Once a month we’d like to share a small snippet of our work with you, some aspect of how we work that makes the difference. This month: sharing complex concepts through illustration.

In practice. 

Issue Nº 3, March 2021
Hello fellow people!

Working with illustrators to make real complex ideas is one of the most fulfilling things we do.

Change is possible when we can see ourselves taking new actions, and living into a new vision of our future. People learn well through pictures, and the quality of those pictures matters. Working with an illustrator we can create sets of images that weave a cohesive story across a campaign, training or curriculum.

We partner with people who are skilled in bringing ideas to life. These partnerships with artists and illustrators allow us to:
  • translate complex concepts into beautiful and contextually relevant scenarios,
  • remove extraneous detail so teachers and learners can focus on the information that is most important to convey,
  • help people see themselves in new ways.

For example...



We were delighted to partner with Dr. Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le at George Washington University’s Mother and Babies Mood and Health Research Program and Elena McEwan, M.D. Senior Technical Advisor for Maternal and Child Health at CRS the project lead to to develop illustrations and a flip chart format that supported low literacy delivery of the Integrated Mothers and Babies Course in Ghana and Kenya.

The curriculum was already out in the wild and more support was needed for mothers’ comprehension and model mothers’ teaching. We developed over 80 illustrations to support peer-led counseling sessions, teaching concepts in cognitive behavioral therapy for maternal mental health across 13 sessions. Read about it and see more examples here
Working with illustrators isn’t just about making the materials beautiful, or even about making the curriculum delivery consistent—though those both improve uptake of information. Working with an illustrator is a co-creative process to bring technical expertise to life, making it applicable, relatable and immediately useful to the learners.

Want to see more of our work developing IEC and SBCC materials? Check out these projects:

Learn by doing!

Join us in April for a 90-minute workshop. Visualizing change: working with illustrators to make ideas come to life.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2020
09:00 - 10:30 CDT (UTC -5)
$25 per person
Learn more and register here

Make use of us

We love what we do. We are always ready to explore a new project, challenge, or working relationship.

We love what we do. We are always ready to explore a new project, challenge, or working relationship. Developing illustrated materials for communication, interaction, training or facilitation is a core expertise of Picture Impact.

Think about engaging us to support your IEC or SBCC work when ….
  • You are delivering a program in a lower literacy context. Shaping the materials for the specific context of each user helps maintain message fidelity even when communicating complex ideas.
  • Your activity includes providing technical assistance to non-technical users. For example agricultural extension, public health, entrepreneurship, or nutrition. If some part of your program is about teaching core concepts to non-technical users, illustration will help people put ideas into practice.
We're always open to finding the right fit. Find a time to chat with us.


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