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BFJ Newsletter 5th April 2015

Surviving or Thriving?

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,
A BLESSED EASTER TO ALL! Pray this sharing finds you well and your loved ones.
Praise God for the long Easter break giving us time to recoup from exhaustion of last week’s mission and spend time with our loved ones. Indeed, many of us work too hard these days, life simply goes by us and before we know it, we’re running out of time…weforgot how to enjoy life & our health deteriorate fast etc. The question therefore for us today is: are we merely surviving or thriving?
This is a paramount issue we face in this modern age where everything is moving so quickly, we are worried we’ll be left behind. Therefore we join the bandwagon of rat race, material pursuit and neglect what matters most in life…spending precious time with our families and loved ones, friends and certainly deeper fellowship with our CreatorLet us ask ourselves therefore, are we thriving or merely surviving today?
If these are not clear enough, join me in reflecting what it means to be surviving or thriving. This sharing was inspired by a blog from: Mike House forwarded by our dear friend, Romano. In the blog, he created a tabulation pasted below to compare the characteristics of a person who is merely surviving or the one who is thriving?

Danger or Survival Thrive and Adapt
Horde and overload Travel lightly
Fixed Mind Agile Mind
Needs to be right Can see many points of view
Indecisive Decisive
Procrastinates Takes action
Victim of circumstance Creates opportunity in adversity
Plays the blame game Responsible and accountable for what is in their control/influence
Stagnates Moves forward
Arrogant Confident
Flustered Calm
Succumbs to pressure and stress Has clear strategies to deal with pressure and stress
Unmotivated and lethargic Motivated and energetic
Fearful Courageous
Ineffectual Influential
Unaware of blind spots Asks questions to reveal blind spots
Sees barriers and constraints Sees possibilities
Focussed on short term Long view
Controlled by attitude Choose their attitude
Unhappy Joyful

[Table extracted from Mike House]

Join me in reflection which one are we based on the above table? Are we truly living our lives to the fullest for God’s glory or for ourselves? What can we do to live better and more joyful lives? On this special day of Easter season, let us reflect where is our priority and reorganise our lives to come to a point where we live it for God and not for ourselves anymore…afterall, its not about us, its about HIM! Only then will we stop surviving but actually start thriving!

Thank you for your prayers for our mission last month. We are pleased to share the interim inspection for Housing for Jesus prior to handover was fruitful, inspiring us to do more & strengthens our resolve to raise more homes for the homeless for Phase 2 of Adopt A Family with tax exempt extended till mid 2015. While most of us take our homes for granted, our homeless brothers are still waiting for us to respond to their call…and may we thrive, not just survive while helping the homeless.
‘Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song!’ St Pope John Paul 2

I am your sister in Christ,
Mike, Ruby & BFJ Team

Recent Mission Trip
This was a brief mission trip focused on Housing for Jesus (HFJ) interim inspections prior to Inaugural and blessings in a few months’ time. Although we have raised 100 HFJs, more can be done to the homeless. While on stopover in Singapore on the way to mission, prompted by the Holy Spirit who gave us a spirit of boldness, we testified on what God is doing in the mission fields and a few people were touched that they too adopted families. Praise God we received 6 HFJ being Part 2 of Adopt A Family.
Buckets For Jesus Base Talisay, Cebu

Last December, once again prompted by the Holy Spirit, we were led to a house in Talisay which has a warehouse and a little store all inside one compound! When we enquired, the owner was also touched by our missions for the poor, they decided to accept our offer which was nearly half of their expected rent! Finally, for the first time since BFJ started missions in the Philippines, we now have a Homebase to operate and expand our ministry for the poorest of the poor and lower our running costs by cutting on hotel bills.
Housing For Jesus, Bogo

Praise God Adopt A Family, raised 100 Housing for Jesus last year and Phase 1 will be ready for handover in a few weeks. Inauguration and blessing has been set for May, July and Sept this year. Phase 2 of Adopt A Family has been blessed with nearly 10 homes as of this month. You will receive a tax exempt receipt at $2500 per house, this has been extended till end June this year by World Relief Australia and we will be very grateful if you can donate via this link below:
World Relief Australia- Tax Exempt Donations (WRA)
Type in the Comments box:
For Emergency Housing- BFJ's Adopt a Family Appeal
Garage Sale

Praise God for the Laundy family who organised this fundraising event 2 years in a row now to help BFJ missions. May God send more donations, volunteers and patrons to make this a success. Kindly drop your donations before 6th April and tell you contacts about this event which will be on 11 April 7am till 6pm.
Containers For Jesus CFJ20
When Mike received the vision for Containers for Jesus CFJ, little did we expect it will reach 20 containers today. We are still praying to recover CFJ19 as the logistics company which hosted it went bust and we have to work with bank receivership to hopefully allow BFJ to take it back or ship away asap. We are still seeking donations like blankets, towels, used laptops, and kids’ clothes and toys. Kindly call us at tel 08 61621939
Housing For Jesus Inauguration

Refer to our invitation flyer for this event which has been sent out to all generous donors who might be free to attend this momentous event. Please let us know if you are interested to join this event plus our ongoing missions there.
Upcoming Charity Events
In our ongoing efforts to help the homeless, and reach out to the poorest of the poor, below are some of our plans to fundraise for BFJ Apostolic missions and HFJs.
April- Garage Sale
May- Containers for Jesus CFJ20
June-Shoeboxes for Jesus campaign starts /CFJ20
July – Mid Year mission/CFJ20 Arrival/HFJ Blessings- Part1
August – Dinner Dance
September – Housing for Jesus inauguration-Part2
October- Quiz Night and Drop Off for Shoeboxes For Jesus
November- Jewellery Show and Containers for Jesus CFJ21
December- Year end Mission-SFJ distribution
Thank you all for your prayers and support, our heartfelt gratitude to those who have joined our missions and partners in Christ in our pursuit to seek Him by helping the least of our brethren. May every blessings come upon your household, may your cup run over and overflow. Psalm 23:5
Buckets For Jesus New Perth Premises
As you might be aware, Buckets for Jesus had a new premise at 58 Lindsay St, Perth 6000. Telephone 0861621939 Unfortunately, we do not have much storage space unlike before. Hence, we will appreciate if you wish to donate, please can call to coordinate with CFJ20 arrival.

Buckets For Jesus
58 Lindsay Street
Perth WA 6000

+618 6162 1939
0438 885 748

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