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Newsletter #2

Part 1: Amsterdam > Odessa

The day the Netherlands played against Mexico we reached Odessa: 1005 km by bicycle, preceded by 1485 km by train. Having crossed four borders, traversed turbulent Ukraine and controversial Transnistria, arriving in touristy and calm Odessa feels strange. Even more strange as the country is at war as we write. Time for an update on our adventures...

Get going. On June 14th, we got on the train to Warsaw. Thanks to our support troops we managed the chaotic situation on Amsterdam Central Station. continue reading
It's on: we start cycling. On June 16th we arrive in Rzeszow, or 'j'ai chaud', as french Florian explains the pronunciation. While Florian's Polish friends share with us their interest in Folkloric dancing and learning French, Florian admits he would love to work on renewable energy challenges. Is this working out for him? continue reading
"This is where I was beaten up last week". Walking through, Moldavian capital Chisinau with Oleg Brega (June 25th) is interesting, to say the least. We get an insiders' perspective on how the country changes and who is igniting this change. Angry energy or creative energy - what works better? continue reading
Smiley Sonia. The first person we meet in Warsaw (June 15) is cheerful Sonia, who admits she needs to find some energy to keep doing what she does: promoting sustainable agriculture among small Polish farmers while managing her own farm. Will she manage?continue reading
Energy profile Ukraine. Energy equals headaches in Ukraine, except for a small group of very rich oligarchs. Or maybe even for them. A few facts stand out. continue reading
Ukraine in trouble. In Odessa (29th of June) we stay with Stas and Tanya, a young hospitable couple who run a family founded online lingerie shop. Most of their customers are from the east of the country, where the national trouble ignited and turned into war. Hence not only their revenues are down, their future and that of the Ukraine is very uncertain. To make things worse: within the family opinions are divided on Ukraine's future. continue reading
Urszula's wish. The second day (June 16th) in Warsaw, we meet Urszula, who works for a Polish NGO called 'Climate Coalition'. Poland is often called the 'enfant terrible' of European climate policy. What is she doing about this? And what gives her the energy to keep going? continue reading
Public activism in Lviv, Ukraine (June 19th). From Rzeszow we cycle to Lviv in two days, where we find our host Slavik sitting on a bench waiting for us. Something he's not used to. Usually he's on his bicycle or behind his computer, doing something, about things he cares about. A real public activist. Too modest for the statue we think he deserves. continue reading
Bottom-blues? How is cycling going? Did we train enough on the ironed flat lands at home? The quality of the roads we touched varies from dirt roads to pristine tarmac. And everything in between. The traffic... continue reading
Our travel statistics

The combination of paper and open source digital maps have brought us to our destinations so far. Thanks to GPS we have been able to track our routes. We therefore know exactly how many kilometers we did per day, where we got lost, what temperature it was and what the elevation profile looks like. Are you a map freak like us? We share our track log and bicycle statistics on the energy borders website.
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