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Issue Nº 2, February 2021
Hello fellow people!

Some of our best work is done through design partnerships—a long-term agreement to provide evaluation and design services alongside a project. A design partnership results in custom tools, processes, and user-centered solutions that arise out of the collaboration rather than as items which are discreetly procured. Worlds of possibility are opened when pre-defined outcomes and solutions are not the driving force for work, but, instead, relationships and people are put center stage.

For example...


MWENDO and 4Children reaped the benefits of a two year design partnership. At the beginning we had just a few hints of what was needed: case managers were community volunteers with lower literacy and the program had to be laser-focused on progress tracking. What unfolded is far more comprehensive and nuanced than we could have imagined. Read more about it here

Make use of us

We love what we do. We are always ready to explore a new project, challenge, or working relationship. 

A design partnership is an exciting way of working together. Come give it a try!  

  • Engages services before a specific problem or challenge even arises (it can prevent many problems by designing them away to begin with)

  • Leaves deliverables open-ended (instead describes the kinds of services and issues or program functions to be addressed)

  • Is longer than 6 months (it usually walks with a project just past the halfway point)

  • Integrates with project (becomes part of project team or is readily available technical assistance)

    We're always open to finding the right fit. Find a time to chat with us.

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