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Sunday Sharing 12th October 2014

Visions of the Storm

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
Welcome to this first edition of BFJ Newsletter lovingly put together our son, journalist Michael Soh, incorporating this sharing, updates and reports about Buckets for Jesus and its various ministries.
I pray this sharing finds you well and your family, friends and loved ones & people around us…especially at times when there are visions of the storms.
“IT IS I; DON’T BE AFRAID.” John 6:20
At times terrifying circumstances come into our lives, when for instance sickness strikes, a loss of a loved one or simply fearing the unknown when unexpected visions suddenly confront us. When the first disciples saw Jesus walking on the rough waters, our Lord allowed for the disciples’ momentary panic. But He was quick to reveal His identity by saying “It is I; don’t be afraid.”His presence is the antidote of terror! Jesus calms the storms whether externally or internally raging in our hearts. Whichever way we want it, peace can only come from God…when He is in the centre of our hearts, any visions of raging storms will vanish.
Are we not just like Peter who doubted and we sink like him a few times in the storms of life because we have little faith? While Peter probably learned one of the hardest lessons in life: never to doubt Jesus… we too ought to learn from him. The crises we face although our initial reaction is panic, yet Jesus maybe coming to us with a crisis that heals, strengthens, encourages of guides us powerfully. Our experiences may be the only means to develop us into His disciples which brings growth, faith, rest and peace. For in reality, they bear eternal fruit that our terrified eyes cannot see at first, because of visions of the storms in life.
Join me in reflecting what storms are we facing today? The bigger the storms in life, the harder we are to lean on Jesus and pray without ceasing. Most times we run to avoid them but to no avail…we ask for prayers but do we sincerely pray? Today’s Gospel in Mathew 22 reminds us that “many are called but few are chosen.” With the onset of so many world crises today, from Ebola outbreak in Africa, to terrorism threats of ISIS, natural disasters and ongoing wars, we are in times of great shakening! But whatever circumstances we face in life, we are to draw at the Authority that can calm the winds and waves, to walk supernaturally and we must reach the extremely difficult point where we hear His Voice alone and be chosen amongst many…then we will know what’s it like to walk in water as the visions of the storms evaporate!
I am deeply touched that the Lord lovingly placed special women in my walk of faith to help me weather the storms of life apart from my family. Two of them are humble & exceedingly generous, another 2 are go getters who get the job done, another one is an encourager, yet another is like a preacher and one is a leader, who simply likes to tell people what to do. There again, we also meet those who promise with lip service, who pull us down and suck the energy from our spirits.  But in each of the people God puts in our midst, we learn valuable lessons on the storms of life. Likewise, when we plan to go on mission trips, we try to study the characters of each missionary member and pray they will blend in, assign them tasks that suit their characters to complement one another to make the mission a success…turning visions of potential storms into blessings!
All About Friendship-
‘A Friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a difficult time. Proverbs 17:17
I am your sister in Christ,


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Spring Roll Drive A Success


Who would have known 300 boxes of spring rolls can turn into 3 houses for homeless disaster victims? Only God can do the impossible these way:
First- He touched the heart of my best friend Dr Gabrielle Ly & grateful as she holds the secret recipe of these yummy Vietnamese spring rolls & offered to do this unique fundraising drive.
Second- He touched dozens of my good friends Margaret, Flora, Lesley, Florence, Dr Gabriele Ly and family and all the volunteers who helped made it happen like Violet, Isabel, Kamila, Joanne,Sheryl, Joanna, Linda, Helen, the Amin family and many more to give their time for 3 Saturdays to make the spring rolls. Thank you all!
Third- He touched the heart of the Salatenna family to match dollar to dollar every box of spring roll sold! Thank you Romano and Linda! Bless you!
Fourth- He touched the heart of all those who bought a box or more to support this cause for His poor children specially the parishioners of Gosnells parish and Fr Patrick Lim's support with a total of 121 boxes! Thank you all!
Lastly-He supplied all the energy and strength for us to keep going despite we just returned from mission last week we managed to deliver them last weekend!
Lo and behold all 300 boxes were sold we have our miracle! 3 houses for the homeless, carefully orchestrated by no other than our Almighty God! Thank you Lord, all glory and praise to YOU!

Shoeboxes For Jesus On Track To Reach Target

700 SFJs Countdown to 25th Oct cut off date and shipping!

Thank for Lord for sending donations to bless the poorest of the poor. Please bless the volunteers like Flora, Lesley and son, Mark Amin and boys and Florence Liang and of course the Soh family!

Thank you also for 2 generous women who donated funds to buy more SFJs and feed the children on the day of distribution in Dec in Cebu and Manila.

Packing resumes on the 25th Oct and loading into CFJ16. Reminder to join us at Quiz Night on 18th Oct and support ETG's Youth conference and BFJ's homeless project.

  • Pray that we will be empowered to be bold to weather visions of the storms in our hearts. Luke 10:2
  • Please continue to pray especially to end Christian persecution in North Iraq, the end of conflicts in the Gaza Strip, Syria, Sudan. Psalm 27:8
  • Please continue to pray for appeal: ADOPT A FAMILY, for the plight of the homeless caused by super typhoon & earthquake, living in tents 10 months later. That many will support this cause to help repair homes and put a roof above the heads of our roofless suffering brethren. Praise God, we have raised 85 today, only 15 homes to go!Proverbs 3:27
  • Please pray for QUIZ NIGHT, on the 18th October – please pray for the success of this joint fundraiser with Respect Life office for ETG Embrace the Grace to help fund a youth conference and Adopt a Family for the homeless. Proverbs 19:17
  • Praise point for the success of BFJ’s Spring Roll Drive. Praise God for the Salatenna family and volunteers who helped make it happen and turned into a miracle which raised 3 Houses for Jesus to date. James 1:27
  • Please pray for more fundraisers and mark the dates as shown in our website:
  • Macaroon Drive- for November,  Wine & Cheese Nite22 Nov 2014 and Christmas Bazaar- 8th to 12th Dec 2014
  • Please pray for Containers for Jesus CFJ16 (Philippines) and CFJ17 (Kenya) pray for more donations & volunteers next week to load into the container all the packed boxes.Psalm 127
  • Please pray for BFJ’s next mission in November, for protection of missionaries, for housing construction to help disaster victims in Cebu, Ormoc and Tacloban. 2 Corinthians9:13
  • Praise point for tax exempt extended till end of 2014 status for Adopt a Family in place, through World Relief Australia and facilitate more family adoptions to our appeal to repair, rebuild and rehab one family at a time.1 John 3:17
  • World Relief Australia- For Emergency Housing- BFJ's Adopt a Family Appeal
  • Praise point & pray for BFJ’s new mission partners in North Cebu, Iloilo, Ormoc, Tacloban & Bohol and continue to pray for the victims & BFJ’s ongoing missions. Please continue to pray for the homeless living in tents to find permanent homes. And may we not forget their sufferings and do not get tired of helping them. Romans 4:17
  • Pray for Shoeboxes for Jesus- countdown to deadline 31st October and praise point for 500 SFJs done yesterday with volunteers, bless them Lord . Pray that we will double the1000 SFJs donated last year! And for more donations and volunteers next week target for shipping end Oct. 2 Corinthians 9:7
  • Please point for healing and complete restoration of our sick friends and loved ones including Ninongb Lourding, Nang Lyn, Jojo, Susan Hall, Rosana and Rita, Jacqui and continue to pray for healing for Denis, Amor, Mama Lolit, Wilson, Jacqui (Meng’s niece) and also for their protection & the many who are sick. Acts 4:9-10
  • Pray for friends living overseas, to respond to the call of the poor by donating online to help us defray shipping, provisions & travel costs for our missions and containers to bless the poorest of the poor to teach them to ‘fish instead of giving them the fish.’ Matthew 25:40
  • Please continue to pray for people of God who received Buckets for Jesus with Bibles and basic necessities at the last BFJ missions in North Cebu, Ormoc, Tacloban, Capiz and Bohol and for the restoration of these affected cities and to be closer to our Lord in His Word, be dependent on God for all their needs. Philemon 1:7
  • Pray for our ongoing Bazaar with A Mission in Perth & Davao to raise funds and for more pre-loved donations and more patrons to support this cause to help us defray cost for shipping, buy Bibles and provisions for mission trips. Matthew 10:8
  • Pray for more donations for the next Apostolic BFJ missions, for provision, Bibles & more workers in the fields next month & for more radical donations to disaster areas and for protection of casualty victims and their homes. To bless the volunteers and ministries who serve the poor. 2 Corinthians 9:6-9
  • Pray for BFJ devotional for our missions to be published and help BFJ spread the Word to the poor. Isaiah 55:11
  • Pray for new ministry: Enterprise for Jesus (EFJ) to teach the poor to fish, instead of giving them the fish & send more expert workers in the field to uphold our livelihood programs. Proverbs 21:13
  • Pray for Half Timers for Jesus (HFJ), to gather God’s labourers who are retired and journey from ‘success to significance’ to empower the less fortunate. Mark 14:38
  • Let us pray for total elimination of poverty and greed so our poor brethren can see the face of God in us. James 28:27
  • Pray for our empowerment to be true disciples to proclaim the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19
  • Pray that we will be reminded daily to love God above all. Deuteronomy 5:6
  • Pray that we focus on God, to please Him instead of be conscious of our calling to emulate Jesus and let Him fight our battles. 2 Chronicles 20:15
  • For all Christians to step up in faith and take a stand against legalisation of gay marriage, abortion pills, prostitution, euthanasia and matters that affect the faith of our children’s children. James 1:22
  • Please pray for ongoing Buckets for Jesus missions monthly in Perth and for more workers in the fields for overseas mission trips. Galatians 5:6
  • Please continue to pray for the faithful servants of God who serve Him day in & day out in the mission fields whom we have worked with like the Missionaries of God’s Love, The Ursuline Sisters, the Missionaries of the Poor, the Missionaries of Charity, the Holy Family Centre, Spanola Sisters, YWAM Cebu & around the world, The Little Sisters of the Poor in Perth, BFJ team in Perth and Philippines led by Rita, family & friends.
  • Continue to pray for CHAT (Christian Health Aid Team) dental missions in Vietnam to reach out to destitute and orphan children in the rural areas. Psalm3:27
  • Most of all, “Pray for the peace in Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6 Please send your help to: “Salvation is from the Jews.”John 4:22
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