Picking up your groceries 
in a vacant parking lot
has never sounded so good

Even out on the ranch...
...we're feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

I have to admit, when we first started hearing news about the emerging virus, we thought we would be relatively isolated from the effects out here in the boonies. In case you're dreaming of a simpler life in the country right about now, I'm here to report that we're not immune to the effects (pun intended).
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It's true: life hasn't changed much for these guys & gals
Pastured Provisioning Protocols
We have made a few changes to our ordering & delivery process to help keep everyone safe.

1. Pre-payment is required
E-transfer is preferred, as online credit processing costs us 3% of each transaction.  We have also enabled online card payments to make this as easy as possible.  Watch your email inbox for your invoice on Thursday or Friday -- we send it after packing your order.  Do NOT pay your estimated total upon ordering -- please wait until you receive your adjusted invoice.

2. Throw away your old egg cartons
We will not be accepting any egg cartons or bags for reuse until further notice.  Since we cannot be sure of the risk, it seems prudent to discontinue reuse at this time. 

3. We are taking extra precautions
We always handle our products with food safety at top of mind, but we are being extra vigilant in our packing, handling and delivery procedures to minimize health risks for everyone.

4. No hugs
Hugging amongst humans who do not share a domicile is duly forbidden.  This rule is in effect throughout the land until further notice.  Virtual alternatives are acceptable, as are emphatic head nods and hand gestures if exchanged from 2 metres distance or more.
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Buying in bulk is popular these days! Here's a reminder of all the ways you can stock up and save.

Deca-Chicken Deal
As always whole roasting chickens are buy 10, get 10% off.  We won't even tell you not to hoard them -- we have plenty!
Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs
This deal is still on for now: Buy 5 dozen and get the 6th dozen free!  We prefer you don't resell these for a screaming profit in your pop-up toilet paper shop, but how are we going to stop you?
Pasture Packs
We've got four different Pasture Packs available right now: Poultry Pack, Veal Pack, BBQ Pack, and Buddha Pack.  Get $165-$170 value for $150!  Check out the 'Pasture Pack' section of our online shop for details about what's inside.

Odd Bits
Pork bones, pork trotters, pork liver, chicken necks, chicken feet, and turkey necks are all still buy 2 get 1 free.  Great bang for your food budget bucks.
Bargains at our Yard Lard Sale!
So, last time I rendered lard I let it get to a higher-than-desired temperature, resulting in a slightly grainy texture and yellow tinge on the bottom of the jar.  It's still fabulous for cooking almost everything, and very neutral in flavour, but I'm selling this 'imperfect lard' at a steep discount ($10/pint down from $18).  Look for it under the Pork section of our online shop.
Delivery Schedule
Don't forget to make an order - all deliveries are pre-order & pre-pay only!

Make an order on our online shop by Thursday morning for delivery this Saturday at the times and locations below.
Lillooet - Choose home delivery or farm pick-up at checkout.

Pemberton - Saturday, March 28, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Pemberton Community Barn

Whistler - Saturday, March 28, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Whistler Parking Lot 4 (beside the tour buses)

Squamish - Saturday, March 28, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Rope Runner Parking Lot (across from the Adventure Centre)
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