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Wednesday, November 16th, 2022
Friday, November 18th ~ KABBALAT SHABBAT SERVICE
6:15 PM - ONEG SHABBAT Meet & Greet
7:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Led by Rabbi Cohen & Cantor Baruch
In Person & ONLINE

Saturday, November 19th

9:15 AM - Religious School
10:30 AM - Shabbat Morning Music & Meditation
with Cantor Baruch

11:00 AM -Torah Study with Rabbi Cohen

וּלְרִבְקָ֥ה אָ֖ח וּשְׁמ֣וֹ לָבָ֑ן
Now Rebekah had a brother whose name was Lavan.
-Genesis 24:29

In this week’s parashah, Chayei Sarah, Abraham instructs his servant Eliezer to go find a wife for his son, Isaac. Eliezer heads out for Haran, Abraham and Sarah’s old hometown. When he arrives, he immediately sees Rebekah by a well. Rebekah greets him and demonstrates her kindness by giving water to him and his camels. Eliezer responds by giving her precious jewellery as gifts and invites her to marry his master’s son.
As part of this love story, we are introduced a new character who is going to play an important role in the next few parashiyot: Lavan, the brother of Rebekah. Lavan sees his sister’s jewelry and runs out to greet the man who gave her these gifts. One senses that Lavan’s interest is less with the man and more with the stuff. This would be the story of Lavan’s life: the opportunity to exploit others for his personal gain. He saw profit rather than people. He epitomized greed. In a few weeks we will read how Isaac and Rebekah’s son, Jacob, came to marry Laban’s two daughters, Leah, and Rachel. Jacob works seven years for his beloved Rachel only to be wed to the older sister Leah. If he wants Rachel, he must work another seven years. In the end he works twenty years for his two wives and a share of Lavan’s flock. In this way, Lavan too becomes a progenitor of the people of Israel. But his example is much more negative than positive. In the end, Lavan is left alone with his flocks, his daughters and grandchildren all gone. He was left with what he loved the most, money and possessions. While the story of Israel is just beginning, we never hear from Lavan again.
When thinking about Lavan, I can’t help but recall Gordon Gekko, the character played by Michael Douglas in the 1987 movie, “Wall Street,” that gave us the great capitalist mantra, “Greed is good.” The original Wall Street movie came out during the Reagan era, poking fun at capitalism and the singular quest for money. Thirty-five years later, it is sadly still relevant. It may seem obvious that greed is not good. But we can ask, is it truly bad? Is there anything wrong with a desire for money? The Rabbis teach that within each of us is a yetzer tov and a yetzer ra – a good inclination and an evil inclination. While greed is firmly in the realm of the evil inclination, the Sages maintain that we human beings actually need our evil inclination. Because without it nobody would ever build a house, go to work, or have children. These are viewed as essentially greedy acts, essentially selfish undertakings.
We all need a certain measure of greed if it is what motivates us to go to work to provide for ourselves and our families. Prosperity is actually considered a blessing. But all things in context. Prosperity allows us to adequately provide for ourselves and our families, but it also allows us to generously fulfill the mitzvah of Tzedakah, using our prosperity to help others as well, and to support the key institutions of our community. The problem, therefore, with both Lavan and Gordon Gekko, is not just that they were greedy. Their greed turned to avarice. Their need for ever increasing wealth became an end in of itself, not a means to do good. Money and stuff became more important to them than people. In the end, such avarice would come to destroy them.



Rabbi Jordan Cohen
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BREAKFAST CLUB continues this Sunday, Nov 20th at 10:15 AM
Cost is $15 per person and our presenter is Broadcaster, Spiritual Director, Podcaster, Writer, Ralph Benmergui. Ralph's book in development is 'Stars In The Water'. This book explores the climate crisis as a spiritual crisis. Can we make this world sacred again? Can we look past your ego-system to a true ecosystem. What is the Jewish response? Ralph Benmergui is putting together a new book and he wants to hear from you!
A TASTE OF JUDAISM is back with three Monday evening sessions
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Beginning November 14th, join Rabbi Cohen at Temple Anshe Sholom to learn more about Judaism. This class is for anyone interested in knowing more about Jewish history, beliefs, sacred texts, rituals, celebrations and every day life. Come to any or all sessions. IN PERSON

Camp George Scholarships
A friendly reminder for Temple Member families: Camp Scholarship applications are due November 25, 2022
Camp Scholarships are Available.
TAS encourages all our families to consider sending their children to Jewish summer camps. Our own Jewish summer camp, Camp George, offers a great menu of overnight camp experiences for kids starting with the Mini-Mensch program for children finishing grades 1 to 3, all the way up to the CIT program for kids finishing grade 10. Camp Scholarships are available to help students, of current Temple Anshe Sholom Member families only, who wishes to attend Jewish camp or a Jewish youth leadership program in the summer of 2023. Applications can be downloaded from our Temple website here:         
*Please note the final due date for applications this year is November 25, 2022
Hi! I'm Yael Morais, your friendly Youth Advisor & Songleader at Temple Anshe Sholom.
We've got some FUN planned for our Junior and Senior Youth Groups.
Hope to see you there!



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Interfaith learning opportunities at McMaster University.
Open to all.


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