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Layering Time = Calendar Savvy
Mezzo Mag, Vol 9, Iss 1
30 June 2018
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Image:  Preston Goff on Unsplash
Mezzogiorno Magazine:  ISSN 1527-0130
Volume 9, Issue 1
30 June 2018
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1:  How do you layer time?

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Image:  Dawn Armfield on Unsplash
Do your Operational and Financial Calendars Support Each other?
For many businesses the June-July weekend this year is a perfect storm: end-of-month, end-of-quarter, end-of-year. Three major administrative & financial events rolled into one.


Far too many businesses just “accrete” processes somewhat like barnacles, rather than strategically designing their workflows based on what people in the field really do, use or need.


When performing a process audit, “keep it real” by translating 1-dimensional process steps on a page into 3-dimensional models which equip you to “scale your scheduling” and layer your time.

In our simplest example, what had to happen yesterday, for today's results to deliver tomorrow's product (and a service is a product)?

On each of the sides of the tetrahedron:

  1. yesterday
  2. today
  3. tomorrow
  4. transfer (to next stage)
write a key word or note that brings the process | product steps to mind and the names of those who do them. Deliver a different level of discussion with “ridiculous” questions:
  • Surprise, delight & intrigue those looking for real answers that provide context as well as content
  • Foster thoughtful questions rather than give pat, easy answers
  • Encourage rich conversations that deliver win-win mutual understanding across disciplines.
Using a 3-d model allows people to look at a process, or workflow from different perspectives, literally with just a flick of the wrist!

Moving from flat to three resolves many interaction questions simply, naturally and extremely cost-effectively! As a coding example for layering your calendar, examine this decade-by-weeks spreadsheet for the macros to set meetings on a particular day of the week.

Learn much more about layering your calendar in Scaling Time! (See below!)
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2Scaling Time Coaches Edition launched 16 March 2018

Tyrants breed chaos. Servant leaders sow the rich soil of human experience with seeds of trust, fortitude, insight, wisdom and love-the-verb, as Joel Manby has made famous.

Scaling Time is the point of departure into the Blue Two  saga, a rollicking good time chronicling the interplay of culture and business.

This revised & expanded Coaches Edition continues the tapestry of a half-dozen families whose interwoven lives provide rich lessons in:
  • scaling engagement
  • fostering cross-disciplinary insights
  • discovering and resolving risk across your operations around the corner, across the street or across the globe.
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Why Read It? For the People

Scaling Time Coaches Edition is a layered message of leadership essentials for distributed teams who understand how vital is the need to maintain the culture of business intimacy as they scale to thousands of team members and millions of interactions.

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Why Read It? For the time slices

This special coaches edition of Scaling Time is structured to ‘square the circle’ of fostering meaningful discussion, deep thinking, and purposeful action, under the time constraints of today's globally-connected businesses.

The original text has been embellished with new content, edited into twelve-minute reading selections, with ample links to allow for further research.

The first edition introduced an agenda-scheduling framework for focusing attention when projects require excellence both at the forest and the tree level.

Revised tutorials offer innovative, tested techniques on how to use geometric scale to resolve common project management fails, driving project successes across your firm and your industry.

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Imagine your team taking greater leadership roles based on their mastery of these process innovation, attention scaling and schedule scaling techniques.

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Why Read It? For the operational advantages

Operational excellence happens at the 20 second level, the nitty-gritty of daily activities. Strategic planning appears or insights are revealed at the 20 year level.

The capacity to shift between these two, the individual starfish on the beach versus the entire city – and intermediate levels as well – is something all effective leaders do, yet has never had a codified notation – until now.

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Implementing the practical tools in Scaling Time Coaches Edition gives your team access to 19 Days schedule scaling.

You can seamlessly shift between the vast forests of inter-contractor historical project surveys, to the mind-numbing detail of the vein structure of an individual leaf, while maintaining a ‘lingua franca’ or universal language which resolves the complexity of project objectives, time, cost, schedule and risk resolution.

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Whenever we encounter little shrines to secular ‘-isms’ I challenge my loved ones to ask themselves and all involved, ‘will people go in the drink if I go along with this?’ as a way to re-frame the discussion.
These insights and much more are woven into the business fable Scaling Time from Skerja Press, which hit #13 in its launch week on Kindle! Buy Scaling Time Coaches Edition for each member of your team today!

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