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My how time flies...

This is my first newsletter of 2018, and it's already February. Well, better late than never. I'm excited to present a new project I've been working on, The Backstory, a podcast about media freedom issues, that I'm producing for WAN-IFRA. Plus the run-down of stories I've produced for RFI in the last few weeks.

Speaking of RFI, several of you have told me that you've had problems listening to pieces on the RFI page, online or on the phone. Our website is... cranky. Let me know if you have problems. I'm considering posting the audio elsewhere, too, to make sure people can hear it...

Happy listening!

land of conspiracy theories?

A quarter of French people believe five or more conspiracy theories, according to a study published by a French think tank. Top of the list is the theory that the French government is in collusion with drug companies over vaccinations. What else are French people paranoid about? Listen to find out  

Journalists should be wary fake news legislation

The conspiracy theory study came out days after President Macron proposed a law against fake news, which would limit social media postings during election campaigns. In this piece, I looked into the legalities of the legislation, and what it would mean for journalists in France.

The Backstory, A media freedom podcast

I'm excited announce that I've been producing a podcast for WAN-IFRA, the World Association of News editors. Each month we talk to journalists in the field about different issues facing their profession. The first episode came out February 1, about safety. The next episode is out on March 1. Here is the page for the podcast, where you will find links to subscribe (iTunes here). Please subscribe, and spread the word!
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More stories from RFI...

The 'Grand Paris', or Paris' attempt to become a metropolis


The idea combining Paris with its suburbs has renewed momentum with the impending 2024 Olympic games. Its backbone is the Grand Paris Express, four new metro lines that will connect suburbs to each other and to the capital. But the progress has not been smooth since the plan first came about in 2008. Take a listen here.

Virtual reality developing in France, not just for gamers


In this piece, I perform a bariatric surgery! Find out if I kill my patient... while I learn that France is among the front runners in Europe in developing virtual reality applications. VR is a fast-developing, multi-billion-euro industry, and it’s not just for video games. There are real-world applications, too. 
Click here to listen.

From the archives...

The Hermione, the ship that General Lafayette sailed to the United States in 1780, to help the American Revolution, has been reconstructed, and it sailed to the US in 2015. Now it's back on the water, headed to the Mediterranean. Take a look/listen to the piece I produced back when it first set sail.
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