing for Jesus.  We are pleased to share that the Archbishop of Cebu, the Bishop of Bogo and the Mayor of Bogo City will grace this occasion on the 15th July at 10am followed by blessings of the homes.

Refer to our invitation flyer for this event which has been sent out to all generous donors who might be free to attend this momentous event. Please let us know if you are interested to join this event plus our ongoing missions there.

Housing For Jesus Phase 2

With Phase 1 completed and more sites are offered to BFJ to build, we are encouraged to seek more donors to adopt a family and give a one time gift of a lifetime to the homeless. Please contact us if you are compelled to help us put a roof above the heads of one homeless family, not by their choice but due to natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. For as little as $2,500.00 fully tax exempt, you can hand the keys to one homeless family 3-6 months from now

You will receive a tax exempt receipt at $2500 per house, this has been extended till end June this year by World Relief Australia and we will be very grateful if you can donate via this link below:

World Relief Australia- Tax Exempt Donations (WRA)
Type in the Comments box:
For Emergency Housing- BFJ's Adopt a Family Appeal

View Housing For Jesus Timeline Here

Plant Sale

Spearheaded by the dynamic Laundy family who raised one house for the homeless in April through a Garage Sale, they will host this event once again at their lovely home at Ocean Reef.
Hence, we are looking forward to your support on this fundraiser. All plants, pots, potty mixes etc were donated and the goal is to raise one house for the homeless or $2.5k Hope to see you there! 

Date: Ongoing
Where: 45 Randell Crescent, Ocean Reef

Future Fundraising Events

The dates, times and venues for these planned events are to be confirmed, but stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and future newsletters for more information.

Dinner and Dance

Wine and Cheese Tasting Night

Movie Premiere and Screening

Jewellery Show
Prayer Requests
  • Pray that we will be empowered not to be afraid and search for the One Thing God wants us to do. Psalm 34:5
  • Please pray for the end of Christian persecution in North Iraq & the end of conflicts in the Gaza Strip, Syria & Sudan. Psalm 27:8
  • Praise point: ADOPT A FAMILY- touched by the plight of the homeless caused by super typhoon & earthquake, BFJ fundraised for 100 homes for Phase 1. Praise God for generous donors, they will hand the first set of keys over in July this year to their adopted families!. Proverbs 3:27
  • Please pray for the next 100 homes for Adopt A Family appeal and be one of God’s champions of His homeless victims of disasters. God promised to repay you much more if you help His poor children, it will be like lending to the Lord. Praise God, tax exempt status extended till mid-2015, refer to link below. Proverbs19:17                                                      
    World Relief Australia- For Emergency Housing- BFJ's Adopt a Family Appeal
  • Pray for ongoing Plant Sale Fundraiser- hosted by the dynamic Laundy family Proverbs 4:23
  • Pray for BFJ Bibles Drive- we are raising 10,000 copies for this year’s missions. Praise God we have reached 3,600 copies today! For only $2 a copy in Tagalog or Cebuano, you can give a radical gift that will last a lifetime for poor who can’t afford them. 2 Corinthians 9:6-9
  • Praise point for the success of BFJ’s 19th mission last month and for God provisions, protection and for sending more workers in the fields for Housing for Jesus interim inspection & handover. James 1:27
  • Please pray for this year’s fundraiser in support BFJ missions and look out for dates at our website: Such as the following: Movie Premier- July 2015, Wine & Cheese Night- Aug 2014 , Dinner Dance- Oct 2015 andChristmas Food Fair & Bazaar- Nov 2015
  • Please pray for Containers for Jesus CFJ20 (for Philippines) and pray for more donations to flow in specially school supplies, children’s clothes and toys, blankets and towels. The target date to load and ship is end-April 2015. 2 Corinthians9:13
  • Pray to recover container CFJ19 (for Kenya) praise God we have recovered CFJ19 after a few months and still need more donations to fill it up. We need school supplies, kid clothes, books and toys, blankets and household things. Matthew 10:8
  • Praise point for Shoeboxes for Jesus- last year’s successful drive reached our target to double Y2013 figure and we gave away 2000 SFJs last Christmas! Pray this year will double last year’s SFJs to bless a multitude of orphans and destitute children to allow them to attend schools. 2 Corinthians 9:7
  • Please pray for healing and complete restoration of our sick friends and loved ones including Denis, Amor, Mama Lolita, Wilson, Jacqui (Meng’s niece) and also for their protection & the many who are sick. Acts 4:9-10
  • Pray for volunteers: Enterprise for Jesus (EFJ) need your expertise to teach the poor to fish, instead of giving them the fish & send more expert workers in the field to uphold our livelihood programs. Proverbs 21:13
  • Let us pray for the total elimination of poverty and greed so our poor brethren can see the face of God in us. James 28:27
  • Pray for our daily empowerment to be true disciples to proclaim the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19
  • Pray that for daily reminders to love God above all. Deuteronomy 5:6
  • For all Christians to step up in faith and take a stand against legalisation of gay marriage, abortion pills, prostitution, euthanasia and matters that affect the faith of our children’s children. James 1:22
  • Please pray for ongoing Buckets for Jesus missions monthly in Perth and for more workers in the fields for overseas mission trips. Galatians 5:6
  • Please continue to pray for the faithful servants of God who serve Him day in & day out in the mission fields whom we have worked with like the Missionaries of God’s Love, The Ursuline Sisters, the Missionaries of the Poor, the Missionaries of Charity, the Holy Family Centre, Spanola Sisters, YWAM Cebu & around the world, The Little Sisters of the Poor in Perth, BFJ team in Perth and Philippines.
  • Continue to pray for CHAT (Christian Health Aid Team) dental missions in Vietnam to reach out to destitute and orphan children in the rural areas. Psalm3:27
  • Most of all, “Pray for the peace in Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6 Please send your help to: “Salvation is from the Jews.” John 4:22
Buckets For Jesus
58 Lindsay Street
Perth WA 6000

+618 6162 1939
0438 885 748

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