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  • Feature Story: 3rd Annual Latin America Summit
  • Note from Executive Director, Mike LeBoss
  • New: Certification renewal reqs, streamlined process, and growing library of online CEC courses
  • 25% off Blood Pressure, Hypertension, and Exercise CE course with code BP25
  • Featured Article – ‘Exercise Is Medicine’ by ACSM

Feature Story - 3rd Annual Latin America Summit

This year, our Latin America Summit was hosted by Director NAFC Latin America, Marisol Baltazar Nava, in Merida, Mexico. This Summit was created to grow NAFC's presence in Latin America, but it has succeeded in growing us in the process as well!

This Summit is a 7-day event which culminates in a graduation ceremony for attendees who have completed the curriculum and training requirements to become a Master Trainer certified by NAFC.
During the Summit week this year, various trainings were offered from all different aspects of group fitness, the goal of which is to look for, and practice, better ways to deliver the education to our students. NAFC’s Group Fitness primary certification course is a new offering in Latin America, and we are working diligently to increase our reach to fitness instructors in Latin America and provide them with a professional fitness education unmatched in our industry. 
This year, our attendees included Master Trainers from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, and Ecuador (new country in attendance this year!).
We featured special classes taught by NAFC Certified Master Trainers on Functional Training, Power Rebounder, Boxercise, MMA Fitness, AquaFitness, PowerBall, Power Groove, Baile Fit, and Rumba. We blended these action-oriented trainings with some classroom course work on fitness topics to get updates on our foundational education.
All of this took place in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico with the help of IDEY (Sports Institute of Yucatan) who provided all of the training facilities and support during the Summit. IDEY also provided all staff and attendees with a day out to see some of the main tourist sites, including the Pyramids and Cenotes...a great day out indeed!

We closed out this year’s Summit with a 3-hour public fitness event (free for the entire community) and our graduation ceremony.
This year, special awards went to:

Giovanna Gutierrez from Mexico for  Latin America Presenter of the year

Irving Herrera the Spirit of the Summit

Carlos Tipan from Ecuador as the Master Trainer of the Year

We believe that this annual event is very important for the growth of fitness education in Latin America as a way to unify criteria on fitness topics, and to speak the same language in a professional way. For NAFC in this area of the world, this is our main goal. We are committed to provide all of the educational tools to make this a great project, and we continue to see more countries coming together, just like Ecuador this year!

Note from Executive Director, Mike LeBoss

NAFC has spent the last many years, with a great deal of focus especially this past year, building a more focused platform for fitness professionals. This focus has resulted in reducing some of the costs to staying in the industry while truly dialing in on developing career paths that take the fitness professional seriously and will take those fitness professionals deeper into emerging arenas in our space.

Although the club industry is still vastly growing, the health club industry has taken a lot of pressure because of the large influx of high volume-low price facilities forcing the middle priced clubs to either lower their prices or figure out how to join the upscale facilities. Within these high volume-low price clubs, the perceived need for high quality personal training by the consumer and club owners isn’t as great…however, at the same time the climate changes outside of this “churn and burn” space is the exact opposite for fitness professionals.

More and more, the medical industry recognizes (ie: hospitals and medical providers) that exercise is medicine, and the concept of lifestyle medicine departments, wellness clinics, and physical therapy clinics with hybrid wellness-fitness spaces is on the rise. This has opened up a whole new world for the fitness professional! Once upon a time, it was very difficult to convince a fit pro to seek higher education. Conversely, it was hard to find an exercise science grad coming to the table with major student loans a higher paying job with more respect. The health club industry generally did not care, and you, the fit pro saw no more ROI with or without that education.

The game has changed! 

Now, fit pros are being looked at very carefully for the credential(s) they carry. Unfortunately, since the fitness industry has insisted on remaining self-governed and without licensure, this new-found hybrid between medical and fitness is being looked at from an educational angle. High quality, continuing education, often combined with a 4-year degree is being sought after. While the wages are higher, the expectations are also higher.

Great news for you…NAFC, being not only a distance learning organization and accredited certifying body, we are also a licensed career school through the HECC (Higher Education Career Council)! We will be launching our post-graduate medical fitness curriculum in Q2 of 2020. In the meantime, take a look at our continuing education courses and process as we have changed this area dramatically.

2020 is a time to seriously look at the fitness industry and how you would like to be seen in it. The question we would like you to consider…is this just a hobby job, or is this a career I can continue to grow in? I encourage you to dig in with us in 2020 and see what tools become available to you to best suit your goals. We’ve got more in store for you, and we’ll roll those out over the next several months!

As always, if you need help remember we are here for you every step of the way!

New: Certification renewal reqs, streamlined process, and growing library of online CEC courses

The Pilates Reformer 2 and Pilates Mat 2 are now “Certificate” Programs! Your Certificate is now good moving forward. You are good to go :)


The price to recertify has been lowered and there is a multi-cert renewal discount available. Check out the details for your specific certification here.
There is now a growing list of NAFC approved CE courses becoming available on the NAFC website that do not require a petition process or petition fee.  Hooray!  Also, NAFC is actively growing our Approved Provider Program to help you find NAFC-approved courses from other CEC providers as well.
You can use CECs from one certification toward a second or third certification as well if you renew them at the same time.
You can renew your certifications online, and you can upload documents to Your NAFC.  Any course you take from NAFC will put a certificate of completion in Your NAFC to help you track your CEC requirements.
Recertification is easier than ever with Your NAFC and the ability to renew online.

December Blog Post #1 and 25% discount on Blood Pressure, Hypertension, and Exercise course

Our first blog post this month is in step with our featured article by ACSM. Check it out and then redeem your coupon code (BP25) for our Blood Pressure, Hypertension, and Exercise continuing education course to get .3 CECs for only $40.50! Amazing how all that goes together ;)
Here’s a teaser from the post… “So many of our clients have received news from their health care practitioners regarding blood pressure (BP) test results, and generalized actions to take with regard to those results. But, many of these clients don’t really know what those actions can look like in a daily activity perspective. The translation between a broad-stroke, indiscriminate set of guidelines given to them by a health care professional and specific, customized instructions on daily practices can fall directly in your purview.”

Featured Article – ‘Exercise Is Medicine’ by ACSM

Many of you are familiar with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) publications, and in keeping with our commitment to excellent education for our students and certified training specialists, we want to keep you informed of publications that are relevant, peer reviewed, and quality sources of information for your growing tool kit.
Our blog post this month centers around trainers’ roles with clients who are working with a diagnosis of high blood pressure or hypertension. This article takes a deeper dive into how exercise impacts these diagnoses as well as a host of other illnesses. Here’s an excerpt:
"Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) a global health initiative founded in 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) with the American Medical Association (AMA) as a result of the overwhelming evidence that physical activity plays a powerful therapeutic role in the prevention and management of many chronic health conditions. The vision of EIM is to make physical activity assessment and promotion a standard in clinical care, connecting health care with evidence-based resources for people everywhere and of all abilities."

Click here to continue reading.

That's it for this month! Enjoy your holiday season, and be on the lookout for additional value added communications coming to you from us soon. Like a gift, perhaps!
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