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Hello (and welcome to our new subscribers)!

Below are some pieces that I produced for RFI this month. I've been working on developing a new project, which I hope to reveal to you soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these varied stories...

Motorbiking women

In the past few months Paris has been swarmed with fleets of electric that you can rent by the hour with your phone and leave wherever you want. But women are hesitating to use them, something the rental companies are hoping to change. Take a listen to this piece to meet some women who do ride scooters and motorcycles.

Do you speak gender-inclusive French?

The Academie Francaise has weighed in on a controversy around using "inclusive language" when writing French: it's a threat to the French language, it says. Users say it is a way of helping women and girls feel part of the language. What do you think? Take a listen and let me know.

Butter crisis, no problem

Butter is a key ingredient in traditional French pastries, which means the current butter "crisis" could pose a problem for croissant lovers. If you don't know what this crisis is all about, I explain it here, and I meet a baker who is unconcerned by the whole situation. Listen here.

Refugee artists have Parisian workshop

Europe's refugee crisis has brought thousands of people to France, including artists of all disciplines. Paris has historically welcomed artists in exile. Now there is a structure to support them. Listen here to meet some of the artists and learn about their stories and their work.

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