Important HFTW Foundation Newsletter for April/May 2016
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Since the HFTW Foundation's official start in June, thanks to you, our HFTW supporters, we have raised over $80,000.   The majority of these funds are coming from those of you who have joined the 1000/thousands or the Legacy Builders and we want you to know how grateful we are for your support.  

Buddy and Kerri started working with HFTW full time in January, and since then, they have been in 6 brand new churches that knew nothing about HFTW, as well as other churches that support HFTW in maybe one country, but didn't know, we were in 5 other countries doing similar ministry.   They share what HFTW is doing through exciting media presentation and inspirational music. Here is one pastor's comment about their presentation.  

"... Buddy, his wife Kerri, and daughter Olivia, recently came to our church and they didn't just share information, they led us in worship.  My congregation did not just get to hear about the work of Hope For the World, we experienced it through the passion and heart of Buddy and his family through video, stories, and songs.  If you want information about a ministry that your congregation can partner with, you have tons of options out there, but if you want to experience the ministry being done and worship the God that makes all things possible at the same time, Hope For the World is the way to go."  

Pastor Josh Manning, River City Church Montgomery, AL

PLEASE HELP US by encouraging your pastor, or other people you might know, to have Buddy and Kerri come to share HFTW with their congregation or organization.  Anything that is given or collected is given to Hope for the World.  We only ask that they help cover travel expenses.  Please contact us at for more info.  


The 1000/Thousands idea was born out of serious financial need.  We came up with the 1000/Thousands in order to build an ongoing financial support base for our missionaries.   

The six mission works that HFTW Foundation supports are beyond deserving of support.  They are the real heroes, as they provide for the needs of people and children by giving water, food, shelter, education, and most of all, the love of Christ to Albania, Honduras, India, Romania, Ethiopia, and Ukraine.

Our first goal is to raise $1.2 million dollars.  Which means, we are far from done. We must have more people, organizations, and churches, who believe in these mission works and who will support HFTWF.  

Will you consider helping us by becoming one of our 1000/Thousands?


HFTW Fundraiser Event
  October 20th, 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Special Guest Artists: Travis Cottrell & Team, Buddy Mullins

This incredible event will be HFTWF’s first official fundraising event. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS NIGHT!  Travis and his team will lead us in anointed worship along with a 100+ voice community choir.  Buddy will premier a brand new music project for Hope for the World.  There will be a silent auction, a chance to meet Travis and the team, and we will hear miraculous stories from the mission field. SAVE the date, and we will update you on when to buy your tickets.  All proceeds of the event will go to Hope for the World.  

From the Fields of Hope...

"Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world."

INDIA:  Spiritual warfare is a very real occurrence in this world and in places like India, where they worship 331 million gods, the presence of demonic forces is a very real occurrence and more clearly visible than it is in our American culture.  Riley and Debbie just returned from India in March and wanted to share this recent story of deliverance.    

This young woman is named Sakhila and lives in South India. When Sakhila was small, her parents bought a small plot of land which had a small Hindu temple to the snake goddess named Periya Kaliamman.  The family worshipped this god and   maintained this temple thinking it would bring blessing to their family. As the village was overrun by snakes, Sakhila’s mother was taking care of the temple, when she was bitten and then died from a snakebite.  When this happened, much turmoil came upon the family and they began to question their belief in the snake god.  However,  Sakhila was deeply into divination and told fortunes to many in the village, even though she was well educated with a B.S. in Education.  

In August of 2015, a team came to Sakhila’s village and shared about Christ for the very first time.  When they heard about the death of her mother, they came to Sakhila’s home to pray for the family.  Hearing about the love of Christ, Sakhila’s heart wanted to accept Jesus, but when she prayed, the demon possession within her manifested, and she did not accept Christ.  

In December of 2015, Sakhila sent word to that pastor who had visited her home, saying she wanted to get out of the snake village, but she feared for her life. They went to get her and took her to the home of the pastor, where she could seek deliverance and salvation.  

This past March, our Hope For The World team visited this area to hold a women’s conference.  It is important to note that our team had fasted and prayed and were totally available to whatever God wanted to do through them while they were in India.  We had just completed the conference where Sakhila was now living, and were having a late lunch when we were informed about Sakhila and her desire to be free of the demon.  That evening, our team prayed over Sakhila for about 3 hours until she was finally delivered of the demonic stronghold.  She then received Christ as her Lord and Savior.  

Jesus told us in His Word that "some come out only through much prayer and fasting."  We praise God that He chose to work through the Hope For The World team to rescue this precious young woman.  She is now whole in Christ, and is being led in discipleship by a Hope For The World missionary wife.  Sakhila’s desire is to go back to her snake village to share the Hope and Deliverance of Jesus Christ with her family and her village people.  

"When you did it to one of the least of these... You were doing it to me!" 

HONDURAS:  Blanca lives in the village of Los Pinos on the outskirts of the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She lives in a small wood house with her husband, Hosea, and two of their four children, Genesis, age 9, and Ayvi, age 5. She attends church and is a Christian. 

In February of this year, Blanca’s sister passed away, leaving behind her 6- month-old daughter, Jennifer. Blanca had taken care of her sister during her pregnancy and after the baby was born, her sister became very sick and told Blanca she would like her to raise the baby if she died.  

Of course, Blanca took her sister’s baby into her home to love and care for her as her own. She misses her sister very much, and while telling her story, Blanca said sadly, “having the baby is like having a part of my sister with me, she looks so much like her mother.”  However, her biggest struggle is the extra expense it takes to care for Jennifer. She has a part time job cleaning houses with minimal pay, but she said she is putting her trust in God to meet the needs of her and her family.

HFTW stepped in to help with formula, diapers, and other items needed to take care of the baby. Also, through HFTW, Blanca’s school aged-children get meals, uniforms and supplies through the HFTW feeding ministry. This is an enormous financial help to her and her family. In Blanca’s own words she said “I want to tell the HFTW people how very much I appreciate their love and care for the Honduran people, it is a tremendous blessing.”

Albania: Our Hope Center teens went to our Korce orphanage and put on puppet shows and loved on the kids there.  

Ukraine:  Andriy sat down with our HFTW team to encourage them with his testimony of how English school and camp played a part in how he came to Christ.  

Romania: These precious  Roma children are having fun at Camp Joy in Romania. See our video on Camp Joy at

Ethiopia: These kids are playing in water from a brand new well in their village which will serve thousands of people for years to come.  

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