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Hi Passionate Inkers,

Hey writers, heyyyy!! Ah, November. Time to start reflecting on this past year.

I hope you met your financial goals. Were they what you expected? How did the book publishing go?

I’m not a fast writer and releaser so I think I published two books this whole year…but I did revamp and re-release four books so I’m counting that! It was work, right? Now, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and focusing on a release schedule for next year.

Like the rest of you, I’m still trying to figure out marketing! What’s hot, what’s not. What helps, what doesn’t. Why can’t I just release a book and watch it drop to #1?! No one seems to have the answer—although ALWAYS writing great content is the place to start. And guess what? We have tools to help you do it!

The conference will be available to watch and re-watch very soon! We had a few glitches with posting and will get the seminars up as soon as we can. We are also in the process of making some forum updates—we hope to provide a library of topics for writers. I’ll be honest, it’s not a snap your fingers and it’s there kind of deal, so please bear with us as we finish this project. Slowly but surely, we are meeting our goals to provide resources for unpublished and published writers. 

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashley Bostock
President, Passionate Ink

The Passionate Plume Contest is Back!

Passionate Ink is merging our two contests into one

While we have always enjoyed both contests for different reasons, having one contest per year is better for the members who run it as well as for those who enter. Your board has been hard at work devising new roles and streamlining old roles, and the commitment to run two contests per year was a big challenge. 

After consideration, Passionate Plume will be THE contest each year beginning 2021. We are excited to also announce we are including a new category— Most Anticipated Erotic Romance—for unpublished authors. Stay tuned for more information regarding contest open dates, judges signups, and entry requirements!

Thank you for your support as we plan this new and improved Passionate Plume contest to serve our unpublished and published members for years to come! 

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Winter's List by Jordyn Kross came in Second in the Erotic Romance of the Oklahoma RWA Chapter's International Digital Awards. 

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Interview Form

Meet:  Leslie Morris Noyes

The Redemption book coverLeslie Noyes was inspired to write by women like her friends—women who are over forty with successful careers and the competence that comes with age and experience. No surprise, women continue to learn important lessons about work, family, love, and/or sex no matter their age. But, she notes, “Stories about mature women—with solid transformative plots and heroines who see themselves as competent in most aspects of their lives from the get-go, and who also enjoy hot sex with an attractive man or two or three? Those stories are not so easy to find, so I decided to write them myself.”

Before the pandemic, she enjoyed hanging with friends and family, as well as traveling and talking to the people she met. Peoples’ true-life stories can be so much more improbable than fiction! 

Leslie enjoys mashing up women’s fiction and hot sex. But “write” now, she is mainly writing marketing content for her first book release scheduled for spring 2021 and not working on her next book. 

She says that if she had a parrot for a writing partner it would be squawking, "Could you just finish a first draft before rewriting that chapter ad nauseam?” 

To the newbie she advises, “Find writing buddies who are bitingly honest in their feedback—and listen to them. If you don’t know other writers, find friends with opinions you trust who love you so much they will read your novel 20 times without complaint.”  

Hailing from a family of musicians, Leslie feels lucky to have a musical ear, which helps her immeasurably when the rhythm of a sentence, paragraph, or scene, is off. She needs that help because, as she sadly notes, she doesn’t know a main clause from Santa Claus. In real life she is a graphic designer and creative director with lots of experience working with copywriters, which is how the craft ended up rubbing off on her. 

It is a challenge for Leslie to take time off from paying work to write, but she says writing is her rocket fuel—she can’t say away from it for long.  She resides in Vermont, USA. 

Meet:  Bernadette Jones

The Redemption book cover

Growing up, Bernadette moved often and so books became her best friends, Nancy Drew, in particular. When the lights went out and she couldn’t see to read, she would make up stories in her head. Eventually, as she got older, the mystery and suspense in her daydreams melded with romance, thanks to the influence of Jayne Ann Krentz and Linda Howard.  Today, her preferred genre to write is gritty and sexy romantic suspense—because real life is complicated, messy and steamy. 

She has lived in nine different states, but currently, she calls New York City her home, where she writes full-time. When she isn't writing, she loves taking her dog for long walks, kayaking, and playing cards and board games with her family and friends.

She is currently writing for a continuity series with five other authors and has another three-book series in the works on her own.

Working in a group has taught her to keep records! A series is all about long-range plotting and keeping track of the details. In every book you must plant the seeds for future books so everything comes together seamlessly. She’s learned to meticulously document hair color, eye color, family names, etc.,  because half the game is keeping your facts straight. You can’t have a character in book one with a birthmark on their shoulder and forget that birthmark in book five. Readers remember everything!  

It is true that the most common phrases spoken in her writing space are, "what the hell happens now" and "fuckitty, fuck, fuck!"

That said, Bernadette is an optimist, and she highly recommends that any hopeful author “just do it!”  Go for your dream. You’ll never know what you can accomplish until you try.

Member New and Upcoming Releases

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Congratulations to the following Passionate Ink authors on their new releases!

Dirty Daisy 

By Jordyn Kross
Release Date: November 11, 2020

The Redemption book coverFreelance Houston travel reporter, Mikaela “Mike” Mitchell, can see the headline now: Trollop Turned to Tar on Texas Trail. She needs to find out what her brother’s ex-girlfriend, Karla, knows about his death and she’s running out of options faster than an armadillo facing down a big rig.
Ryder Ruiz doesn’t like discovering long-legged brunettes abandoned in road snot when he’s clearing the pipes on his motorcycle. What should have been a rescue-and-release operation becomes a murder investigation when a local, part-time stripper shows up dead at the community center—and Mike is curiously connected.
Mike has to find out what happened to Karla, but putting together the clues is more difficult than walking in six-inch stilettos.
Ryder has to help his cousin, the sheriff, solve the murders while protecting the town he loves and keeping Mike in his line of sight—and, preferably, in his bed. Is she a target or a murderer? 
This mystery is as kinky as it is cozy. 50K + words of dirty fun. Welcome to Daisy

For more information go to:

Slash (Devil's Fury MC #7)

By Harley Wylde
Release Date: November 13, 2020

The Redemption book coverShella – The Devil’s Fury are the only family I’ve ever truly had. My mom was a junkie. When she died, no one wanted me. Except Grizzly. I had a home, until things went horribly wrong. I went wild, pushed too many boundaries, and overstayed my welcome. So I ran and didn’t look back. Trouble always seems to find me, so it’s no surprise I ended up pregnant, alone, and scared out of my mind. Then Slash shows up. Out of all the Devil’s Fury brothers to come for me, why did it have to be the one I’ve been crushing on since I was a teenager?

Slash – Little Shella was always a pretty girl. Spoiled. Outspoken. A complete terror. Now that she’s all grown up, she’s stunning. I needed to keep my hands to myself, and maybe I would have if she hadn’t been adamant not to disclose the name of her baby-daddy. Only way to protect her is to give her my name. Doesn’t matter I’m old enough to be her father. When I find out her secrets, and the reason she’d behaved so badly, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel safe… even if it means burying a few men. I already have blood on my hands. What’s a little more?

WARNING: Slash’s book contains graphic violence and sex, bad language, and scenes that may be difficult for some readers.

For more information go to:

Wishing Under the Mistletoe

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: November 13, 2020

The Redemption book cover

Not a single family member visited my elderly next-door neighbor, but when she passed away, a grandson had the nerve to show up.

Rowdy epitomized everything that was wrong with the world, including his stupid nickname. Where was he when his grandma was alive? Why couldn’t he respect my privacy? And how could his smile be so contagious?

It’s not that I was opposed to smiles or happiness or guys who exuded sex appeal. The problem was that he was only in town long enough to fix her house up and sell it. Then back to the big city.

For more information go to:

Sexting with Santa

By Jane Colt
Release Date: November 15, 2020

The Redemption book coverOn a post-divorce girls' weekend, third grade teacher Sasha finds herself at a sex shop where "naughty girls" tell Santa their sexy Christmas Wish.

Describing a fantasy featuring her school's hot Phys Ed teacher, she doesn't realize she's sitting on the lap of the star of her lusty dreams!

Rick fell in love with Sasha the moment he met her. But how to win her while concealing he was Santa? Maybe sexting?

But wait! Sasha's ex-husband shows up and swears he's a changed man. Two men vying for her? Is this a Christmas miracle or too good to be true?

For more information go to:

Hungry for Kellen

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: November 18, 2020

The Redemption book cover

Gorging myself on Thanksgiving dinner wasn't my ideal way to spend the extra days off, but Betsy had insisted I not 'celebrate' alone. I didn't bother to explain that the French didn't celebrate American Thanksgiving. In Betsy's world, everything was celebrated.

When I met her gorgeous sister, Martha, and found an opportunity for a hands-on baking lesson, I was trying to figure out how to extend my work visa. Because once I'd tasted her goods there was no turning back.

For more information go to:

Snow Storm Snuggles

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: November 22, 2020

The Redemption book cover

If the gondola’s a rockin'…

My next-door neighbor’s one of the least holiday loving people I know. He doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, which verges on a sin. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why he’s the snowplow guy…he loves getting rid of the snow and any sign of happy festiveness.

So why does he make my heart flutter? 

When we get trapped inside a ski gondola, idle chit chat runs its course. And if I’m lucky, I might be able to get some snowstorm snuggles before the lift gets running again.

For more information go to:

Defying Destiny 

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: October 28, 2020

The Redemption book coverAt graduation, my high school crush proclaimed that she was escaping the stress of her modeling career and starting a new life, so I hadn’t expected her to end up back home making pretzels for minimum wage a year and a half later. But I was thanking my lucky stars because I had one month to show her how happy I could make her before I left for Argentina.

That was also the problem. If I succeeded, how could I leave her and go to work?

For more information go to:

Entice, A Wicked Sanctuary Novel


By Marie Tuhart
Release Date: October 23, 2020

The Redemption book cover

When Crystal Hayden walks into Jordan Frost’s office, sparks fly. The spunky paralegal captured his attention in more ways than one. He wants all Crystal can give him. He only hopes she’s up to the challenge.
Crystal’s attraction to Jordan is immediate and powerful. When Jordan agrees to an ironclad contract between them that her job is safe, Crystal finds herself free to explore a world that has intrigued her for a long time, but old fears haunt her.

They must confront old attitudes and beliefs in order to open their hearts to each other.

For more information go to:


The Trouble with Christmas

By Ashley Bostock
Release Date: October 20, 2020

The Redemption book coverLily West’s Christmas wish comes true in the form of a fresh start in the town of Snowflake. With her sisters by her side, she hopes to carry on their family legacy by reopening their grandmother’s bakery. 

Lily has absolutely zero baking skills, but she’s not going to get her tinsel in a knot over that. Her real challenge will be finding a way to sneak a little private time under the mistletoe with Jagger, the sexy single dad next door. 

Just when things seem well on their way to merry and bright, Lily learns her sisters have been working behind her back to secure a buyer for the bakery. Instead of enjoying sleigh-rocking fun with Jagger, Lily battles family fall outs and kitchen disasters.

For more information go to:

Twisted Temptation

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: October 15, 2020

The Redemption book coverIt was only a matter of time before my friends figured out my repeated trips to Twisted Temptation weren’t because of a pretzel addiction. It was the girl behind the counter who had me stopping in on a daily basis.

I would have sworn there was something between us, but she started pointing out how different we were, as if she wanted to keep me at a distance. Sensing rejection before I even asked her out, I had my work cut out for me.

Victoria was one temptation I couldn’t resist.

For more information go to:

Treat or Hex

By Jane Colt
Release Date: October 13, 2020

The Redemption book coverBest friends and theater majors Gabrielle and Paul play an ongoing game of ‘improv chicken,’ trying to rattle the other so much they break character. 

Invited to a Halloween party, the two actors show up as ‘Mississippi Gambler’ Colonel Davis and ‘Bourbon Street Madam’ Lady Tiffany.

What’s with The Colonel’s sexy ways? Is this another round of chicken? Or is Paul actually trying to seduce Gabrielle? Why does she suddenly find her friend irresistible?

Add a sexy Catwoman and three naughty witches. Stir the cauldron and cast a spell. 

Could it all be a trick that leads to a romantic treat?

For more information go to:

Forgetting My Lines

By Barbra Campbell
Release Date: October 2, 2020

The Redemption book coverPerforming on stage with my lifelong friend, I made it through the show so deep in my character that I forgot there was life outside the stage. I forgot Zane and I were only lovers on the stage. And I forgot about the jerk who dumped me. Until the kissing scene. Zane's improv changed everything.

I forgot my lines. Botched the rest of the performance. Got terrible reviews. And my whole world crumbled.

Could I forgive Zane and move on? Or was I going to step outside of my well-crafted plans and finally accept what I'd failed to see all along?

For more information go to:

The Huntress & the Hawk

By Kim Allred
Release Date: September 29, 2020

The Redemption book coverMaude Renaud, owner of Masquerade Club, made her most fatal mistake. She offered a wickedly delicious business arrangement to partners of the hottest club in Manhattan. Now she regrets her rash action.

The partners have sent someone to assess Masquerade and it couldn’t be at a worse time. The club’s infamous Valentine’s Day Ball was mere weeks away. Beyond irritated, she grants Gaven Sinclair everything the club has to offer. That hadn’t included her.

When Gaven meets Maude, everything in his life changes. Can he accept the change or will his second chance at love burn like everything before? 

For more information go to:

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