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Issue Nº 1, January 2021
Hello fellow people!

Do you find yourself wondering how collecting data might be more engaging and meaningful? We find that shifting traditional forms of data collection (surveys, interviews, focus groups) toward more interactive methods not only yields great data, but is also more enjoyable. We use gamification, playing serious games, and participatory data collection to deepen and expand the kind of information that can be generated, and to make the data collection event better, for everyone.
“The tools you people used were so unique and quite engaging! Whoever came up with that approach to the interview. Kudos!" (an interview participant on the data collection process)
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For example...



We used a game-based approach to household interviews for our project with Poa Internet. Poa is an affordable in-home internet provider whose mission is to see internet access in every home in Africa. They are expanding and needed to know more about their ideal customer to guide their investment and marketing decisions.

To collect information about their current customers, we created an interaction that was not just a series of questions asked over a clipboard (or tablet), but a series of activities in which to participate. The interview event included interactive (game-based) activities such as role-playing giving a sales pitch to your neighbor, and mix-and-matching the people in the household to the ways and reasons they use the internet. 

The interactive data collection event was not only fun for the participant, helping to ease them into giving more personal insight than they might have in a scripted interview, but also making it more engaging for our field team who got more excited as the research progressed and they got better and better at leading the games.
“Once it is installed you immediately forget about bundles/data because it is convenient. Just the thought that it is mine is so exciting!“ (Pitch)

“Even today without [WiFi] I can’t survive because it’s my family’s only source of income. I searched for jobs after my graduation and gave up. [WiFi] is the pillar or core of all my dreams.“ (Where do you see yourself?)

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