September Newsletter

  • Letter from the Director
  • Yoga 200 Facilitator Training Program Update
  • Article #1 - Fat Loss, excerpted from CEC course "Fat Loss Fundamentals" (30% off!)
  • Program Completion Extension Promo - discounted extensions on your in progress coursework and save $50!
  • Article #2 - Exercise and Caloric Consumption, excerpted from CEC course “A Simple Study of Exercise and Caloric Consumption” (30% off!)
  • Limited Time Special Offer on 4 Great PowerCerts! Get Started for Just $75 and Save 20%.

Letter from the Director

With all of the changes that face the fitness industry, the health club operation changes, and the now more virtually-oriented classes and training sessions, we continue to evolve the way we look at our career choices.

In times past for many health clubs, fitness professionals have represented only ancillary revenue. During much of the Covid-19 shutdown, fitness professionals have been front and center as a means for keeping club services alive! We, as fitness professionals, need to be ever watchful and progressive in our thinking in order to keep most relevant, as well as economically viable.

Many of our clients and gym members have started to find that working out at home is more comfortable and convenient than going to the gym. This opens up more opportunities for the fitness professional to expand into additional revenue lines as they work to increase their offerings to their clients.

As promised earlier this year, NAFC continues to collaborate with companies we have heavily vetted for highest quality, relevant, products and services to fitness professionals in an effort to help you generate greater revenue in this ever-changing fitness environment. 
We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our Marketplace! Our partners in Identity International have brought to the US market the highest quality CBD infused product lines. Over the next couple weeks, Identity International will propose some great opportunities for you to benefit from!
Below, please read their press release as they enter into the US market. Watch for an e-blast this month from us with details on the offer Identity International is working on with our team to bring to you! This offer will only be extended to our readership, and we are looking forward to seeing your offerings grow as we continue to develop our Marketplace.

Identity breaks barriers with next level CBD products 

MERCER ISLAND, WASHINGTON (July 28, 2020) — The American health and wellness company, Identity International has just taken CBD and CBD products to a new level. 

From the superfood creamer (for hot and cold drinks, desserts and baked goods), to the savory bone broth (with and without CBD for soups, sauces and hot drinks), Identity is breaking barriers. 

Identity combines organic, natural ingredients with high level science to bring a line of exceptional CBD products to the market. 

Working with small family farms on one hand and highly sophisticated Norwegian food and water companies on the other, Identity seems to have found the holy grail of CBD products. 

Identity’s carefully developed products are organically farmed, third-party tested, and family approved. Each product must not only pass the highest standard regulations, but also the company’s family test. Before taking any product to market, Rune Sydengen, the founder of Identity International, demands, “It has to be a product we proudly share with the people we love.” 

These products both taste and smell good without any trace of the bitterness that so often is associated with CBD products. The company has gotten rid of this aftertaste altogether and has worked with food scientists to find the perfect combination of taste in the products. 

“The products are also gluten-free with no GMO. All Identity products, including skin care and oils, are made with state-of-the-art formulations. The 100% pure products are quality-controlled, highly effective, and environmentally friendly,” says Rune Sydengen. 

The development of this premium Identity line is driven by one man’s passion and personal, dramatic fight for his life. Fifteen years ago, Sydengen fell seriously ill. As a part of his recovery, his medical doctor introduced him to CBD. He used these products in combination with other medications and is convinced that the CBD was instrumental in helping him return to health again. He founded Identity with the desire to provide next level products to others, prioritizing health and wellness for happier, more productive lives. Today his vision and dream have finally come to life. 

Identity International makes Norwegian and American products powered by nature for the whole body. Products are available to the public through Identity’s high-end retail partners as well as 

If you would like more information about this, please call Solvi Barber at (206) 553-9436 or email About video available at 

Yoga 200 Facilitator Training - Program Update Announcement

Just in time for National Yoga Month.....we are releasing our improved and updated Yoga 200 Facilitator Training on September 21!

If you already have this certification, you will be granted full access to the new course content and updates. The new course content will appear in your account on the release date. No action needed on your part except logging in!

Yoga is one of the fastest growing exercise modalities due to its ability to build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and reduce risk for many chronic diseases.

Expand your career opportunities and earning potential by getting one of the most prestigious Yoga Certifications in the Fitness Industry. NAFC Certification: Yoga 200 Facilitator Training

Article #1 - 'Fat Loss Fundamentals' Excerpt and 30% off!

For most people, losing weight and keeping it off is an extremely difficult task. The sad part is, that of all those people trying to lose weight, only 5-10% keep it off. That is because diets alone do not work. But, if you change your eating habits and understand how your body responds to different types of food, you will be one step closer to achieving your fat loss goals.

Factors That Influence Energy Intake
There are many factors that influence the amount of calories you consume each day, but for now we will cover five of the most important ones.

1. Cost of Healthy Food
Healthy food can cost more than their alternatives if they have had nutrients reduced or added to them. It is an extra step with a cost that’s passed along to the consumer. You may have also noticed that organic food is typically more expensive than conventional food. This is because these specialty foods are held to higher standards in production. But not all healthy food has to be expensive. You can easily find affordable alternatives like whole fruit, instant oats, peanut butter, and canned tuna.

2. Daily Food Choices
Habits such as starting your day with a sugar-loaded specialty coffee will need to be eliminated. Drinking these causes your insulin levels to spike, promoting fat storage. On the other hand, eating lean protein foods encourages a negative calorie balance because our bodies have to burn more calories processing them than other food choices. In addition, foods that are naturally high in fiber, such as whole grains, help suppress our urges to eat unneeded nutrients. Whole grains also provide protection against many chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

3. Hunger and Appetite
Hunger is biological. It is the sensation you get when your body is telling you to eat. If you have ever had symptoms of feeling weak and shaky, nausea and headache, then there is a good chance you might be hungry. Appetite, on the other hand, is psychological. It is the desire or interest in food that is linked to the sight, smells, or even thought of it. You can have an appetite even if you feel full. So, before you dive in to your next meal, ask yourself: are you hungry? Or is that just your appetite doing the talking?

4. Enablers
An enabler is someone or something that encourages a behavior that will increase the amount of calories you consume. Enablers include your group of drinking buddies pressuring you to spend the night out on the town or the ice cream parlor you pass by every day. Be on the lookout for enablers; they can become problematic if they continuously sway you away from your weight loss goals.

5. Genetics
Some people seem to eat anything they want and not gain a single pound. Seems pretty unfair but genetics never are. We are all different and each of us has different genetic tendencies. These tendencies influence how we lose fat or build muscle depending on how our body responds to the things we eat.

This information is from “Fat Loss Fundamentals” a 1 hour CE course offered by NAFC. Need a quick .1 credit course to finish up your CE requirements? We have you covered! And with a 30% Discount. Use Coupon Code “ONECEC” at checkout. Click Here for more information about Fat Loss Fundamentals. Good through September 30.

Program Completion Extension Promo


Save $50 and get more time to complete your coursework!!!

Over the Spring and Summer months, NAFC offered amnesty to our certified fitness professionals who have allowed their certifications to lapse. During this time, we received numerous requests from non-certified students who have purchased, but not yet completed, their certification curriculum and allowed their programs to exceed the 18 month completion period. Although this does not fall under the category of reinstatement of expired certification, it does warrant consideration.

As of May 20, 2020, NAFC will grant a program completion extension for students whose courses have expired. This extension is for 6 months with a discounted fee of $100. This will get you going again, on your way to joining our family of certified fitness professionals!

Use this code, REINSTATEMENT50 at this link to take advantage of this promotion!

Article #2 - Excerpted from CEC course “A Simple Study of Exercise and Caloric Consumption


Exercise and Caloric Consumption
Several variables affect the number of calories burned when you exercise. When you hop on a treadmill, you plug in your weight in order to get a calorie read out. The number of calories you burn when you walk or run is dependent primarily on your weight (the more weight you "bear," the more calories you burn), how fast you go, and your elevation (whether you go up hill or not).

Environmental factors, such as air temperature, humidity and what you wear, play a role in caloric consumption as well. When you hop on a stationary bike, the calorie formula changes because you are not "bearing" weight. Your weight is supported by the bike and is not as much of a factor. The number of calories you expend now depends on the speed at which you are pedaling, the amount of resistance, and environmental factors.

In summary, the variables that can affect caloric consumption include:

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Gender

  • Speed

  • Elevation / Resistance

  • Air temperature / humidity

  • Clothing / Body heat

  • Fitness Level

  • Body Composition / size

  • Composition of your diet

It is safe to assume that if oxygen uptake is elevated during exercise, that energy expenditure is increased, and calories are burned. If you have a way to directly measure oxygen consumption, you can also estimate the primary fuel being used (glucose or fatty acids), and the amount of calories being burned per minute.

Average Body:
Requires .20 to .35 L of oxygen per minute to satisfy resting energy requirements. This equals 1.0 to 1.8 kcal per minute, 60 to 108 kcal per hour, or 1440 to 2592 kcal per day.

Consuming 1 Liter of oxygen per minute (1 L / min) = 5 kcal / min 

3500 kcal = 1 pound
Unfortunately directly measuring oxygen consumption requires an oxygen analyzer and is  typically done in a laboratory setting. There are several charts that list the number of calories you burn during various types of exercise. Remember that body weight plays a significant role in that number. Most charts will list caloric expenditure for different body weights, or for just one weight of perhaps 150 pounds. It is important to remember that these charts are ONLY ESTIMATES of caloric consumption, just as the caloric consumption calculated for you on a piece of electronic equipment is just an estimate as well.

The number of calories you burn during an exercise session is dependent upon exercise intensity and the duration of the workout. The higher the intensity, the higher the oxygen consumption, and therefore as long as the exercise remains at an "aerobic" intensity, the higher the caloric expenditure. It is important to properly progress to higher levels of exercise by gradually increasing duration and then intensity.

Under typical, healthy conditions, intensity and oxygen consumption have a "linear" relationship. As intensity incrementally increases, so does oxygen consumption. Oxygen consumption is measured in Liters per minute (L/min) or in milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute. (ml/kg · min). Research indicates that exercising between 50 and 85% of your VO2 or heart rate reserve will produce beneficial cardiovascular risk reduction and build adequate cardiorespiratory fitness.

This information is from “A Simple Study of Exercise and Caloric Consumption” a 1 hour CE course offered by NAFC. Need a quick .1 credit course to finish up your CE requirements? We have you covered!  And with a 30% Discount. Use Coupon Code “ONECEC” at checkout. Click Here for more information about A Simple Study of Exercise and Caloric Consumption. Good through September 30.

PowerCerts - Get Started for $75 and save 20%!

Advance your career by adding a PowerCert and earn CEC's toward your next primary certification renewal.

NAFC PowerCert programs up-level your primary certification by helping you further your training career through mastering genre-specific training protocols. A PowerCert is a certificate program that provides education and authorization to teach a specific genre within our fitness space. A PowerCert requires a primary certification to be able to teach this specific genre. It is an opportunity to grow your career and increase your income.

Although it does not require continuing education renewals, this course of study does require your primary certification to be maintained. And, this course of study can qualify as continuing education credits toward your primary certification! While many special certifications in our industry require monthly or quarterly fees, NAFC PowerCerts do not require this fee structure although some of our PowerCerts that are choreography driven will have fees associated for new choreography, however, these updates are at your discretion.

With the Get Started option you will be able to complete the first course module of this PowerCert for $75.00. Once you have completed the first module you will be able to make your final discounted payment and get access to the remaining modules. You must make your final payment within 6 months of the original purchase.

Chronic Disease and Exercise - Regularly $240.00, but you pay only $192.00
Alzheimer's Disease Prevention and Intervention - Regularly $295.00, but you pay only $236.00
Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention - Regularly $260.00, but you pay only $208.00
Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water - Regularly $174.95, but you only pay $139.96
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