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Whew! What a year...
A lot has happened since the last newsletter, in the world, and personally for me. I took a bit of a break from making radio and podcasts, to make a baby :) But now I'm back to the audio:
We just released our latest episode (#39!) of Spotlight on France. And I've been working this year on season 3 of The Backstory (which looks at media freedom issues). This season is focused on female journalists, and features quite a number of interesting women from all over the world. Enjoy! And thanks for listening,
Our weekly look at France is back. In our most recent episode, we meet a comic book writer/illustrator, who talks about how bande dessinée has become a real literary form in France. She also talks about making her own version of The Witches by Roald Dahl. Also, controversy around including Rimbaud and Verlaine in the Paris Pantheon. And of course, updates on what Covid is doing to France....
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Women in the news

Season 3 of The Backstory looks at women in the media around the world: I produced episodes 1 & 2 and have been editing and mixing all of them. Episode 1 looks at gender balance in the news: how journalists can achieve it, and why it's important. in Episode 2, four women from around the world talk about how they made it to the top of their news organizations, and what it took to get there. Find all the episodes here.
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A podcast to learn French

Earlier this year I produced three episodes of the Duolingo French podcast, which is meant for people learning French, with a mix of French and English. They're profiles/stories of real people telling their own stories with a French level appropriate for learners. I worked on the story of a Moroccan woman who contributed to the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN, a woman who became a cheese champion, despite hating the stuff, and a nuclear scientist who works as a clown in his free time, and no one knows. Take a listen!
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