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You know what’s up? iZZY iZVNE is up on the blind wall of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, while at M60 Pisică Pătrată is painting a new art installation for public space and Maria Bălan is hosting a linocut stickers workshop for teenagers. Soon, Livi Po is painting at Dizainăr while John Dot S teaches kids how to do stencils and leave their mark on the city. And this is not all - Un-hidden Bucharest II has a few other things to show you. 

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Un-hidden Bucharest II
Un-hidden Bucharest II Discover 6 artists invited to mark the city

Discover 6 artists invited to mark the city

Learn more about the street art interventions, the two street art workshops for children with Maria Bălan and John Dot S., the photo contest and the two upcoming guided tours.

CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre
The Mysteries of Bucharest with street artist J.Ace / An expected incognito visit at CAPITOL

The Mysteries of Bucharest with street artist J.Ace / An expected incognito visit at CAPITOL

If you pay close attention to the details when you stroll down the streets of the central Bucharest, you can see in certain places, on the concrete walls, some very interesting and even intriguing little figurines that have a secret story behind. The mystery is even greater, because J.Ace, the guy who creates them, is a UK street artist who likes to make incognito visits all over the world.

Until now, J.Ace has left tracks in Bangkok, Copenhagen, Geneva, Tehran, Shanghai, Paris, Mumbai, Mexico City, Kiev, Washington, Tokyo and London, of course, to name just a few of the cities he visited so far.

feeder workshops
Join one of the 2 workshops and get your works self-published on feeder
Join one of the 2 workshops and get your works self-published on feeder
19.000 people visit roughly 40.000 pages monthly on Why don’t you show them works?
Not sure how to create a title, structure your article or prepare the images? Do you want us to guide you through the steps and start expressing yourself unabridged? 
The works published during the workshops will be featured in two dedicated virtual galleries on, Publishing Design, curated by Dizainăr, and Sound, curated by
If you’re not in Bucharest this time of the year, it’s ok, an online guide will be available at the end of October.
feeder sound
feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime
feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime

“A mix inspired by the art of the inner emotional world.” – Schime

feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime incorporates various styles of electronic dance music, from deep house flavoured cuts to minimalistic techy rhythms.

feeder sound 183 mixed by Lucarelli
feeder sound 183 mixed by Lucarelli

“I thank the portal for the great opportunity to share with you my mix which consists of the tracks that most impressed me this summer. Most of them were released not so long ago or not at all. Have a nice trip!” – Lucarelli


EP reviews
Misbits’ Pick: Crihan – Mesagerii
Misbits’ Pick: Crihan – Mesagerii

Taking this EP as a whole, this is like a symphony shattered on the microhouse flatlands that have been Crihan’s playground for quite a few years. The steady pace followed us on each of the four tracks, with a subtle groove that led us to an introspection rather than consuming our energy outwards.
Various – Pattern #4 [Patterns Of London]
Various – Pattern #4

The vinyl-only imprint Patterns Of London presents its fourth release, a Various Artists compilation featuring Christian JayV.i.c.a.r.iLee Hume and Malvito. Titled “Pattern #4”, the VA delivers four minimal tracks flavoured with experimental sounds and deep rhythms. events guide events guide

Avid planner or spontaneous explorer? Whatever your philosophy, this is where your thoughts of spending a quiet day at home come to die.
Search by date or popular category to find the perfect event for savouring urban life. 

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events guide
Gambrinus și Art Factory reinterpretează arta contemporană

Gambrinus and Art Factory reinterpret contemporary art

Join the fun at Art Factory 2018! Live music, artworks, AR, VR, video-mapping, beer with intense taste - Art Factory 2018, together with Gambrinus, transforms Uzina Faur in a space dedicated to cerativity and new perspectives.
If you feel inspired, Gambrinus prepared an unusual contest on their Facebook page.

Diploma Audition for actors deadline extension: 30 September

Our friends at The Institute announce the Diploma Audition for actors deadline extension - 30 September. 🎭

Publish your events & news on!

Publish your events & news on!​

Whether you are a curator, artist, designer, musician, cultural manager, event organizer, a surprisingly creative being, or you have an idea or project worth spreading, you are invited to share it with the feeder community
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