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Agromin Continues Rapid Rise In Organics Recycling

OXNARD, California – Agromin, California’s largest organics recycler, composted and marketed over 1 million tons of organic waste in 2021. It is poised to increase its organic waste capacity considerably this year as it helps cities, counties and other jurisdictions throughout California meet the strict organic waste mandates of State Senate Bill 1383, which took effect on January 1. Continue Reading
Tim McCarthy, Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor, District #2, Denies False Criminal Accusations From Democrat Opponent

Today, Candidate for District #2, Tim McCarthy of Thousand Oaks, running for Ventura County Board of Supervisors, responded to rumors that Democrat opponent Claudia Bill-dela Pena has publicly stated Tim McCarthy had been arrested or has a criminal record. Continue Reading
While You’re Distracted the Roll Out of Unconstitutional “Vaccine” Passports is Underway in the US
by Suzanne Hamner

Friends, while you are distracted by the economy, the situation in Ukraine, the dog and pony show that is both chambers of Congress, and protests, do you really know what is going on that you are not supposed to see? It is the quiet, under-the-radar rollout of “vaccine passports” in the united States despite the federal government not issuing a “digital vaccine passport”, some States claiming “digital vaccine passports” will not be allowed, and all the while a “national standard” is being developed. Continue Reading
Masks Mandate for Ventura County Students Ends After March 11

Students at public and private K-12 schools in Ventura County and throughout California will no longer be required to wear masks after March 11, regardless of their vaccination status. Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration made the announcement today, saying COVID-19 conditions have sufficiently improved to warrant the change. Continue Reading
LA County Threatens Suspensions for Unvaccinated Firefighters at FUTURE Dates….
By Lance D Johnson, Natural News

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors are currently on a witch hunt to terminate all non-compliant, unvaccinated city workers who have NOT fallen prey to medical fraud and vaccine damage. LA County is currently sending “letters of suspension” to brave firefighters who serve the city. These letters explicitly state that the suspension will last five days and will be enforced at FUTURE dates. Continue Reading
School Transparency Wars
By Larry Sand

As states and school boards battle over school curricula, the least we can do is keep parents informed about what their kids are learning.

The FDA insists that every last ingredient of the heavily processed food is listed on the package label. No one has an issue with that because it’s important to know what we put into our bodies. You might think the same mentality would be in place for what goes into our minds, especially those of children, but unfortunately that has become a very contentious issue. Continue Reading

Crime in Port Hueneme Hits Historic Low

In the spirit of transparency and building community trust, the Port Hueneme Police Department is releasing its annual crime statistics. The Port Hueneme Police Department collects data and crime information as part of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program coordinated by the FBI. Each year this reliable set of statistics are reported to the FBI and subsequently used for evaluating the overall crime rate in a city. Continue Reading
California Population Decline is Real

By Jerry Sullivan, City Watch LA

THE STATE OF OUR STATE – Has the California proposition changed fundamentally? And does it matter for real estate?

The answer to the first question is yes—the state had a net population decline in 2021, the first drop since it began annual counts more than a century ago. That followed another historic reversal, noted in 2018, when the number of Californians leaving the state exceeded new arrivals from around the world for the first time. Continue Reading

Simi City Council Seeks Advice on Future Cannabis Laws
By Kevin Harris

The Simi Valley City Council voted to poll neighborhood councils on the city’s current interest in allowing, and taxing cannabis businesses to operate locally, in order to determine if the issue will be placed on the November ballot, during Monday night’s city council meeting. Continue Reading
Over 2,000 Ukrainian Civilians Reportedly Killed Since Invasion Began
By Sebastian Hughes

Over 2,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since Russia first invaded the country on Feb. 25, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said Wednesday, CNN reported.

“More than 2,000 Ukrainians died, not counting our defenders,” the service said in a statement, CNN reported. “Children, women and our defense forces are losing their lives every hour.” Continue Reading
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