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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022
Friday, November 25th ~ KABBALAT SHABBAT SERVICE
6:15 PM - ONEG SHABBAT Meet & Greet
7:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Led by Rabbi Cohen & Cantor Baruch
In Person & ONLINE

Saturday, November 26th

9:15 AM - Religious School
10:30 AM - Shabbat Morning Music & Meditation
with Cantor Baruch

11:00 AM -Torah Study with Rabbi Cohen

 וַיִּתְרֹֽצְצ֤וּ הַבָּנִים֙ בְּקִרְבָּ֔הּ
But the children struggled in her womb…
  -Genesis 25:22

One theme that runs throughout the book of Genesis is sibling rivalry. The book begins with Cain murdering his brother Abel. The book ends when Joseph finds reconciliation with his brothers, who had sold him into slavery. Meanwhile, we have other stories reflecting this theme such as Isaac and Ishmael, and Leah and Rachel. But this portion focuses more than any other on the struggle between two brothers, the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Esau.
Even within the womb the twins struggled. And, although twins, they brothers are totally different. Esau is an outdoors-man and a hunter. Jacob is an indoors man, a dweller in the tent. One could sense that Esau is the more physical, man of the earth type, while Jacob is the more cerebral and spiritual. To make matters worse, their parents played favourites. Isaac favoured Esau while Rebekah favoured Jacob.
In the parashah, Jacob convinces Esau to sell his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup. Jacob then fools his father into giving him the blessing meant for Esau. By the end of the portion, Jacob flees the wrath of his brother. Perhaps Genesis is telling us that sibling rivalry is inevitable, built into the universe from creation. I have certainly seen this as a rabbi: weddings where a sibling, aunt, or uncle refused to show up; funerals where two children of the deceased met with me separately, sat on opposite sides of the chapel, and refused to observe shiva together; B’nei Mitzvah with two separate parties afterwards. I hate to say it, but this happens, sadly, way too often.
We do find more positive inspiration for family relationships in the later books of the Bible and in the Rabbinic literature. For example, in the Book of Proverbs we read, A friend is devoted for all times, but a brother is born for trouble
(Proverbs 17:17). At first glance this verse seems to say that friends are wonderful, but siblings are trouble. But the great medieval French commentator Gershonides (1288 – 1344) teaches this verse differently. Gershonides wrote that we can always enjoy time with our friends. They are present to get together or go out. But when we face trouble, it is our siblings who are there for us. “When trouble arises, his brother rises to help him, his nature causes him to help for he is his flesh and bone.” To paraphrase, siblings help siblings in times of trouble because that is, or should be, their nature.
Perhaps we need to teach this text as an antidote when we study the story of Jacob & Esau. Siblings are supposed to be there for siblings. Genesis does end with a form of resolution to the sibling rivalries portrayed throughout the book, as Joseph and his brothers are reunited, forgive and hug. This great reconciliation is reflected in the Book of Psalms when it famously says, Hinei ma tov u’ma naim, shevet achim gam yachad - “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers (and sisters) to dwell together”
(Psalms 133:1).


Rabbi Jordan Cohen
Do you have your CHANUKAH 50/50 Raffle Ticket Yet?

BREAKFAST CLUB continues this Sunday, Nov 27th at 10:15 AM
Cost is $15 per person and our presenter is our own Rabbi Jordan Cohen. "The Art of Storytelling" is a passion of the Rabbi's who shares that he knew as a teenager that he would pursue Folkfore or Rabbinics as a career. As it turns out being a Rabbi does involve a lot of storytelling.
There is one session left in A TASTE OF JUDAISM on Monday, November 28th. Join Rabbi Cohen at Temple Anshe Sholom to learn more about Judaism. This class is for anyone interested in knowing more about Jewish history, beliefs, sacred texts, rituals, celebrations and every day life.

Camp George Scholarships
A friendly reminder for Temple Member families: Camp Scholarship applications are due November 25, 2022
Camp Scholarships are Available.
TAS encourages all our families to consider sending their children to Jewish summer camps. Our own Jewish summer camp, Camp George, offers a great menu of overnight camp experiences for kids starting with the Mini-Mensch program for children finishing grades 1 to 3, all the way up to the CIT program for kids finishing grade 10. Camp Scholarships are available to help students, of current Temple Anshe Sholom Member families only, who wishes to attend Jewish camp or a Jewish youth leadership program in the summer of 2023. Applications can be downloaded from our Temple website here:         
*Please note the final due date for applications this year is November 25, 2022
Hi! I'm Yael Morais, your friendly Youth Advisor & Songleader at Temple Anshe Sholom.
We've got some FUN planned for our Junior and Senior Youth Groups.
Hope to see you there!

Unfortunately, Diana Nwoke left the role of Bookkeeper as of last week.Terry Nyp has stepped in to cover our bookkeeper position while we seek a permanent person for this role. We thank you for your patience during this time of change. If you know someone experienced who would be interested, please let us know.


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