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Top Stories • April 2016 
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Minnesota PaintCare program

Paint purchases incur small recycling fees

When you purchase paint through The Home Depot on U Market, you will be charged a small recycling fee that supports the MN PaintCare program:
  • Half pint to one gallon: $.35 fee
  • One gallon: $.75 fee
  • More than one gallon up to 5 gallons: $1.60 fee
The Home Depot is working on a way to show this charge in U Market; it is a challenge for them as the fee is only applicable in the state of Minnesota. 
image of McKesson logo in blue with a byline that reads "Empowering Healthcare"

Why restricted?

Some McKesson items are "restricted"

There are items in McKesson's punchout U Market site that show up in search results but are restricted from purchasing. Why? These are not contract items and we've asked them to be removed from the site. Other suppliers carry these items under contract with the University, or at prices that are lower than what McKesson can offer.

McKesson is unable to remove items for the University of Minnesota without affecting its other customers, so has chosen to restrict them from purchase instead.
steelcase inc logo in black

Steelcase to be removed 

Changes coming at the end of the month

The complexity of ordering furniture leads most people to purchase through means other than U Market, so on April 29 Steelcase and its distributors will be removed. You will no longer be able to buy from the following suppliers through U Market: 
  • Steelcase
  • General Office Products
  • Atmosphere Commercial Interiors
  • Duluth Business Furniture
  • Schmidt Goodman Office Products
You can still order from these suppliers through the University-wide contract (scroll down and click on Steelcase for instructions). 
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Get the best deal on copy paper

U Market Stock warehouses much of the same paper that other U Market suppliers carry, but for up to 45% less! Check out Item CAS054901 from Innovative Office Supply - a case of Aspen brand 30% recycled, 92 brightness, 20 pound, 8.5x11 white copy paper for $55. If you buy that same case of paper from U Market Stock (item GS93366), you'll only pay $29.

... and syringes

For Covidien Monoject™ rigid pack 12mL syringes (listed as syringe 12mL w/o needle luer lock tip sterilemanufacturer item 8881512878) you’ll pay the following for a box of 80:
  • $14.66 from McKesson (item 320281)
  • $19.00 from Patterson Dental (item 076336614)
  • and a whopping $55.34 from Fisher Scientific (item 22652090)
From U Market Stock (item CX42294) you’ll pay just $12.24 and you’ll get 20% more per box.

Now THOSE are smart buys.

Tips & tricks
You should never receive an invoice for a U Market purchase; however, occasionally suppliers make a mistake. If you receive an invoice do not pay it. Instead, contact Beth Stark or call Customer Support at 612-624-4878. 
When ordering from The Home Depot on U Market, be sure to choose whether you want free delivery or in-store pick up.
Frequently Asked Questions

March winner: Judy Christians!

Q: For off campus locations (such as Extension offices), how is shipping calculated? Is shipping free? 

A: Each U Market supplier has a different way to charge for shipping and—yes!—some ship for free. In general, see the Supplier Info page on the U Market website, then click on each supplier and see the "Shipping charge" section. If its says free freight, then shipping is free no matter which department orders ... including Extension offices.

Send it to U Market Services. Each month we'll draw one name from the submissions and the winner will receive a U Market Services mug. 
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